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Applications / Re: Boicot Discussion
« on: May 27, 2022, 01:38:04 am »
I took these words as your opinion and FUD against the OS4 development.

This is OUTRAGEOUS!  For anyone to make such an accusation with no basis in fact would be out of line. For you to do so - especially against someone who has done more to promote OS/2 development (e.g. Dooble) than nearly anyone - calls into question whether you are really suitable to be an os2world moderator. You should apologize immediately.

Hardware / Re: ArcaOS 5.1 UEFI support - GOP?
« on: May 24, 2022, 06:56:09 pm »
I'm curious why UEFI GOP would be of any interest unless you plan to write or run a UEFI Boot Services app. Once you enter the runtime environment (i.e. the OS/2 kernel takes over), all that remains is the GOP-created framebuffer. And that is something you can't (or at least, shouldn't) touch because it's the basis of 5.1's VESA-emulation "video driver". Lacking any code to manipulate the video hardware itself, the driver relies on the bootloader to set the video resolution and mode while in Boot Services, then uses the pre-configured framebuffer for its operations.

Programming / Re: getting a single keypress?
« on: May 21, 2022, 06:44:21 pm »
Dave, I saw your post a few days ago but was unable to respond until now. I'm glad you recognized that using select() to get a keystroke on OS/2 is just a crazy-bad idea. And, since this will never be ported back to *nix, the use of KbdCharIn() may be the simplest possible to way avoid using 'stdin' (a method I would never have thought of!).

The good news is that it allows you discard just about every other line of code in your test program. There's no need to open anything - notice that it doesn't require a file descriptor. Unless termio is required elsewhere in the app, it's totally unnecessary as well. The only question I have is whether keyboard input occurs on the same thread as 'mpg123's decode/play code. If they're on separate threads, there's no need for a pointless polling loop - just let it block until a keystroke comes in, no DosSleep() needed. The final version of 'test.exe' should require no more than 8-10 lines of actual code, mostly just to display the keystroke on the console.

Applications / Re: XWP v1.0.15
« on: February 25, 2022, 11:10:30 am »
Startup and Shutdown
    XShutdown: add "XWP_ACPIDELAY=xxx" environment variable to change the default shutdown delay of 250ms

Have you read my comment on the ticket? Have you taken my code from the branch or developed your own solution for the same problem?

Yes, this is in direct response to your ticket. If you say you need it, there's no reason you should have to compile a new version to get it. OTOH, extremely few people need anything more than the default 250ms (if that), so the option is not exposed in the GUI.

BTW... all code for v1.0.15 has been committed to the repo at Netlabs. This feature was added in revision 1452. Use "svn diff -c 1452" to get the diff.

Applications / XWP v1.0.15
« on: February 24, 2022, 11:40:25 pm »
I'm pleased to announce XWP v1.0.15ga. This is a bug-fix release for both the 'Full' and 'Lite' versions with each available in 7 NLS editions (de en es it ja nl ru).

Updates and Bugfixes:
  • Properties notebooks
    • XFolder: prevent doubled entries in the Background page's File dropdown
    • WPPgm/WPPgmFile: prevent Esc from dismissing the Language tab dialog
    • OS/2 Kernel: fix spurious error parsing ibm1s506.add commandline
  • XCenter widgets
    • Pulse widget: fix spurious 100% CPU usage after a WPS restart
    • WinList widget: refactor/simplify button positioning and drawing
  • Menus
    • XTrash: ensure the OpenAs default is correct
    • Xview: display correct whitespace menus for root folders
  • Startup and Shutdown
    • XStartup: restart automatically after fixing the order of class-replacements
    • XShutdown: add "XWP_ACPIDELAY=xxx" environment variable to change the default shutdown delay of 250ms
  • NLS: NLS-enable strings in Font Folder, the OS/2 Kernel object, and in a folder's Details dialog
Until the files have been cataloged, they should all be available from /pub/incoming. Thereafter, use these links to access all NLS editions:
N.B. The ArcaOS version of this release is anxwp-20220224-??.wpi. Contact Arca Noae for availability.

Networking / Re: USB Modem
« on: January 22, 2022, 03:39:35 am »
Does anyone have any idea if this would work?

I think the key is this line from the product datasheet:

This controller-based modem integrates powerful communications processing functions into the modem itself, for assured performance without sapping your computer’s processing power.

IOW, it sounds like it's a real modem that does the work itself instead of foisting it off on Windows.

Applications / Re: SeaMonkey downloads and Unix permissions
« on: January 11, 2022, 06:05:04 pm »
wonder if something is changing the permissions after being set where I patched? Have to experiment a bit more unless having it universally read-only is good enough.

0666 is octal - are you sure you're not entering 0x666? The compiler will recognize octal if there's a leading zero (whence '0666'). FWIW... 0666 == 0x1B6.

Louis figures 0777 is overkill.

