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I do have tested multiple notebooks with the USB network card and the "Moschip USB to Ethernet for OS/2". They all were working like a charm with that network "card".

I now tested with a Panasonic Toughbook CF-M34 MK1, which comes with a USB1 port.
ArcaOS runs fine, USB is enabled in BIOS, but the Moschip USB network card does not work, nor do its' lights turn on, just the USB power LED on the network connector, but not the LINK or TRAFFIC LED.
So I assume, the driver just cannot handle USB1?

Thanks in advance, I wonder what the reason is.. :o

Off Topic discussions / Powerline combo with POE?
« on: August 14, 2020, 09:47:50 pm »
Going away from Wifi (also due to Warpnes) I've tried out Powerline dapters in our familiy for couching in the evening.
We came to the conclusion: That stuff rocks, even with android tablets!

The connection is WAY better and lag free, especially when our son is playing tablet online games. ; )

Problem is though, the USB LAN adapter s*cks out more tablet battery power than the Wifi connection. (No problem for Notebooks though.)
That leads to one problem... you can use Powerline until the tablet battery runs out. Then wifi needs to be re-enabled and an USB charger needs to be connected, so the tablet does not die due to power shortagae.

So I came to the question, is there something such like PowerLine with Power over Ethernet (POE)? - And YES there is. - Cool! *__*
But.. are there also USB LAN "cards" supported by Android that can make use of POE LAN?
If so, you'd be able to even CHARGE the tablet while using the network without mobile data or wifi, but with Powerline + POE. How cool would that be?!

Did anybody have experiences with that already?

Off Topic discussions / Thinkpad Yoga S1 12 weird *A* key
« on: July 21, 2020, 09:57:19 am »
Got a used Thinkpad Yoga S1 12 at the beginning of 2020, working all fine, but now the "A" key needs to be pushed a special way to work. - Which is of course very troublesome, especially when translating.
The key press feels normal, just as all the others.

I have tried to push lots of air into that key from all angles... maybe there is some dirt underneath the key? --> No change.
Also I did rotate the display to make the thing tablet, and vice versa while directing compressed air in/on that "a" key. --> No change.

grr.. next step would be to unscrew the whole thing (I've seen the maintenance manual.. uff..) just to see the keyboard from underneath.. - But question is (and this is why I am writing this).. did anybody do that already on that notebook?
Good chance, the keyboard is built in "as one piece", and one cannot look underneath the keys... which would render the whole action a waste of time. - Instead I'd get a new keyboard and THEN unscrew everything, and replace the damn thing.

But then again, if anybody did this already, and the keyboard CAN be maintained and revived, getting a new one would be a waste of money..

So.. any hints welcome. : )

Off Topic discussions / COBOL revived
« on: April 07, 2020, 01:28:35 pm »
Source: []

The state of New Jersey is looking for YOU, if you are a COBOL programmer. Due to the enormous rise in unemployment numbers (1.600%) they need to make changes to COBOL code powering their " 40-Year-Old Mainframes".

I knew the years in COBOL education would pay off one day! - Oh wait.. it's for volunteers only.. mhmm... ; )

Networking / [fixed] NetDrive can't load module smbcln47??
« on: February 06, 2020, 02:18:48 pm »
Hello together,

worked until yesterday or so.. and now I try to mount a samba share, and it tells me about a network error. :o
Okay.. so I went and tried net use on the prompt... which also says something about error 50.

In the end I went and had a look at netdrive.. which works. I can attach and detach.
But: ndctl says:
Code: [Select]
NetDrive for OS/2(R) Control Program version Apr 06 2017

NDFSDIR environment variable found: C:\Programs\NDFS
NetDrive working directory is C:\Programs\NDFS
File system driver name is NDFS32.
NetDrive configuration file 'C:\Programs\NDFS\ndctl.cfg' has been processed.

Exclusive Samba Use

[   local] internal plugin has been initialized.
NDF0033: The system can't load the module: SMBCLN47
NDF0029: [  ndpsmb] plugin has not been loaded.
NDF0007: The system error is SYS0002
Initialization completed. The control program is running.
NDF0016: Can't connect to file system driver.
NDF0015: NetDrive Control Program is already running.

The last two lines appear to be normal. On a second ArcaOS machine I did the same things, compared the output .. and it worked out there.

So.. I have two questions now:
1) what is SMBCLN47?
2) How to get that thing working again?

