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We are also now going to try and see of putting all of the unix dlls into one directory on that drive, and listing it in the LIBPATH will work (if it does it will simplify testing).

Thread-drift: if you record which apps requires which DLL, then you should be finer than fine. I guess the list of exceptions (not a CPU's) to be tested isn't that long. Some apps require a specific version of a DLL, and most of those apps are older than current DLL versions.

Sometimes it does help to avoid installers. A recent example is the WarpIN version of the browser Links. It's bad and it's evil, unless you really want to meet the devil of e.g. JPEG.DLLs. Nevertheless the install script of Links can be used to create an own INSTALL.CMD, with Dave's earlier LIBPATHSTRICT and BEGINLIBPATH added to the object's settings. In my case it's an added bonus that I don't have to backup both the whole install package and the installed files anymore.

Let's return to Java...

Setup & Installation / Re: Downward sliding icons
« on: January 16, 2017, 04:40:25 am »
Doug's placebo has to deal with a paradox, if we kindly accept that all other evidence is being ignored.

Not being able to execute any Rexx script anymore can be a good reason to shutdown the WPS (REXX.DLL entry in POPUPLOG.OS2). So it's not possible that a Rexx script always solves the problem during a shutdown, and that the problem never will return.

So you may as well execute the internal OS command REM instead of Baldrick's Rexx script. REM will work more frequently, because REM doesn't reqiure a working Rexx environment.

Get it right once (use whatever script, why not, it doesn't break anything), hence my initial reply w.r.t. an old thread. It's a documented solution. If your stuff starts moving again, a rather rare event, then solve it again. Not using the script is not a religion, but typically there's no need at all to slow down a shutdown with an useless script.

Typically the script has no use, exceptions excluded. You may as well always execute a REM, after having solved it once, and conclude that REM stops it from happening again.

I'm not sure if INI or CONFIG files are created to store settings, where they would reside, but I have assumed they would be either in the directory for the program, or the location specified by JAVA_HOME

Something like that, yes. FWIW, I've just started Jetris (different OS version, different Java, different game) for the first time and it stores its data in the %HOME%\.jetris directory.

So you could try to delete relevant entries under %HOME% too, if such a directory was created by the games. Nevertheless it's more likely that there's a problem with a missing "program" file (Java, requirements) indeed.


When I run the OS from one of the partitions, both games open and run successfully, no problem - running the OS from the other partition however, neither game opens at all, although it looks like Java has run, executing the command file, and watching the results.

I'm not using anything you've mentioned and I haven't seen any command file, but did you reboot between attempts? Did the first successful executions create or change some file (setup/INI/EA/high-score), which still refers to the previous partition? Does it work when you use the same drive letter and directory structures?

Setup & Installation / Re: Downward sliding icons
« on: January 16, 2017, 01:30:55 am »
I can confirm that this works reliable.

Oh, so can I. I can run it a gazzilion times, because it doesn't do anything, while the original problem doesn't re-occur. If "works" is defined as not noticing a problem anymore, then it works. If "works" is defined as being the solution to solve a real problem, then it doesn't. Here only using this has never solved the problem, and I have no evidence to believe in a myth of a returning problem. No returning problem, no reason to execute some script, unless you're looking for a placebo. A placebo works too.

Setup & Installation / Re: Downward sliding icons
« on: January 14, 2017, 07:44:22 pm »
This is not a new problem, but I thought it was over when I installed eCS 2.1. It was for some time and then it suddenly started again. Now after having installed eCS 2.2 one and a half years ago it starts again. I did not realize it at first because the downward sliding is smaller then before and I can't remember I have installed any special software that could be the reason for this. But anyway it is annoying.
Does anyone know any solution to the problem?

FTR: eCS 1.2, shutdown-button, select the other radio button (typically restart/reboot), OK-button, restart. After the restart you can select the usual, other radio button (typically shutdown) again. Apparently toggling the setting and a reboot, to save the setting, solves it. If it isn't solved, then you can use software too. There was a rumour that the problem could return, but so far I've never seen that.

Web applications / Re: FF 38.x - problems invoking from within PMMail
« on: January 14, 2017, 03:44:58 pm »
"...Firefox can't find the file at /G://APPS//TCPIP//PMMAIL//PMMAIL//TEMP//TEMP.HTM..."

My hardly ever used copy of an old PMMail/2 is installed just because it's registered, and the registration isn't valid anymore for any newer version. Fair enough. But I'm not actually using PMMail/2.

I'm not sure about the first character (/G:), but you may be able to copy PMMAIL.EXE to a test file  PMMAILFF.EXE, and patch PMMAILFF.EXE's pair of slashes to ^\ (or ^/). The number of possibly relevant //s in my copy of PMMAIL.EXE is limited, and IIRC there's only one /// there. So you may be able to construct some working command. I have only verified such a concept with CMD.EXE interpreting the ^\ (DIR C:^\OS2), without PMMail/2 and FF, and I'm assuming that PMMail/2 is inserting the //.

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