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General Discussion / pmMail migration to Thunderbird
« on: October 25, 2020, 07:52:52 pm »
See that this migration script for pmMail is still around and was wondering if anyone recently been using it to migrate from pmMail to Thunderbird?

We've quite recently chosen to upgrade the mail functionality for OS2 World.Com to improve the availability and security which of course have some implication for those of you having email accounts with us. If you currently have issues accessing your account, please then reach out using the contact form on the main page, but please ensure that you use an email address that we can communicate back to you with (so don't use your os2world related email) or use the forum PM function.

The biggest changes that we have done are as follows:
- POP-protocol has been retired and therefor we're enforcing the usage of IMAP only.
- IMAP-authentication enforcing STARTTLS
- Send email address has to match the account setup else it won't be accepted by the server.
- SMTP-authentication enforcing STARTTLS
- Improved the grey- and blacklisting of emails and handling of spam.
- Implementation of DMARC, Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and DKIM

The old mail server can still be reached using and where the new server can be reached using

Using Thunderbird should be straight forward moving over to the new server but if you're also using GMail to access your account on the previous server there might be issues with setting up IMAP related accounts. Sorry to say, I don't use GMail, so can help out there so anyone in the community please chip in if you have a solution on how to setup multiply IMAP accounts and whether it possible.

If you have any plans to migrate and consolidate email accounts a suggestion can be to make use of MailStore Home ( which is an excellent program for this. And Yes, it's Windows only, but I'm mentioning it as a suggestion.

For Android users who are struggling there I recomend FairEmail ( which by far the best email client for this platform. It's supports both S/MIME certificate and OpenPGP including if privacy is critical, then don't look further.

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