Config.sys wise...
- IFS=C:\Programs\NDFS\NDFS32.IFS is set in config.sys and DOES exist on the file system (no error at OS boot, Net Drive message displays properly)
- SET NDFSDIR=C:\Programs\NDFS is set

Didn't change a thing, that I am aware of. Well.. I installed an update today via ArcaNoae Packet Manager: poppler (which should imo only have to do with PDF stuff)

Any ideas? @_@

As long as ArcaNoae Mantis is not yet back up, translations still go on. : )

Question is though, should the GNU Public License in Warpin (warpin.wis) be translated to other languages too? Even if the text does not say so, I've read elsewhere that translating contracts voids their existence, as you'd need a lawyer to check if the meaning has not changed by translating the text.
So.. if nobody has other thoughts or valid reasoning, I'll keep the english translation of the GNU Public License and just translate the rest around it..

Hardware / Report: ArcaOS on Natcomp @note (2001)
« on: November 24, 2019, 10:30:24 pm »
Cloned from a preinstalled VM onto that notebook.
It`s mainly using SIS chipsets, including SIS900 for network. Processor is a Pentium III (regular, not mobile), RAM: 512 MB

So far it`s working fine, JUST between the ArcaOS logo and the SNAP Graphics logo, where CONFIG.SYS messages are displayed, it`s displaying dissorted and scrolls through over and over (like on an old CRT TV), so reading anything is rather hard...
But after the SNAP logo everything works as usual and totally nice.

Does anybody know, how graphics modes can be controlled in that section above?

Hardware / Report: ArcaOS on Panasonic Toughbook CF-M34 MK1
« on: November 24, 2019, 10:03:27 pm »
Cloned the installation onto that notebook, booted and then this happens... each time:


Code: [Select]
The system detected an internal error at location ##0158:95FC - 000D:95FC.
60003, 6009

Internal revision 14.200_W4

The system is stopped. Record all of the above information and contact your service representative.

Why is this? Anybody know what this means?

The notebook has a Celeron 300 CPU and is equipped with 128 MB RAM.
I suppose the reason is a missing processor command set??

Reason for my assumption: The image recovered well on another notebook (Natcomp something (generic)) from the same age, which has a regular Pentium III.

Any ideas?

Setup & Installation / Warp 3 with WINOS2
« on: September 10, 2019, 03:05:22 pm »
Dear community,

I am not sure why, or if I am doing things wrongly (obviously..?!), but my Warp 3 installation lacks WINOS2 support for some reason. While in setup I never had the chance to check a button in order to install it.

Now I have read in the OS/2 world WIKI, that in some cases DOS and Windows 3.xx needs to be preinstalled for OS/2 setup to install WINOS2 as well.
I suppose that is the reason here too. - Question is now, can I add WINOS2 to an already running Warp 3?
Trying to use the selective installer of Warp 3 brought up no news, unfortunately. WINOS2 is not there at all.

kind regards,

Hardware / Connect PS/2 hardware...
« on: August 06, 2019, 11:08:35 pm »
... to a x86 from before the PS/2 era and also to a machine from the USB age... for instance via a PCI card.

I've seen such cards on ebay and amazon.. but they all communicate via USB chip on that card... and therefore cannot be used for DOS or Warp3.

So.. question is, is there such a thing? :o

Off Topic discussions / Should I go for it or better not?
« on: July 26, 2019, 11:20:42 pm »
:D - Found  an article on ebay: Pentium 90... would be perfect for a retro machine running OS/2 Warp 4.x, I thought.
(First I only saw the computer case.. wich I also have a 486er machine of, but then I investigated further, as the guy selling the thing gave no infos at all about that thing..)

The case says Intel Pentium, and the back says Model 90.. so chances are that this is a P90... might be even with a P90 fdiv bug.. :o
But I love this ultra rare case.. and want it! :D - It is a Highscreen Sky Tower 500.

The case also includes a Colorado 250 tape drive, a SCSI ISA card, PCI graphics card, an ISA sound card, 3.5 inch and 5 1/4 inch floppy drive, numerous software (not specified, just pictures of floppy disks), and a CRT monitor.

I wrote this seller.. as I wanted to know, atleast, which CPU this is, how much RAM is installed, mainboard type, etc
And he appears to have no clue.. he offered me to take more pictures from inside the case and for me to visit by. (too far away from me unfortunately)

Appears like he does not know what he has there.
But pricing is a bit hard, imho...

Bidding starts at 300 EUR (333,80 Dolar), (immediate buy at 450 EUR (500,70 Dollar)), no bids yet.