At the point where you are assigning permissions, doesn't the code know whether this is an executable or not?

Another question is email attachments.

There are no "other questions". This is OS/2: there are no users or groups, there is no security, none of the Unix considerations apply. I can look at and modify any file on my system, regardless of what someone's alien software says., These bogus Unix permissions should reflect that.

Multimedia / Re: How do I change this default behaviour?
« on: November 30, 2021, 06:58:09 am »
Here's something I vaguely remember from a FixPack readme that supposedly works for the IBM MM classes but *not* for CWMM.

You can create a dummy object of a given class and use a setup string that will set the default 'OpenAs' for the entire class. I unpacked 'mmparts.dll' and confirmed that the string is in there. Here's how to do it using 'oo' - you could use REXX instead:
Code: [Select]
oo /n MMMPG mmtest.mpg "<WP_DESKTOP>" "CLASSDEFAULTVIEW=4096;"
After the file is created on the Desktop, you can delete it.

The default view value of '4096' means "the first associated program". I have no way to test this since I have CWMM installed, so I'd be interested to know if it actually works.

Games / Re: DOS VDM - USB and Game port Gamepad support
« on: November 27, 2021, 09:22:43 am »
As to controller,hub,device info: I assume you are quoting what the testlog from AN returns.
For debugging purposes, David added an interface to USBD.SYS to completely query all USB devices, including hubs. Since USBD.SYS of course knows about all USB devices, including USB hubs. But USBCALLS (and USBRESMG) does not have access to that interface.

For years now, the AN version of USBRESMG/USBCALLS has offered this API:

Code: [Select]
  APIRET APIENTRY UsbQueryDeviceInfo( ULONG ulDevNumber, ULONG *pulBufLen, UCHAR *pucData);
which returns this struct:

Code: [Select]
typedef struct {
  UCHAR              ctrlID;              // (00) controller ID
  UCHAR              deviceAddress;       // (01) USB device address
  UCHAR              bConfigurationValue; // (02) USB device configuration value
  UCHAR              bInterfaceNumber;    // (03) 0 based index in interface array for this item
  UCHAR              SpeedDevice;         // (04) 0 for full speed device, 1 - low speed device  2 - high speed device
  UCHAR              portNum;             // (05) port number to which device is attached
  USHORT             parentHubIndex;      // (06) index in hub table to parent hub, -1 for root hub device
  ULONG              rmDevHandle;         // (08) Resource Manager device handle

I thought you and David had synchronized your distros.

Applications / Re: Where does the program "name" come from?
« on: November 14, 2021, 07:44:00 pm »
If you want to hack the binary, do not forget to unpack it first (with lxlite), then apply your changes and finally pack it again (with lxlite).

If your only goal is to change the module name, this is totally unnecessary.

Open the file in a hex editor. At the top is the 'MZ' header (usually), followed by the 'LX' header. The very first recognizable word/string after the letters LX is the module name. In this case, the word "hello" will be immediately apparent. Change that to "vs" followed by 3 nulls, then save the file. (Note: I've seen cases where the preceeding wasn't true and the modulename was near the end of the file. That may have been done by lxlite.)

Applications / Re: XWP v1.0.14
« on: November 03, 2021, 11:31:37 pm »
I'm curious: any plans to enable the Xview to show DRIVE object SHADOWs in the left-hand-side TREE view pane? (I'm guessing this may be called the ICON view?)

I'm asking b/c no no such objects have every shown up in any of my Xview folders, although they do show up as an actual OBJECT in the Details pane, which is a bit counter-intuitive, since the whole point of having a drive shadow is to treat it as a traverseable hierarchy, therefore ideally suited for the left-hand-side view pane.

Short answer: No.  Long-winded answer:

First, all folder windows are 'container' windows which contain 'records' (think database record). Every WPS object has a record describing it that can be inserted into a container window so as to display it, manipulate it, etc. The window is versatile and can give you 3 different ways of looking at the data (icon/tree/details). You can insert the same record into multiple containers, but you can only insert it into any particular container once.

Next, the code that runs Tree view asks each folder it's displaying whether it has any subfolders. If so, it inserts the first subfolder's record into the container as a child - this triggers the 'plus' sign. Now, a shadow of a folder is still a shadow. It could get inserted into the tree since it's a proxy for a folder, but it doesn't have subfolders so it doesn't get a plus. The code has to be written to say "this is a shadow, so lets look at the original". If so, it might find a subfolder there, insert that and get the plus. Later, if you expanded the folder shadow, all the other subfolders would get added to the container as well. Works great, or so it seems.

The problem arises when you use that same window to navigate to the original folder whose shadow you expanded earlier. If you recall, an object can only be inserted once. Consequently, when you expand the original folder, it will have no subfolders because their records were used above as children of the shadow. Here's a demonstration: open your boot drive in tree view, then expand these folders: Desktop->Computer->Drives. Notice that your boot drive is missing from Drives - that's because it's record was already inserted at the top as the root record for this tree.

