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Applications / Re: Firefox 24 vs OS/2 World
« on: June 08, 2014, 03:22:41 pm »
I think discussion of Firefox 24 is a reasonable thing to have on OS/2 World. I don't think its healthy for a platform to do all of it's discussion inside bug reporting websites. I do file bug reports, as some of you should probably know.

I'm running Firefox 24 for my daily web browsing. If I hit a page with a lot of Flash animation, the operating system appears to halt. Control-Alt-Del does not appear to work, or else I am not patient enough. There is some middle ground -- if a page has just enough Flash animations, then Firefox stops, but it can be killed from CADH/TOP.

With Flash disabled from the add-ons menu in Firefox, I can browse the same pages. It may be a bit slow, but they work. This had not been the case for Firefox 17 or Firefox 10. They could not reliably disable the Flash plugin, nor could they render nasty, overweight pages without hanging.

As an end user, there is no way to know if this would be better a Flash bug or a Firefox bug. Nor is it clear how to submit a reproducable scenario, since the web pages in question change every few minutes, depending on what is embedded in them (which probably depends on the user's cookies anyway.)

I do not want to undervalue the suggestion to develop an open-source framework for BSD drivers. The developers of OS/4, the new OS/2 loader and many other wonderful new things have the same weakness. Although their software is excellent and they have made huge contributions, their work does not reach a larger audience.

This is because of the crucial lack of support. End users such as myself need several things for success.

1. Clear description of the software, what it does, and documentation of the system requirements
2. An easy installation method
3. Documentation, tools and methods to troubleshoot when things go wrong
4. A bug tracking system to report bugs that is monitored and replies are made
5. Fixes for bugs and enhancements to make end users successful
6. Periodic re-releases of software that collect the bug fixes and enhancements
7. Announcements of software releases with description from item #1
8. A forum to discuss bugs and end-user questions that is monitored by someone who can answer questions.

These items do not have to be done by the programmer, but they do have to be done to make software a success.

I don't favor funding any of the proposals at this time.

A new WiFi driver would be nice, but anyone can have WiFi by plugging in an Intel 5100 and using Doug B's excellent extensions to GenMac.
I'd actually use eclipse, but I can get by without it. We already have lots of excellent programmers editors on OS/2.

I like funding the bww Firefox as outlined by Dave Yeo. I wish we could pay bww to hire another programmer.
Pasha's driver framework is tempting, but only if we can hire him for a couple of years while we get the bugs worked out. Alas, the common fund is too small for that.

Applications / Firefox 24 vs OS/2 World
« on: June 01, 2014, 04:51:03 pm »
I got the new Firefox 24 beta running here. But it's claiming every word I type in the composition box is misspelled. I know I'm not the greatest speller, but how can I correct my mistakes if all of them come up?

General Discussion / Re: Website - Os/2 Release Notes is back up !
« on: June 01, 2014, 04:48:52 pm »
Well, the site looks about right, both on eCS and the new Firefox 24 beta and also on iPad with Mercury Browser

General Discussion / Re: More on new OS/2 developments
« on: May 30, 2014, 07:41:26 pm »

Presently, I have no agreement with Mensys or XEU.

Thanks, Lewis. Good communication includes putting out bad news, too.  If we are limited to putting fixes and enhancements on top of the end users old licenses, it's a pretty serious limitation. I'm looking forward to more clarity on this issue. Like most here, I'm hoping this comes out well.

Good luck!!

Applications / Re: How to make Tor work on eCS
« on: May 14, 2014, 04:26:22 am »
I installed Tor, and configured Firefox, and I found it to work. As you mention, google will no longer search.

I also installed Vidalia, which is a control panel for tor. I changed my setup to put Vidalia in the startup folder instead of tor. Now I have a nice control panel for tor.

Marketplace / Re: OS/2, software and books on eBay
« on: April 14, 2014, 05:10:10 am »
I have revised the OS/2 Museum West webpage to make it clearer that the museum collection is safe, and the new location and curator are also named. Some few items are still in California with me.

I simply did not have space for such a fine collection, and a volunteer stepped forward. I hope to make some of the items available for display this year at Warpstock.

I sold off the duplicate parts of the collection to pay for housing, moving, boxes and other supplies. The licenses for the various items are credited to their individual donors, so I think the whole collection is legal.

Marketplace / Re: OS/2, software and books on eBay
« on: April 13, 2014, 05:29:34 am »
I'd like to point out that the items I wanted to sell are gone, and the OS/2 museum has found a home. Very little was thrown out. Also, for anyone who wants to clean house, there is still a healthy demand for OS/2 items on eBay.

Applications / How to make Tor work on eCS
« on: April 01, 2014, 08:58:20 pm »
Tor is a program to facilitate anonymous web browsing. Paul Smedley ported it, but there aren't instructions on how to make Tor work on eCS.

There are two applications of Tor. The first is just to get Tor to work with Firefox and use the existing Tor network.

The second is to run a Tor server as a part of the Tor network to let others browse anonymously.

I don't know which of these applications have been ported, or even, as I suspect that both functions are part of the Tor executable.

I have no idea how to begin doing either of these applications. Any Tor users out there care to comment?

Storage / Re: Merge two JFS volumes
« on: March 15, 2014, 11:28:24 pm »
I have also expanded a JFS drive in just the way that Doug has proposed. Other than having a good backup, I didn't do anything special. I deleted a volume that used to contain Windows XP, and added the space to an existing 300 GB JFS volume.

Storage / Re: Using a 1 TB USB hard drive
« on: February 09, 2014, 05:44:53 am »
I read the readme for OS2DASD, and IBM documented the parameters as Ian had outlined. So I'd assume they work unless proven otherwise.

IBM also documented that there are no parameters (do HELP OS2DASD.DMD, from a command line - at least in eCS 2.1), so I wouldn't put money on it, either way.

Your doc (CMDREF.INF) is from 2001, while Ian and I are looking at the readme for the OS2DASD used by eCS dated October 2005. The OS2DASD parameters are newer than the doc you quote.

Setup & Installation / Re: Personal Communications and AS400
« on: February 09, 2014, 02:50:23 am »
Thanks, Silvan. It turns out all I needed to do was recreate the keyboard file. It's working now.

This is for a legacy system supporting retail stores, and the OS/2 machines I'm replacing are probably 12-15 years old. The AS400 is likely to be about that age.


Setup & Installation / Personal Communications and AS400
« on: February 06, 2014, 04:51:48 am »
I'm trying to set up Personal Communications to talk to the AS400. Using an AS 400 is easier with the IBM 122-key keyboard. But if I hook it up and configure AS400.KMP, I get a keyboard where the normal keys work, but the extra keypad does not.

This is on the eCS 2.2 beta 2.

What am I forgetting to do?

Storage / Re: Using a 1 TB USB hard drive
« on: February 06, 2014, 04:38:30 am »
I read the readme for OS2DASD, and IBM documented the parameters as Ian had outlined. So I'd assume they work unless proven otherwise.

The CHS on my drive was not one that OS/2 could use. I changed it in DFSee.

As for ejecting, I probably used command line, but the USB widget in eCS 2.2 beta 2 is somewhat improved, so that may have worked, too. Either way, with a bad CHS, neither eCS nor DFSee could see the full size of the drive.

This is about a USB hard drive greater than 512 GB. It's nice that some of you have SATA drives larger than that working. So do I. That's not the issue. At least for this particular drive, a Toshiba 1 TB portable, I've posted a procedure that works.

It still takes a long time to fill a 1 TB drive over USB 2.0...

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