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Applications / [SOLVED] Warp 3 beeps on software execution
« on: January 24, 2018, 03:49:52 pm »
Dear forum,

I have Warp3 running on a 486er, but after installing SSH via WarpIn, each software execution via GUI makes the machine beep via speaker.
Executing stuff from the OS/2 prompt does not bring that effect. Just clicking Icons which executes COM, EXE, BAT, CMD

Next I looked up COMPSEC in config.sys, but that points to the usual C:\OS2\CMD.EXE

Looks perfectly normal to me.. any ideas? :o

Kind regards

I've waited for the release, and when the product was finally available, I was ultra happy and wanted to try it out asap, BUT.... unfortunately the payment methods (credit card and bitcoin) are nothing that I have.

Okay.. so I contacted my software distributor guy, who always was able to offer me any product, I asked for. He agreed to ask ArcaNoae for an offer. After a week of nothing, I asked my distributor again, and he replied ArcaNoae hasn't answered yet. So I went to ArcaNoae and hit the contact button, asking what's the problem. There even was a reply to my question.. "We had so much to do.. we have now answered your distributor's e-mail" - Fine, I thought.. then another week went by.. and NOW my software distributor mailled me:

"We did get the reseller agreement from ArcaNoae, which is necessary in order to be able to sell ArcaNoae products and get an offer.
Unfortunately this agreement includes an unacceptable catch. Namely the need to advertise and promote products of ArcaNoae. Unfortunately we cannot do this .. just for one requesting customer, and so we cannot make you an offer." :/

I can see the reason why ArcaNoae has such a catch phrase in their contract, but on the other hand in the end everybody is unhappy: ArcaNoae cannot sell me a copy, the distribtor cannot get it for me and I cannot buy it.

Quite hard to get hands on that product. Looks like I need to find another distributor in Germany that has signed contract with the devil already, or wait until somebody gets rid of ArcaOS5 on ebay. :/

Edit: marked as solved

Setup & Installation / driver trouble with Warp 3
« on: May 06, 2014, 02:19:02 am »
Hi ^^/ name's Mathias; 33 years - I'm new to the site and forums.

I was running Warp 3 (Release 8.162) in the 90ies on a 486 DX2-66 using an "ATI Mach 64" as graphics card, which is supported by default in Warp 3.
Back then I fell in love with Warp 3 and was using it mostly to run DOS games (as memmaker was no longer regquired with Warp 3). - Also had a look into PMREXX, CoBOL and some more.
The look and feel was intuitive and was just lovely. - And I've missed it!!

Now I had the chance to rebuild my 486er on hardware basis. - THAT works... just the ATI Mach 64 does not anymore. :(
So.. for the time being .. until I have ebay'ed another Mach64, I thought .. why not try Warp 3 with Oracle's VirtualBox? - Said, done.

Warp 3 booted nicely in 640x480x16 mode using the default VGA driver. Keyboard mapping, etc everything works. - Even network with TCP! \o/

Now, for starters, I'd like to have some resolution like 1024x768 or greater if possible. - So, there is an OS/2 driver pack included with VirtualBox - Cool! Following the brief instructions ... it failed to work. On boot, Warp 3 tells me that it failed to load the shortly replaced gengradd.dll. - Continued booting .. and it looked the same as before: 640x480x16. :o

So, the VBox driver doesn't work. In general it does not say which version of Warp is supported in the first place. Do they mean 2? 3? 4?
Perhaps there is an alternative, that I don't know! But maybe YOU do? ^^*

Also! I have heard about Warp Fix Packs. I have, so far, not installed any, also not back then.
As there is a whole lot of them [], I've got a few questions:
1) Does installing such a fix pack help with my problem?
2) Are ALL these files required, or just the latest one?
3) What does all the stuff mean "OS/2 Warp 3.x family FixPack XR_W010 - Disk 2" and "OS/2 Warp 3.x family FixPack XR_W007 - Disk 1" - quite confusing... which do I need @_@
4) Are these compatible with the german localized Warp 3 version? - And if not, is there another source for these?

So far.. - Already big thanks for reading all this! And maybe YOU can even answer some of these questions. - And pleease... I am not new to Warp, but a newbie, when it comes to techical interna. - I DO want to learn and to read instruction manuals! Just.. when it gets too confusing, I rather ask.. oo;

Hope you can help. - In case you need more info (which is likely the case), please ask. : )

~ Warp ~

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