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Hardware / Re: Hardware Compatibility Wishlist for 2022
« on: January 24, 2022, 08:15:08 pm »
Unfortunately, newer motherboards map the bulk of RAM above 4GB and below 4GB by only 1GB or so.
Here large parts of the RAM are below 4 GB, but Dmitry's loader recognizes just the largest contiguous block.

Hardware / Re: Hardware Compatibility Wishlist for 2022
« on: January 23, 2022, 01:05:03 pm »
One thing is to set the size of the swap file as fairly large (1GB?) as growing it can cause problems.
Thanks, I have set it now to 1 GB and will report:
Code: [Select]
SWAPPATH=C:\OS2\SYSTEM 2048 1048576
When that works better, it's time to use the RAM disk.

Hardware / Re: Hardware Compatibility Wishlist for 2022
« on: January 22, 2022, 11:42:00 pm »
Here are 2 GB recognized. When the Mozilla browser eats up all memory and the system has started to swap (SSD), it becomes unstable. I guess that's rather a browser problem with newer Web pages.

Sometimes, to be sure, I close the browser before starting VAC 3, just for to release its memory.

I don't try to use AOO and Mozilla simultaneously, because of the negative experience on my previous system (2.5 GB, HDD). 2.5 GB hasn't lasted for both, maybe due to the slow HDD.

Hardware / Re: Hardware Compatibility Wishlist for 2022
« on: January 22, 2022, 05:17:48 pm »
Thanks, OS4User. RAM disk is not an option, when only 1 GB or less is recognized for the system. AMD systems suffer since a longer time from this, with 1.5 - 2 GB. According to Sigurd, newer Intel (i7) systems have that problem, too.

Virtualization seems to be the only option then.

Are there any newer systems that support 3 GB?

Hardware / Re: Hardware Compatibility Wishlist for 2022
« on: January 22, 2022, 02:03:13 pm »
I have another one: Support up to 4 GB RAM for the system with addition of Physical Address Extension.

Applications / Re: SeaMonkey downloads and Unix permissions
« on: January 10, 2022, 05:11:43 pm »
Possibly class TypeEaEnumerator could be extended to delete those EAs
There exists eaclean by David A. for that. See

Comments, Suggestions & Questions / Re: Hobbes (Files) Reoganization
« on: January 04, 2022, 01:33:14 am »
ppp -
uucp - (Unix to Unix copy)

Both come from the modem era and the contained files could just be added to the comm dir.

About the app/util question: I've already written before that I prefer to make no difference between them.

Setup & Installation / Re: VirtualBox and Warpin (wic.exe)
« on: December 31, 2021, 12:32:57 am »
How often Knut has changed the OS/2 additions in the nearer past? IIRC, Valery wrote that the current one may be Knut's last one.

Setup & Installation / Re: VirtualBox and Warpin (wic.exe)
« on: December 29, 2021, 05:35:12 pm »
You can use my DOSBox installer as a huge example for using REXX to extend WarpIN. Beneath extracting the files README.OS2, inst\* and the .wis file from Jochen's package, there exists dosbox-createwpi.cmd.

The REXX .cmd files contain tons of examples. The createwpi script allows for using either extracted files (from an older package) or include files. Jochen always builds his files with recent DOSBox files, directly from its repository, so for me remained only to download recent NLS files and convert their numerous encodings.

Special about the REXX code in the DOSBox WarpIN installer is: It downloads missing .rpm packages, edits a config file, removes all kinds of old DOSBox files and uses dynamic WarpIN page contents.

It's surely much to big to start with wic. But I can sent it to you if you want. I rarely watch my PM area, so please drop me a note here, in case.

BTW: WarpIN has several flaws. Many of them can be worked around with WarpIN REXX. Christian had made 2 presentations about advanced installations. One is how to automate uninstall (quite complicated, implemented now by Alex) and the others I remember are how to debug contained REXX code and how to dynamically build installer pages (e.g. his genmac installer). For NEPMD he had created a preprocessor that expands vars in the .wis file. Furthermore, I have added to the NEPMD installation to rename old NEPMD entries in the WarpIN database. All these are very special and require some experience.

Some tips:

  • Use Christian's Initialize_GetTitle method for REXX code executed on starting WarpIN.
  • The names of the packages should be fix. Changing them later should better be avoided.
  • Use the GROUP tag for subpackages.
  • Folders created by the installer should not have the REPLACE flag for CREATEOBJECT. That allows for moving them manually. REPLACE may be useful for all other objects.
  • HTML comments are not allowed within tags.
  • For updates, allow for installing it over the existing files, without uninstall for convenience.

