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Events / User Meeting Cologne November, 5th 2022 confirmed
« on: May 04, 2022, 03:48:35 pm »

Thomas Müller and I paid for the meeting today. This ensures that it will actually take place in Cologne. Everyone who wants to come is welcome! A message to Thomas or me in advance of a planned participation would be nice and important. However, this can also be done at very short notice, there is no fixed date for a commitment. Cancellations are also possible at any time, since the premises etc. are already booked. If a room is required in the Cologne Riehl Youth Hostel, we recommend that you do this as soon as possible. For further inquiries, we are at your disposal. Thanks very much!

Events / Usermeeting Cologne 2021 brief summary and 2022 already scheduled!
« on: November 08, 2021, 03:37:06 pm »
Here is a brief summary of what has happened during the last weekend where we had the 8th OS/2 User meeting in Cologne. Infact we - Thomas Müller and me - have been due to the raising Covid Numbers a bit afraid as if there will be audience at all.

The event took place as every year before at the Youth hostel Jugendherberge Köln Riehl, in Cologne on Saturday, the 6th of November.

It is an anual event since 2013, but because of COVID we had to cancel it last year.

We followed all requirements of Covid restrictions and prepared everything else the same way as every year.

We usually begin at 10 am in the morning, at 9 30 we have only been 3 visitors, but at 10 we have been 6 (usually between 15 and 20) and - believe it or not - it was an almost perfect day!

Each visitor agrees to make a Presentation, so we had a very interesting program!

- OS/2 and VM Ware Virtualisation
- an Introduction in Programming OS/2 Programs with QT
- OS/2 as a Host with Virtualbox 5.0.6
- Creating Program Interfaces with TCL/TK
- OS/2 and Paralles Virtualisation on MACOS
- Tipps and Trick for Networking

So there was a feeling as if there had been 20 people around, time passed and the day was full of information and discussion! We closed at 18 o clock in the evening (!).

In the end as every year we went to the Bavarian Brauhaus nearby and had a tremendous meal.

Before the event happend we thougt if or if not this may be the last OS/2 Usermeeting in Colonge.

But:Motivated by this unexpected succesfull and nice day Thomas and me already fixed the date of the next event, at the same Location on Saturday, the 5th of November 2022!

Hope you have some fun viewing the pictures, every visitor gave me the permission to publish the pictures.

All the Best,


Applications / Update of ScummVM possible?
« on: April 25, 2021, 10:41:26 am »
Is there a possibility to update "our" ScummVM for OS/2 Version from 1.9 to the upcoming 2.3 Version? And if, in wixh wich way can I help, if at all? Thanks in advance!


it is time for me to try to shift "Bare Metal Arcaos" to a new level: I am trying to install ArcaOS 5.0.6 from USB Stick on my Thinkpad 25/2. In fact it is a self assembeld Thinkpad T480 in a Thinkpad 25 case. The "originally" Thinkpad 25 was based on a T470 Model, with Intel core i7 7th Generation. As the 8th Generation was such a boost, I decided to modify one on my own, inspired by an internet blog.

I will report here my tries and fails, trials and errors, as well as success, if it may happen. The availability of the NVMe Driver developed by ArcaNoae opended this door.

Thanks a lot for this new tremendous effort, Arca Noae!
And another driver enhancement gives me hope: Paul Smedleys Uniaud driver.

Last year I was able to get ArcaOS to run on this T25/2, but that time I had an AHCI SSD and the sound did not work that time. I already did have ArcaOS to run on the Originally Thinkpad 25, but had to swap the NVMe that time with the AHCI SSD.

Edit: this Installations have all been made by cloning with dfsee, due to the lack of USB 3 drivers at that time.

As I do not want to open and close (assemble and disassemble) the Thinkpad very often - it has some really stupid plastic things, that are easy to break and not to fix, I assembeld it with an 1 TB NVMe Drive, and hoped to see the NVME OS/2 driver to come alive. And here it is. :)

So, this evening I started from scratch.

I really appreciate your hints and tipps and your help!!! Please do not hesitate to write your thoughts and opinions! Well, but it does not make sense to discuss about the reason "WHY I do this" and "That it does make no sense". No chance to persuade ;D me

So, first a brief introduction to the hardware (this Laptop has each and any Top hardware, that was available for the Lenovo T480 generation, I tried to maximize it in every way):

Hardware Specs:

- Thinkpad 25 Palmrest, LCD Cover, Keyboard, Trackpad, Touchpad
- Thinkpad T480 Hardware:
- Intel Core i7-8650 CPU, 4 cores, 4 threads
- 32GB RAM
- Nvidia 150MX Graphic with 2 GB
- Smart Card Reader
- Fingerprint Reader
- Windows Hello camera
- Web Camera
- USB 3 and Thunderbolt 3
- SD Card Reader (Full Size)
- Intel LAN (perfect for Intel 1000EB driver from ArcaNoae)
- Intel WLAN
- Fibocom WWAN
- FullHD Screen with Touch Support (!)
- Samsung EVO 970 1TB NVMe
- Two batteries, one swapable

Special BIOS Settings:

- Disable Secure Boot
- Enable Boot Option "Boot both, UEFI and Legacy, Legacy First"

Already installed software:

- Used DFSEE to create the following SSD Layout:
- MBR Mode
- AIRBoot Manager 1.1.4 installed
- Partition 1, Primary, 16GB, for ArcaOS
- Partition 2, Primary, 150GB, Windows 10 64 Pro already installed
- Remaining Space an SSD left free so far

Next Post is about my first attempt to install.