It's a zero-sum game at best, and hopelessly confusing if you don't understand the mechanics of why stuff "disappears" in tree view. I'd rather not go there. Instead, I'll see if there are any non-kludgy alternatives.

Applications / Re: XWP v1.0.14
« on: November 03, 2021, 10:11:38 pm »
I've installed this build on my Arca OS 5.0.2

Just after having it installed and at first reboot, the mouse moved but could not select any folder, objects
[...] At shutdown dialog, the mouse is mowing slowly

Of all the items you mention, this is the one whose relation to XWP I have to question. If you're using AMouse, I'd look at its settings in System Setup (all 27 pages of them). You might also remove its XCenter widget dll if that's installed (close XCenter to unlock the dll).

The plugin/eject button seems issuing a first wrong message at usb key plugin (no recognized followed my mounted)

If a USB MSD isn't mounted after 20 seconds, RemMedia (the USB widget) gives up. If it then got mounted, something else did so and RemM reported it. Do you also have IBM's USB monitor installed? If so, you should probably remove it from your Startup folder.

The cpu % widget  shows  -  when CPU utilisation is 0% ! (before it shows 0% hich was a good indicator the the cpu is recognized

Yes, that's exactly how it should be: it means the CPU is offline. A numeric value (0 - 100) only appears when the core is in use. You might also notice that the numbers no longer shift around every time they change. There's also a new bar-graph option. I find it tells me much more about what my 4- and 8-core machines are _really_ doing than any line graph ever could.

Often some cpus have a faulty cpu utilisation at 100% (starting firefox makes them return to normal indication) < this already existed before the update

This happens when I restart the Desktop and I don't know why. It is near the top of my to-do list because some days I restart the WPS 20+ times. My "cure" is to open IBM's CPU monitor, then under "Status" I set all cores online. Pressing OK causes ACPI to turn them off (not on) and corrects the display issue.

Applications / XWP v1.0.14
« on: November 01, 2021, 05:34:51 pm »
A new version of XWorkplace is now available in 7 languages in both Full and Lite editions. This is a maintenance release with updates and bug-fixes that have accumulated over the last year.

Due to an upload error, only the Lite versions are currently on hobbes. Once this is fixed, all versions will be found there. Until then, All versions can now be downloaded from hobbes or from the URLs below:

XWP Full de   en   es   it   ja   nl   ru

XWP Lite de   en   es   it   ja   nl   ru

  • XShutdown
    • Power-off options have been simplified. The ACPI/APM shutdown option has been removed since the system always uses ACPI if it is available.
    • The shutdown sound which failed to play in Lite versions has now been restored.
    • The XShutdown dialog has been updated to suppress the list of BIOS-bootable partitions when booted in UEFI mode. It should also do a better job of handling situations where the data it collects from AirBoot is corrupt.
  • Folder Refresh
    This feature has been completely rewritten to ensure that every filesystem update is reflected in the display within 1.5 seconds. The rewrite also fixes a bug where the code might try to delete a file that had been deleted then recreated.

  • Russian NLS
    Initial Russian language support has been provided by Yurii Zamotailo.

  • XPager
    You can now enable Windows keys to switch Desktops without having to enable arrow keys as well.

  • Menus
    Separators between menu items might be missing or doubled at times. Many of these inconsistencies have been fixed.

Applications / Seamonkey Data Leakage
« on: October 15, 2021, 08:03:12 pm »
It appears that Seamonkey (and possibly FF too) is leaking form data. I don't know if this has any real-world effect but it doesn't seem safe.

In SM I selected Tools->Data Manager. This displays a page that lists domains down the left side and data for that domain on the right. The domain '*' (global data) was selected, as was the tab for form data.

The data window had hundreds of entries, including my name, address, phone numbers, and login IDs. Worse, it had two of my passwords in plain text. There was also a great deal of unknown stuff from unknown domains - along with the numbers of the last 20 bugs I looked up in AN's Mantis Bugtracker.

I signed up online for several things this week and wondered why a page I'd never seen before was pre-filling my address. Now I know. I have no problem with storing this info on a domain-by-domain basis but I don't want it stored as global data available to any page. Deleting the entry has fixed the problem for now.

Programming / Re: redirect stdout, stderr and stdin
« on: August 10, 2021, 06:18:14 am »
it's when I want to add redirection of stdin that things stop working.

* Is your app writing to the write handle of the stdIn pipe (what I labelled 'writeIn')?

 * If the app you're talking to is line-oriented, are you ending your commands with a CR/LF?

* Is your app writing to stdIn/Out/Err (i.e. handles 0/1/2)? It shouldn't - it should use the dup'd handles in savIn/Out/Err which are all still connected to the console.

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