Programming / Re: Can 64-bit programs run on OS/2?
« on: December 29, 2021, 01:49:49 am »
can't we implement some kind of "OS2 shared memory garbage collector"???
Who is "we" ;-)? Rewriting the memory management means to fight with Assembler and to deal with the closed-source kernel code. Wouldn't it be easier to start with a Linux system and add the OS/2 specials to it? There were ideas 10 ... 20 years ago.

Setup & Installation / Re: ArcaOS, VirtualBox, and mouse freezes
« on: December 26, 2021, 06:11:59 pm »
AMOUSE.SYS rendered the system unusable.
Strange. The same with changed mouse pointer hardware? With luck this is a VirtualBox problem.

Otherwise I would probably create an AN bug tracker ticket.

Setup & Installation / Re: ArcaOS, VirtualBox, and mouse freezes
« on: December 25, 2021, 06:37:52 pm »
The only mouse driver specified in CONFIG.SYS is:
That's caused by the additions. The message that something is not correctly installed may stem from a prior AMouse installation. Amouse is completely replaced by the VirtualBox driver, independant of what the pages of the Mouse object show. So in your case, it should be correctly installed with the single CONFIG.SYS entry.

BTW: It's also possible to deactivate the vboxmouse.sys and activate the amouse.sys driver instead. I had that set in order to keep the comfort of AMouse (scroll messages instead of keys messages and scroll window under pointer, not the one with focus). Maybe replacing the vboxmouse.sys driver changes something in your case.

Otherwise another idea is to change the mouse hardware.

Setup & Installation / Re: VirtualBox and ArcaOS 5.0.7
« on: December 23, 2021, 06:20:15 pm »
Not being a programmer
Me neither. Here's how I understand it:

First you need a compiler that's able to produce code that can address
64 bit of RAM. When that works, you have to rewrite the memory management.
At least the system has to support 64 bit addressable RAM to be able to
assign that to apps. (Guess that part is in the kernel.) Quite a challenge
when you don't have the source code. ;-)

About 16 bit code: OS/2 itself contains much 16 bit code: Almost all drivers,
except ACPI.PSD and CMD.EXE are still 16 bit code. Much fun without the
sources. ;-)

The next step won't be to raise evrything to 64 bit. It is to support PAE
(Physical Address Extension). Then the 4 GB limit would apply for each
process, not, as it is now, for the entire system.

About 16 bit apps: Except some few system apps, I don't use 16 bit apps.
I don't understand why 64 bit code can't support 16 bit code, but that seems
to be the case. Note that for systems with 64 bit addressable RAM
virtualization is always an option.

Setup & Installation / Re: VirtualBox and ArcaOS 5.0.7
« on: December 09, 2021, 12:04:51 pm »
1) Video: Should I select Panorama on the install, or it does not make a different with the default gengrad for VirtualBox?

5) Display: Video Memory: Does it makes any different putting increasing the memory (like to 128MB) ?
Arca Noae says to leave it as default. But it does not says anything the video driver.

The video driver is replaced by the driver from the Guest Additions. My experience is that it doesn't matter. But why let Panorama (or SNAP) create additional non-functional notebook pages in the Screen object? See the first AN screenshot of the installer, below 'ArcaOS Installation'. It has GENGRADD selected.

Games / Re: DOS VDM - USB and Game port Gamepad support
« on: November 16, 2021, 10:27:35 pm »
1) In his ports, is the OS/2 DosBox code related to Input Devices still present? I noted in the .conf file for the ArcaOs inplementation a section exists under "Joysticks", but I'm sure would not work if we have no frontend USB Input driver under ArcaOS. Addressing your comment, if it is already there, NFAR, which is why I suggested this may be a solution to the problem presented, related to DOS.
The contained dosbox.conf file is common for all OS. The first line says:
Code: [Select]
# This is the configuration file for DOSBox SVN. (Please use the latest version of DOSBox)Jochen has built it from the sources. Even the translated (and reencoded) files are recently pulled from the sources.

I was responsible for the packaging and (as a non-player) haven't tried much with the files itself. BTW: If you have something to add to the .conf or to README.OS2, I'm sure we could add it with no much effort. Patching the .conf with additions specially for OS/2 is possible.

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