Hardware / Is it possible? OS/2 for Power PC in Action on Cebit 95?
« on: March 17, 2021, 04:28:08 pm »
I am wondering, does this German show from the Cebit 1995 show the OS/2 for Power PC Edition in Action??

 :o 8)

EDIT: if the Link does not start at the right time, move on to 31:50

Due to the Corona Virus Thomas Müller and me had to cancel the User Meeting in Cologne 2020 that had been scheduled on December the 12th 2020.

While we get the prepaid amount of money back from the Youth Hostel Thomas and me decided to donate it directly to Bitwise Works, so we round up the sum to 400 Euro and I just paid to Bitwise for the QT5 Development and to support their excellent work.

The next meeting in 2021 is already fixed: Saturday, November th 6th 2021, as allways in Cologne, same place  :)

All the best to all of you!

Events / Preparing for Warpstock Virtual 2020 ...
« on: October 30, 2020, 01:02:13 pm »
... just preparing for my session "A touch too much" for the Virtual Warpstock 2020!

Looking forward to be a part of the event!  :)

Hope to see you there!

Hardware / Video on Youtube about my Thinkpad 25/2
« on: June 21, 2020, 12:31:10 pm »
So I do have finished my Thinkpad25/2 Project and published a short video on Youtube.

If you are interested:

Hope you have fun!

Important: my youtube channel is not linked to advertisements nor anything to make profit at all. It is a non commercial channel.


each year since 2013 Thomas Müller and me organize the anual OS/2 User Meeting in Cologne. This yeat it is scheduled for December, the 12th 2020.

Because of the Corona Virus the planned Warpstrock Europe 2020 in May in Frankfurt has been cancelled.

So Thomas Müller and me thougt we may combine thes two events this December in Cologne.

We are aware and it is completly clear to us that no one knows what will be the situation like then because of the Corona Virus in December.

But we asked at the Youth Hostel in Cologne and it would be possible to reserve the room for Friday, the 11th of December as well. We would organize the event as well, but it may be not that high quality as former Warpstock Europe.

What are your thoughts?

We are in a very early stage of this idea and want to collect opinions and pro and contras from YOU!

So what is your opinion, have your say, please. Thank you very much.

We would extend the meeting up to two days, so

instead of only 12th of Decmeber the event would take place on two days, 11th and 12th of December.

Thanks for sharing your opinion!!

We wish you, despite all problems, happy Easter!

Thomas and Sigurd

Polls / My ArcaOS Youtube Channel is Online since January 1, 2020!!
« on: January 02, 2020, 12:10:32 am »
Happy new Year to all of you!

Today I can announce the start of my ArcaOS Youtube Channel! You will find my first video here:

This is a kind of "Mastervideo", because the Intro and the final credits as well as the Music will be the same in the comming videos.

Hope you have fun!

All the best,


Setup & Installation / Late Christmas Present - my new video
« on: December 28, 2019, 10:22:41 pm »
Well, sure, at least you have to decide on your own wether it is some kind of a present or not ;) :)

Here is my latest video on youtube:

Hope you enjoy and wish all of you a happy new and healthy year 2020!

(Advice: I never monetarize my videos nor make or allow advertisements, I never made a cent with it.)

Hardware / ArcaOS - OS/2 on an Lenovo Yoga 12 + Touch + Stylus
« on: December 06, 2019, 12:21:56 pm »
If you are interested in my progress with this case, please take a look here:

In case you are not familiar with German, please use Online Translator  ;) ;D

Hardware / Easy check: can ArcaOS be installed on this Lenovo Laptop?
« on: December 05, 2019, 08:15:33 am »
There is a very good and easy test, wether or not ArcaOs can be installed on a Lenovo Laptop.

Till now this has to meet at least three specifications:

- Secure Boot can be turned off

- CSM is still there / Legacy boot

- USB 2.0 support

with this:

Lenovo BIOS Simulator

one can check all this before ordering hardware. That is pretty need.

My observation is, that there is no Lenovo model since the 5th Intel core-i generation, that has inbuild USB 2.0 support. That stresses the need for the USB 3.0 driver.

I attach some pictures for my next hardware test, the Lenovo Yoga 12.

During our user meeting Yesterday we had by surprise the pleasure to install an ArcaOS Alpha Version with UEFI support on the Lenovo X250 Laptop in UEFI mode!

It was a very (very!) promising Installation!

For more information please use Online Translator and look here:

Thanks to ArcaNoae for making this surprise possible!

Events / User Meeting Cologne 2019: win a Thinkpad X250!
« on: November 05, 2019, 11:39:14 am »
During this years User Meeting in Cologne on 30th of November attendents have the possibility to win a Thinkpad X250!

This is an i7-5600u Model with 8GB RAM, 256SSD, WWAN etc etc and meanwhile well supported by ArcaOS (see other Threads regarding the X250).

It is in VERY (Accus very well, and no bumps or scratches) good shape, but - for international users - it does have an DE (German) Keyboard Layout.

During the Meeting one can buy a ticket and somenone else will then pull the winner. There are 20 Tickets alltogether, each 10 Euro. The money collected will be directly transferred to BWW for the QT sponsoring.

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