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Hardware / Re: F Keys Altenartives on OS/2 - ArcaOS
« on: June 22, 2024, 11:27:01 pm »
ISTR that key combos like "Alt+F4" were part of a command set introduced by IBM called "SAA" ("something-something-Architecture"), (...)

System Application Architecture

General Discussion / Re: smp.inf - Adendum
« on: May 09, 2024, 02:51:31 am »
And according to's_New_in_the_Developer's_Toolkit_for_OS/2_Warp_Version_3_SMP_Update

it should be located on CD 3 of DEvCon12. And indeed: there is also a file SMP.INF with file date 22-oct-1996 (11:07:30) and file size 983712 bytes. Location: \toolkits\smptkv3\toolkit\book.

Networking / Re: [SOLVED] Networking not working In Virtual Box
« on: April 04, 2024, 04:43:11 pm »
Do you have 2 network cards installed in the VM? Can you post your x:\mptn\bin\setup.cmd?
I even have 4... First one I keep for NAT, the others for bridged mode - second one for docking station wired, third for laptop's wifi, fourth for laptop's internal wired. I swap second and fourth when I have wired ethernet on the go, without my docking station.

Contents of setup.cmd:

route -fh
arp -f
ifconfig lo
REM ifconfig lan0 nil metric 1 mtu 1500
REM ifconfig lan1 nil
REM ifconfig lan2 nil metric 1 mtu 1500
ifconfig lan3 netmask metric 1 mtu 1500
REM ifconfig lan4 nil metric 1 mtu 1500
REM ifconfig lan5 metric 1 mtu 1500
REM ifconfig lan6 metric 1 mtu 1500
REM ifconfig lan7 metric 1 mtu 1500
dhcpstrt -i lan1
REM ifconfig sl0
ipgate off

You might want to add "-d 0" (without the quotes) at the end of the line with dhcpstrt. That parameter specifies the maximum time dhcpstrt waits for an IP address from the DHCP server. Specifying 0 (zero) makes it keep on trying in the background (so effectively no maximum wait period after which it gives up).

Code: [Select]
dhcpstrt -i lan1 -d 0 (note the space between d and zero)

Networking / Re: [SOLVED] Networking not working In Virtual Box
« on: April 03, 2024, 02:52:37 pm »
Starting DHCPSTRT by hand after getting to the WPS works, but why the heck is it not started during boot-up time? Could anyone tell me exactly how their DHCPSTRT line looks like in their config.sys ?[/li][/list]

dhcpstrt is not in config.sys but inside ?:\mptn\bin\setup.cmd:

dhcpstrt -i lan0 0d 0

Applications / Re: Test build of dooble with qt5
« on: March 25, 2024, 12:26:58 pm »
like to learn where can I find its latest version, better if in rpm.

Dave Yeo uploads his buidls to the ftp server of os2voice: for a zipfile, and for a rpm-version

You will be asked for a password when using the above - just fill in a/your own email address.

Programming / Re: new gcc toolchain
« on: March 15, 2024, 11:48:40 pm »
He bought ArcaOS so that he could test it for himself, but after a lot of effort couldn't figure out what was happening, and he is at a loss of what to do without documentation. Is there any documentation for LVM?

Although he doesn't strictly need LVM - he only needs to get as far as the partition being accepted by ArcaOS so that LVM info can be added.

LVM documentation can be found at Alex Taylor's website:

Applications / Re: General Software Testing
« on: March 10, 2024, 04:12:54 pm »
I can not run it, since it says it requires "WPPERSDB".

wppersdb.dll seems to be part of "Personal Card Manager" on
(back in 2013)

Programming / Re: DosDevIOCtl disabling keyboard in VIO mode
« on: March 07, 2024, 12:55:22 am »
Not that I understand much of your conversation, but I tried the executable on my ArcaOS 5.1.0 VM.
I have this message when I try to run it (Full screen and Windowed version).

It looks to me that is not a OS/2 binary and it does not hang my system. 

That plus the MZ at the start of the header suggests that maybe pdptest.exe is a DOS program. What happens when you run it in a DOS window?

Storage / Re: How to properly setup a working FAT32 USB stick?
« on: March 06, 2024, 05:08:37 pm »
Thanks Dave.  Why is everything so much more complicated with Arca, ,are they trying to kill off OS/2?

Blame IBM - they introduced LVM in Warp 4 (around Fixpak 13 or so), and hence the same "complication" exists in eCS and AOS.

Comments, Suggestions & Questions / Re: Hobbes (Files) Reoganization
« on: March 01, 2024, 04:29:23 pm »

Storage / Re: How to properly setup a working FAT32 USB stick?
« on: March 01, 2024, 04:22:08 pm »
I can no longer get newly bought USB flash drives to work under ArcaOS 5.1.  In the past, I used the reformat.exe tool from the Essentials Package.  Its license expired.  I have tried formatting with ArcaOS and DFSee to no avail. I always get unknown drive after formatting in Windows or DFSee.  I have to admit I am guessing when using DFSee to format the drives.   What I find strange is both Windows and DFSee recognize it as a fat32 drive, but ArcaOS does not.

My question is what are the proper steps to get properly formatted FAT32 working drives under ArcaOS?

In DFSee: menu Scripts --> Make FAT32 Data (USB) disk
That also adds LVM information, that is needed to be usable under AOS. Just reformatting doesn't add LVM informastion.

Applications / Re: Test build of dooble with qt5
« on: February 25, 2024, 05:45:26 pm »
Tom thank yo for providing this for testing. I have found that Dobble runs multimedia much better in Windows than Otter or Falcon. Although Windows 11 security balks at the exe. AAnd it runs better than Dobble QT5 in Arca OS.

I didn't build this - this build comes from the creator of Dooble (textbrowser). I only passed along the link where it could be found.

That it runs better than the OS/2 port is not surprising: the OS/2 port of Qt is far from complete, and that is the basis for the OS/2 port of Dooble.

Applications / Re: Test build of dooble with qt5
« on: February 23, 2024, 10:00:51 pm »
I want to get the latest Windows version of Dooble, but I can not find it on the git. (I already asked the author about that)

Latest version of Dooble for Windows:

(releasing binaries happens about twice per year, the rest of the releases is source-only)

Applications / Re: libxml2 v2.11.5
« on: February 03, 2024, 12:40:34 am »
ic. my version is i686, update to pentium4 was not possible with YUM/ANPM. Maybe need to install the package manually..

In ANPM, use the menu YUM --> Platform to add pentium4 (if it is not already listed). After that, move the line pentium4 to the top (using the buttons on the right side of the window). And restart ANPM (maybe not needed, but it won't hurt).

After that, you should be able to update a package from i686 to pentium4.

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