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Applications / SSH - take the long way home
« on: December 26, 2022, 03:11:38 am »
When you can't really SSH to the main server
'coz the OS2 term type isn't recognized
You take the long way home -
  you take the long way home

When you've tried and tried with the qputty
And seems like it won't be working eventually
You take the long way home
  you take the long way home


(I could have went on but I realize my Supertramp "filk" isn't really good and I really appreciate that song so, in respect to the authors, I'll stop there.)

When I reinstalled ArcaOS, I thought about using it as a decent terminal. I would ssh to my linux box and do what I mostly do during the day - use vim. My cheap 10 years old T420 would be recycled as decent terminal with WP51 to type prose, mutt for IMAP-based emails (yeah, old fashioned)... and X-Windows through SSH when I need to run some app from my Linux box.

Well. Turns out SSH-as-a-Linux-terminal is mostly broken. VIM is soo outdated isn't not even funny. Can't get any X-Server thing to work (so far). SSH works from a non-resizeable window (...) and the list of annoyance goes on and on and on. Mutt probably doesn't work, I just haven't tried - I'm at the point of almost giving up.

(Maybe I should use Windows. Yes, I know, I know - I really shouldn't say that.)
But let's try anyway. From within OS/2!

In my PC virtualization shoutout, VirtualBox releases on netlabs are mostly not working for me. While I appreciate the phenomenal work from BWW, Valery and friends... It's a good beta. Many test cases are not working (they know and documented it) and it's instabilities might be related - who knows.

Surpringly enough, the last Virtual PC from Connectix was remarkably stable to run Windows XP i386. Should you wish to ever take this route, make sure you clone the repo "" and use the shared folders functionality to bring the files into the virtual machine and install modern TLS support otherwise you'll find Internet Explorer pretty useless on the modern web. With good reasons. Yes, it was always useless. Until you need to download "just one file" and you can't.

But, with functional TLS support, you can download Putty for i386.
And it works.
It just _fuckin_ works.
So I can ssh to my Linux box, from VirtualPC running under ArcaOS. But I can't do it natively (or barely, the terminal is all screwed up) nor through winos2 (needs win32s 1.30) nor DOS (needs watttcp to be ported to TCP/IP for DOS so that vtcpdos.sys kicks in)

But i _FINALLY_ have a working SSH... but I can't use it for X11.

There must be more. Folks, what do _you_ use?

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