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I will stop here for now and therefore attach a summary.
I hope this is usefull for someone. Have fun.

Important: is not allowed to use, link, publish or copy the attached file!

Are you playing youtube videos with Flash or Webm? If Flash then I guess Odin is taking care of playing the sound. If Webm then IIRC it is using DART

I am using flash.

Hardware / Re: Webcam Support for OS/2 and eCS!!
« on: September 14, 2013, 09:30:02 am »
I have to apologize for not mention the work of Lars Erdman here! It was unintended, the reason is that I do not see the work "behind" and was not aware of the great commitment he does with his USB Drivers.


Hardware / Webcam Support for OS/2 and eCS!!
« on: September 12, 2013, 11:48:40 am »
After a long time of intensive development and tremendous work done by Wim Brul and a bit testing of me I have the honour to announce that finally Webcam Support for OS/2 and eComstation has been achieved!!

For detailed information please visit this website:

Please note that there are still some limitations as sometimes especially the internal Webcams may freeze, but all in all another great success made real by Wim Brul!

All credits to him!

As I tested as well the X200T and X230T versions I guess X200 and X230 (without Tablet) should or may work also, as well all other Laptops with the Ricoh or Chicony Camera with the same Hardware ID in it.

Please try an report if you like!

Have fun :-)

P.S.: That was the "new" function I wanted to present at the User conference in Cologne as a suprise  ;)

-> We may establish this way live pictures/Videos from the User Meeting in Cologne via the Internet  8)

Important: is not allowed to use, link or distribute the pictures attached.


some news here:

Sound on the X230T: as I played around a while with the X230T I discovered something really strange:

-> The reason for the problems seem to me to be that there a two soundcards or interfaces, one with the Intel "Display" (HDMI or Displayport I guess) and one with the Realtek

-> I still have got repeating loops and crashing sound with WPS applications (like System sound and PM123 and and and) - if I have sound at all

-> but what is working mostly is the sound with Youtube videos inside Firefox!
-> in addition: when I play m3u Internet radio stream (starting in Firefox, opening than in PM123) it works better than before (but still repeating - but "only" for 2 or three times) BUT: as soon as I close Firefox the sound repeats in PM123 like before and is totally unusable (partly crash) -> still not really usable, but a small step

Is there a logical reason for this? May this help to find the problem?

Can someone confirm this ?

-> WLAN with the X200T (Intel 4965 and patched BIOS) : Well, this is working very well now! The problem here did seat right in front of the screen  ;)  . It did not connect to the Router at home as I did allways write the wrong WLAN name there, once I find out the right one (FRITZ!Box WLAN 3170) (-> I had to take care of upper and lower caracters and the blanks!! Allways missed the blank between WLAN and 3170!) it works with WPA key. It works with WPA2 key as well but has some frequently drops out). At my office the WPA2 key works without any issues :-)

So with the X200T I do have LAN, WLAN and UMTS/WWAN running right now, so the written on "ULTRA CONNECT" does fit with eCS 2.2 now :-)


General Discussion / Re: Any news on eCS 2.2 release?
« on: September 10, 2013, 09:34:52 am »
Regarding the information strategie on ecomstation:

(each new year be broadcasted in german tv in english)

and from my youth:

Applications / Re: Apache OpenOffice 4.0
« on: September 05, 2013, 05:42:00 pm »
Looks quite great  8)

Multimedia / Re: Screen Recording with eComStation
« on: September 03, 2013, 07:59:28 pm »
Aha - good to now that converting works and in wich way :-)

I wonder - is there someone around who could program a small WPS application (with Rexx or whatever ;-) ) to include all three aplications in one?

Multimedia / Screen Recording with eComStation
« on: September 03, 2013, 04:13:40 pm »
While playing around with my X230T I did find (may be mentioned or noticed here before) a Screen Recording and Playing program, working with JAVA6 of OS/2 - eCS.

To be find here:

The Program "Converting" seems not to work but I did not test to much   :)

Setup & Installation / New version of usb_modeswitch
« on: August 29, 2013, 08:15:20 am »
I do not know if it is of help, but Paul was so kind to compile a new version of usb_modeswitch April this year that I do attach here.

Unfortunatley I had no success with this version, but it did behave in another way then the 1.02 version.

At least something to play around with - another option. Thanks to Paul.

Hi Doug,

thanks - I will try it during the weekend (but Saturday I am off). Wim Brul is so kind to help out with Stylus and Touch support for the X230T right now - we concentrate on this for now.

EDIT: Stylus is already up and running !!!! Thanks to Wim Bruls tremendous work!!!

Hi Sigurd.