Since this is kind of buying a cat in a sack, I do not know... whats your opinion?
And what is this fdiv P90 bug? I heard about it back then. And all I remember, is that a specific calculation always gives a wrong value. But how badly does that impact usability of that machine/CPU, if at all?

Article Discussions / NY Subway switching to contactless
« on: June 26, 2019, 10:52:21 am »
Regarding to [this article], linked in the news, I might be a bit old school, but why should one switch away from analog stuff to digital, completely?
Wouldn't it be way smarter to have both systems running alongside? I mean, in the end, it's just about "returning true" to the process of the entry-gate to open, so you can get on train.

When it comes to pay-by-app these two things instantly come to my mind:
- What about people without smart phones? (Yes, they DO exist) - Or people WITH smart phones using them only with wifi, having no mobile contract)
- What about tourists and foreign phones? Will they also work?

IBM - Fixed URL

With the current smartmontools available for ArcaOS, I found out my hard drive is dying slowly:
sectors moved: 35
sectors pending: 15

Even though there are quite a few reserve sectors left, I find it's time to move to another HDD, as the current device is untrusted now and keeps getting worse slowly. (Yesterday there were only 8 pending sectors!)

So, I've tried to move over to another HDD. Current HDD is 1 TB, but only 4 GB in use.
Source drive capacity is 1 TB, destination drive capacity is 320 GB. (The only free HDD found which is still fine and as new)

In theory this CAN work, since the ammount of data to copy is only 4 GB, destination drive capacity is 320 GB.
Now I've tried to shrink the ArcaOS partition on the source disk (JFS formatted), but this can only free up 13 MB, as it appears that there is data near the end of the partition.

So now the question is on: How to move all the stuff away from the end of the JFS partition? Ideally everything to the beginning and then ongoing?

Thank you in advance!! : ))


Just had a *VERY* odd situation...

Came home.. booted up my ArcaOS machine to check e-mails and then continue to translate..
When I opened the Drive C: icon in tree view, there was only half folders there, that used to be! - Opened the Drive C: view in all the other variations.. no difference...
looked on OS/2 command line with dir /ad ... and there all the directories were listed!

Okay, the directories are there.. maybe there is a filter set, for the graphical user interface... I thought, so I went straight to Drive C: - Properties and checked the "Include" tab.

*** The normal view here is:
Use ____ Attribute ____ Comparisation ____ Value ____ Class
| _______ Flags ______ is less than _______ --H- _____ File System

*** instead I saw:
Use ____ Attribute ____ Comparisation ____ Value ____ Class
| _______ Flags ______ PlayTime ________ :) <-- as graphical smily

After displaying this, the whole machine freezed, and I went CTRL + ALT + DEL --> top
just to find out that everything is normal, no unusual processes.. --> exited from there --> went back to the graphical user interface of ArcaOS
All of sudden the machine did no longer hang, but an error message was displayed "Drive C: is no longer functional" (it meant the directory listing, not the drive itself I suppose) --> I hit the close button...
XWP restarted, and everything is now back to normal:
- the directories and files are displayed normally
- the "include" tab of "Drive C:" properties looks normal now..
- everything as normal again.

Should I open a ticket at ArcaNoae and send a testlog? --> there is no popuplog.os2 file on C:\
Or is this a known effect?
Should I take pictures next time, before opening a ticket, so the support sees with their own eyes?

Mhmm.. never had anything like this before, so I better ask you guys.. :o
Thanks in advance btw!

In the meanwhile trying to reproduce this..

Setup & Installation / ArcaOS 5.02 yum cannot install openssh-clients
« on: June 05, 2018, 12:49:36 am »
... as it cannot execute cpio, but cpio is installed.

Hi again, this time trying out ArcaOS, finally. *__*

Using yum (GUI) to install openssh-clients returns an error dialog (of yum) that says "Error unpacking rpm package openssh-clients-5.9p1-1.oc00.i686"

running "rpm -U openssh-clients-5.9p1-1.oc00.i686" on the OS/2 console says:


rpm -U openssh-clients-5.9p1-1.oc00.i686.rpm
Fehler: Entpacken des Archivs fehlgeschlagen: cpio: read  <-- Error: Extracting archive failed: cpio read
Fehler: openssh-clients-5.9p1-1.oc00.i686: installieren fehlgeschlagen <-- Error: openssh-clients-5.9p1-1.oc00.i686: installing failed


What's wrong with cpio?
ArcaOS install is 2 days young, updated via yum (GUI) until no new packages could be found anymore.

Does anybody have an idea? @_@

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