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Applications / Re: XWP v1.0.16
« on: April 11, 2024, 01:36:16 am »

I created this ticket, about enhancing XWPKeyboard Mappings.

I think it can be interesting to grab the idea of "Folder Hotkeys" and put it on "Mappings" so different combination of keys can be assigned to some desktop actions (parameters).
But I guess it will be more interesting if more "desktop actions" can be added to XWP there, like the ones in "Windows Keys" like "Hide/show all windows", "Show windows list", "Lock up desktop", etc. 


Games / Re: Minecraft
« on: April 09, 2024, 12:47:23 am »
Hi David

Getting around 10fps, and can move the view by moving the mouse. ...
I think I have your same experience, with the exception of moving with the mouse. How do you know it is moving, does the image/background moves?

Do you use SNAP or Panorama. In my case I used Panorama on real hardware.


Games / Re: Minecraft
« on: April 08, 2024, 02:15:35 pm »
PS: PrBoom is finished, but I have problem with the packaging. Perhaps I should simply zip it, and be done with it.
Is this a new build that haven't been posted. Just let it free to try it out :)


Games / Re: Minecraft
« on: April 05, 2024, 02:24:39 pm »
When you are saying "no mouse", do you mean a pointer?
The game captures the mouse and no pointer, and no crosshair is shown.
In my case, it is the behavior that you said.
The mouse does not produce any movement on the game. But I do see a white crosshair in the middle.
With ESC I can get the mouse pointer back.


Applications / Re: XWP v1.0.16
« on: April 05, 2024, 02:10:28 pm »
This sub-thread is yet another good reason to use XWP-Lite/ANXWP: it comes preconfigured.

In XWP-Full, you need to check "XWorkplace Installation->XWorkplace Setup->Features->Mouse and Keyboard features->Enable global object hotkeys"

Thanks Rich. That was what I needed. XWP full does not enable by default the "Enable global object hotkeys". Now the hotkeys works fine.


Games / Re: Minecraft
« on: April 05, 2024, 03:51:49 am »
Hi again

I got similar results on real hardware (Thinkpad T14s). It displays the same way. With the WASD keys I can not exactly notice movement, I think the hammers moves a little bit.
But it is nice to see progress.


Applications / Re: XWP v1.0.16
« on: April 05, 2024, 03:47:02 am »
Hi Pete

Thanks for the tip. In fact I don't have that "Hotkeys" tab in the Keyboard Setting, not on my VM nor my real HW machine. I have ArcaOS 5.1.0 with XWP 1.0.16 Full installed and I don't see that tab.

Disabling Styler did not made any difference.
I can give it a try on a experimental VM to uninstall Dynamic Icons, but I don't know how to uninstall it.


Virtualization / Re: ArcaOS in VirtualBox and mouse.
« on: April 04, 2024, 10:11:32 pm »
Hello Glenn

Can you check the size and date of your vboxmouse.sys file?

I'm using an older one here without any major issues. I have some little bug from restart to restart, but it is on what you describe.
My is:
- 1-31-20  3:06a        25,774    227 a--r  VBoxMouse.sys

I guess the latest one is:
- 1-15-24  2:26p        58,713      0 ---r  VBoxMouse.sys
But I'm not using it.

I'm using here Windows 10 host with Vbox 7.0.14. ArcaOS 5.1.0 (BIOS) as Guest.


Programming / Re: Xpdf v. 4.01
« on: April 04, 2024, 09:59:13 pm »
Hello Tellie

Is it ok if I upload "xpdf-4.05-qt5-os2.7z " to hobbes with this readme?


Games / Re: Minecraft
« on: April 04, 2024, 02:51:59 pm »

I forget to tell you that I tried it first on a ArcaOS 5.1 VM. I will try it on real hardware.


Games / Re: Minecraft
« on: April 04, 2024, 12:35:37 am »
Thanks Joschen, it fun to try this things.

I did a "yum install SDL2 libcurl" and now I can run it.

The drawing is very buggy here. I can not move, I only see the hammer moving. I can not see the pointer or move at all with the mouse. I guess this is what you mean in your post.

But there is something else. I can not type my user name (not mandatory), it types any weird thing there, is that also happening to you?

But it is very fun to see that you were able to port it to this stage. Thanks.


Applications / Re: XWP v1.0.16
« on: April 04, 2024, 12:21:06 am »
Hello Pete.

I don't see any kind of error on the process. The button just don't work for the "Object Hotkey" action.

Today I tried a kind of "vanilla" VM that I have with 5.1.0, without any luck.

I follow the same procedure.
1] Uncheck "Enable the windows keys" in System Setup -> Keyboard - OEM Keys
2] Add Function Key name: LWin, click in Hardware scan code edit box and press the LWin key to display the value (0x7e (126) ) (Also in my keyboard) in System Setup -> Keyboard -> Function Keys. (There is no OK to save, If I close the window and reopen it, the value remains there, so I guess it is saved)
3] Open Download folder Properties -> Icon, click in Object hotkey edit box, press the LWin key - should show LWin in edit box, click Set and close the Properties.
4] Pressed the LWin key and no action occurred

I have the screen shot attached. The key is getting registered/recognized on the "System Setup -> Keyboard -> Function Keys".
Tonight I will try on a different machine.


Applications / Re: XWP v1.0.16
« on: April 02, 2024, 08:45:55 pm »
Thanks Pete for giving it a try.
I'm doing your procedure without luck, I will keep trying and see if I find what is the thing that is not allowing me to use "Object Hotkey".


Applications / Re: Lost / Missing Software for OS/2
« on: April 01, 2024, 02:27:15 pm »
I'm trying to find ATOK8 for OS/2.
I guess it is a Japanese input method editor

ATOK is commercial software; TTBOMK the Windows version is still sold but the OS/2 version was discontinued years ago. I'm pretty certain you won't find a legitimate copy anywhere except possibly the secondhand market (ebay or whatever), and even then I'd call it a long shot.

Alex, thanks for letting me know that. I thought it was some freeware or shareware.



Today I was playing a little bit with ArcaOS 5.1 on my Thinkpad T14s with the sound. I have Uniaud 3.1.3 here.

My issue is:
1) If I play a sound by double clicking it, and I'm an 100% volume. It sounds supposedly at 100%.
2) If I play the same sound from the "Sound" (XWPSound) settings on "Multimedia", and put the volume at 100% and press "Play" is sound a lot louder (like 30% more) than what was supposedly 100% by double clicking the wav file.
3) I'm comparing the sound and I think that 100% in the Master Volume (volume.exe), is the same as 70% on the XWPSound volume. 

Can you please give it a try to see if that also happens to you? I'm attaching a screenshot to help you understand what I'm doing.

Any ideas why is this happening? The preference is to have the louder volume as 100% in all the ArcaOS system.


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