1. I found that I needed to turn off all power control for the wireless NIC, in windows, on my T43, or it would run for a while, then quit. It seems that what windows sets, gets remembered in eCS.  I found a setting in the NIC settings to do that so it was set separately from the windows system power controls. I don't have access to the T43 any more (my brother has it). It also has the problem where it would not work with WPA2, but did work with WPA (WPA2 worked in winXP, of course). I think there is a problem in the GENMAC interface between the windows driver, and XWLAN, which means that it will not get fixed. WPA seems to be reasonably secure. Hopefully, Multimac, for wireless devices, will sho up sooner, rather than later.

Hi Doug,

1. One more observation here: Late at night Yesterday I did play around with XWLAN just to see what happen -> one was to try

->right Mouse Button click on XWLAN widget -> Public Hotspot -> connect to hotspot

even if I do not have a hot spot around. For a second in the eCenter "DHCPSTRT.COM" was visible and the XWLAN widget icon changed to the one with the small TCPIP icon in it, saying "Public Hotspot - 16%; IP Interface is being configured: lan1"
and the "TCPIP Interface" is not greyed out anymore.

That leads me to assume, that using my "Profile 'Zu Hause' " does not start the DHCP process ?!

Might this information be of help as I do not have much clue about this?

Hi Doug, Jan, Pete etc,

it is great to have such a quick and rich in content discussion!

1. Hm, I do have a patched BIOS for the X200t that diables the WLAN Blacklist. So I installed the Intel WLAN 4965 mini PCI Express card. Ecs 2.2 detected it right at the initial installation process, but it started to work as I wrote once I changed Helperw.exe to the top of the config.sys.  But - unfortunately there is still some weird behaviour here - a problem you have a couple of times about, IIRC, I can scan and see all the routers here, but it failed to connect using WPA2. Using WPA instead worked, but only for some times, mostly not. I am still not able to figure out what does prevent it to do so. Mostly the "TCPIP Interface" option of xwlan is greyed out, and I can not ping to the router, please do see attached pictures. Id did work two years ago with my first X200t, I guess I have to take a closer look at the BIOS Energy options.
Please see pictures WLAN and WLAN3

EDIT: Once I changed in BIOS to "Balanced" as energy scheme in BIOS it did work - at least for some moments... -> see picture WLAN3, but I am to tired to test more for today, more tomorrow

6. I will look into the BIOS of the X230t AFAIR there are some options for the USB 3.0 behaviour...

EDIT: Please see picture X230tBIOS2 -> with that BIOS option "Disabled" I can use the 3.0 USB Devices as USB Devices 2.0 with eCS! Before I had the setting: "Auto". I do like USB 3.0 very much, especially with USB Sticks under Windows 8 -> so fast!

That you adressed to Jan:

5. Yes, the same constallation here, Intel Display Audio and Realtek -> the same as with the Samsung Serie 7 Slate. I have to wait what Paul might offer on ideas.

7. At least the "Shutdown beep" went away once I disabled USB widget (that caused some very serious boot hangs and hard hangs while using in the past).


2. I have decided that the Sunny Icons feature causes too many problems, so I simply don't install it (I will try again, with the GA version). There is a selection in the desktop properties to turn that off (Display-> turn off Default, and select Normal). It doesn't seem to prevent other annoyances that I have seen with that feature.

Thanks, I found it :


Disable Default
change "Icon Display" from "Big Size" to "Normal Size"

Hi Doug,

thanks, sorry for my short replies!

1. I will try your suggestions later today and report

2. Thanks, will try this later as well as I do have the X230t not at hand now

3. -

4. -

5. I am already in contact with Paul and may make progress today

6. Thats a very good point! I in fact did not try to use the 3.0 Ports because I thought those are not "backward compatible" on OS/2 :-). For Windows: with 7 or 8 I do not have to switch them on manually, they are allways "on". Maybe something in your Windows "Power scheme" is changed?

7. -

8. If you watch may latest video with the X230t I tried to show that it is working right at the beginning, but it is not to be recognized very good as I just made a quickshot and it was during daylight. It is really something I do appriciate!

9. Yes, the same with the X230t and this memory hole. I guess this is so since the Sandy/IVY Bridge generation. I was able to get rid of it using OS4LOADER instead of the eCS OS2LOADER on the Samsung Slate with Sandy Bridge. There I had the full 4GB of RAM (minus some for the onboard graphic). But on the X230t OS4LOADER fails to boot (even the latest edition - so far), maybe because I have 8GB of RAM there. The same with the other LOADER - QSLOADER, that is around. In addition it seems to me that those both loaders make a better job at all than the one from eCS. AFAIR I pointed Mensys to this QSLOADER and they might want to merge some things from it to overcome the memory whole as i.e. the QS Loader is written from scratch - the file is about double as big as the "usual" OS2LOADER. So maybe with the next eCS 2.2 beta there are some news (do not know as I do not get much information from there -> close to zero.) Even though I will reduce RAM to 4GB and give OS4LOADER a try with eCS 2.2 again later on.



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