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All the posts provide good information.  A hardware fault would be my first guess.

I suspect many are running OS/2 on older machines.  It could be something as simple as needing to reapply thermal compound on the CPU, which has a limited life of about 4 years (or less).  I proactively change my power supplies at about 5 years.  You might consider reading the SMART data from your storage device to identify any errors, run memtest overnight to test your RAM, and run MPrime's torture test (Option #15) to see if you can generate any errors.  Turn off all unused mobo features in your BIOS. I normally would recommend to make sure you're current on available device drivers, but this is OS/2 :-) 

Hardware / Re: Is there any SCSI PCI Express card supported by OS/2 ?
« on: January 09, 2019, 05:19:00 pm »
Thanks, that's great to hear ! Since you are using VMWare, did you succeed in getting multiple CPUs (SMP) to work under ArcaOS as a guest ?

Yes and no.  I have been using four logical cores (Xeon E5-2699 v4) without any issues, but oddly when I exceed four cores, I begin to have problems with certain applications (e.g., ZOC abends).  I believe the issues I have seen are isolated to certain applications due to their design.  Under VMware, I have used as many as 10 logical cores using the ArcaOS kernel, and the OS has been very stable.

Hardware / Re: Is there any SCSI PCI Express card supported by OS/2 ?
« on: January 09, 2019, 03:06:58 am »
<<Is there any SCSI card that is PCI Express that has a native driver for OS/2 ? Ideally, I would like to find such a card if one exists.>>


Delayed in responding as I just completed my registration...   

I am using VMware Workstation on Linux to run ArcaOS.  With this setup, you can use virtually any PCIe SCSI card.   I define my linux SCSI device (/dev/sgx) to VMware, then select any SCSI card supported by OS/2 to install drivers, making the SCSI device available to OS/2.  I'm using an LSI PCIe SCSI card on Linux, but I have installed drivers for an old BusLogic ISA bus SCSI card on OS/2 to gain access to the Linux mounted SCSI device.

While I do backup my OS/2 VM to LTO, I also like to perform an OS/2 backup to DAT so I can selectively restore individuals files.

- Sean

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