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Applications / Re: VLC Crashes While Streaming
« on: Today at 12:26:15 am »
Do you have a firewall ? (give a try without it)
How long did you use the SSD (lot of writes on it ?). Last time you did a fstrim on it from under linux ?

Applications / AVxCAT
« on: June 17, 2024, 11:39:51 pm »
How to update AVxCAT ?
1/ Have network up
2/ Start AVxCAT -> if available update is found, you'll get an information red message
3/ Menu -> Help -> Get update
    Update can be a ZIP file needing a manual copy/replace provided files
    Update can be a wpi file in which case, just follow installation

Note: Updated to Fixpack 1
- Corrected: unexpected drdialog box at close time via Get update  (general close modified)

Note: if AVxCAT won't start after update (e.g. corrupted iniç or required customization wasn't done as expected), try delete AVXCAT.INI file and redo customization

Hardware / Re: Getting a new printer
« on: June 05, 2024, 08:17:16 pm »
Thanks for all advice! The Brother DCP9020cdw sounded good, but it does not seem to be on sale any longer. I am told that its successor is Brother DCP-L3560cdw. Do you think I can expect that to work well with ArcaOS?

It has linux cups drivers !
To check if these cups drivers are compatible with ArcaOS (cups)

Applications / Re: AOS RAM Disk
« on: June 05, 2024, 10:11:35 am »
I always thought, it is a 4 GB, not 4 MB limit. Am I not right?
You may not be right indeed: :P

I don't use term "GibiByte". It is not "real" term. I use only real term "GigaByte". 1000 MB is not a gigabyte. Gigabyte was always 1024 Megabytes.

Yes, it was

Since a long time now: GB = GigaBytes = 1000KB
while GiB (Giga binary bytes) = 1024KB  "old GB"

Hardware / Re: Getting a new printer
« on: June 04, 2024, 12:18:05 pm »
I use separated printer/scanner since I've got a scanner out of work included with a printer.
The scanner I use and I'm very satisfied by it due it is small and very fast with high output quality, one pass does recto + verso if needed and I put the output scanned on my server which is Arca/OS, Windows available. Of course, usb connection is available too.
Brother scanner ADS-1600W  (USB + WIFI - wifi usefull when used by ArcaOS due the scanner will put the doc into the destination folder)

Note: the new Brother product replacing this one -> ADS-1800W

As laser color printer (dual mode rj45, wifi and usb), may be -> LEXMARK C3426dw
Brother laser printers are very nice too

Are there any color lasers available with Postscript, A3, duplex, Ethernet < 1k€? I few months ago I searched for one but couldn't find any.

I found a used and discontinued product told been fully checked (has it all ink cartridge installed ! to check  ::) )


Hi All

I have a cheap HP inkjet/scanner, Envy Photo 6234, which gets to print a couple of pages now and again - roughly every 4 to 6 weeks.

I frequently find that the inkjet cartridges have become blocked, ink has dried in the printheads, due to lack of regular use.

As the ink is water based the cure is not to replace the cartridges but simply to soak the printheads gently in some water for a couple of minutes then reinsert cartridges in printer and print a Status Report from the printers setup selection which delivers enough black and colour ink to show whether the water treatment worked. I have only had to repeat the water treatment once and never had to replace blocked cartridges.

O course, I do not let dogs,cats or very young humans slobber over any printed photos  :-)



I tried water and other option to get the cartridges (each cartridge has included print head) of the inkjet work again, it start to print 2 or 3 pages at very poor quality and missing lines. Only a full replacement with a new cartridge made it print nively again.
Inkjet has higher definition than laser but out of printing high quality photos, laser has good results. 

Inkjet printers: ink dries over time
Which time you're talking about? Decades or centuries. Honestly, are you repeating experiences we all made 20-30 years ago. Or do you have made any experience in the last 5 years with inkjet printers in the more than 200€ class? (read - not the cheapest crap you can get but in the price range of cheap laser)

Yes there's still a problem when you cut the power supply regularly with inkjets in comparison to laser printers. But as the all now consume way less then 1W in stdby this is no more than a few € a year. Over an estimated lifetime of 10 years f.i. less than 20€. You'll save a lot more of money with the inkjet in this 10 years cause the ink costs per page are much lower then the toner costs for a laser THESE days. Yes it was different 10 or 20 or 30 years ago. But time has changed.

(Hope my new Brother inkjet with Postscript and A3 will last longer than the latest laser printers I bought. But I'm still very confident)

I didn't use my inkjet for about 1 and 1/2 year and trying to print a document, some color including black didn't work (the cartradge were full of ink but the ink was drie!)
This never happens with laser printer. I already have one but I have to change the cartrage (expensive but able to print above 5000 pages (one black cartridge:8000pages, each color cartridge: 4000pages ) compared to an inkjet cartridge limited to a few hundred pages max:930pages for the black cartridge) - in my case, the price per page is far lower for my laser printer than my inkjet cartradge and nearly the same using compatible ink cartradge but the resulting quality isn't the same.
(laser printer can use coimpatible cartridge too but never tried yet. My first cartridge into the laser printer)

HP inkjet with (front/back printing option) - print head included into the cartrage
Lexmark color laser printer (front/back printing option too and faster than the inkjet)

When using original manufactured cartridge (with maximum capacity):
For my inkjet: black 70€  (0.0752€ per page)
Lexmark: black 188€ (0.0235€ per page)
The difference is higher using compatible ink cart.

"HP 980Cxi" with duplex option - same as 990Cxi
"Lexmark CD510DE"   

Inkjet printers: ink dries over time
Laser printers: powdered ink does not dry

Hardware / Re: OS/2 for Industrial Use
« on: May 12, 2024, 11:31:18 pm »

Just today a community member sent me a link about a different industrial device that uses ArcaOS.
But I don't understand right if it is a device for wireless testing and what exactly it does.

It sell a product that bundles ArcaOS on a VirtualBox OVA and I guess with their software:
- Cassini Virtual Workstation & OS License
It is used for "offline development" but I have no idea what is that for.

The site has good tutorials to support their product with ArcaOS, like:
- Configuring TCP/IP Settings on Cassini EPC (OS/2, eCS, ArcOS)
- Update to the latest Firefox web browser (ArcaOS)

Any ideas to explain me better what are they selling?


Applications / Re: 3270
« on: May 07, 2024, 10:19:25 am »
PCOMM 4.3 and ZOC 4.1.5

ZOC OS/2 developper

Interesting! I didn't know about ZOC, do you recommend over PCOMM?

I used both in the past
(when I wrote some rexx script using EHLLAPI with pcomm (autolog to host session, search and record informations etc... process information and provide statistics under OS/2 usable by calc tool or graphical tool or whatelse helpfull) 
Using ZOC, I found it as been very nice with some interesting extra features. 
Of course, it needs several time (minutes !) to be familliar with ZOC comming from PCOMM

The best would be to give it a try and choice the one you prefer (under OS/2)     

Applications / Re: WordPro issues
« on: May 06, 2024, 02:57:48 pm »
Hello all,

Somehow, WordPro started having some issues, without my touching any setting nor doing any update:
- When creating a blank file, it complains that it cannot open the default.mwp (that, I checked, is in its folder, and I copied one from another installation, to no avail)
- The icons at the top have all disappeared.Ctrl+q (or the equivalent menu) does not change anything, that menu never gets selected.

Any idea how to fix that?

The file should be under:
18/12/96 10:16         13 228    124 a---  default.mwp

Applications / Re: 3270
« on: May 02, 2024, 02:29:10 pm »

Setup & Installation / Re: Install Arca OS via USB stick
« on: April 11, 2024, 01:11:02 am »
Hello everyone,
I bought Arca OS 5.0.5 a couple of years ago and just now finally trying to install it on real hardware, not just VirtulaBox.

I have my ISO file, but Rufus on Windows doesn't recognise it as bootable and writing it to a USB stick doesn't seem to make it bootable. Arca Noae's docs suggest using dfsanwin.exe to create a USB stick installer, but I don't seem to have this anywhere and can't find it online.

Can anybody suggest how to make a USB installer from the ISO?




The iso file was into an archive file.
Into this archive file you have the needed dfsee script like dfsanwin usable under windows system as well  readusb.txt about how to create your bootable usb key.
I would suggest you to download your arcaos archive again.


Programming / Re: Start program from VX-Rexx
« on: March 23, 2024, 11:44:51 am »

I have a cmd file with this line;

address cmd.exe "start /C /min P:\test\pdftotext.exe source.PDF input.txt"

and it works fine (converting the pdf to txt).

Trying to run the same line in VX-Rexx is not working.

Got some good tips in the below thread:,2932.msg32804.html#msg32804

I've tried any "combination" I could think of but no success.
At one point I got the error message "private_alloc failed, error code = 0x00000137".

Anyone who knows how to get it to work in VX-Rexx?

I didn't try this but may be you can try it:
'@start cmd /c start "pdftotext" /b/k '||your_program

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