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Programming / Re: Compiling a PM sample with GCC
« on: July 05, 2022, 12:00:36 am »
I did the change for nmake. Make might work using cmd.exe as the shell. SET MAKESHELL=cmd.exe or use /@unixroot/usr/include with sh.exe as the shell.

Programming / Re: Compiling a PM sample with GCC
« on: July 04, 2022, 06:32:43 am »
As an alternative, could add the include to the makefile in the walker.res rule,
Code: [Select]
rc -r -i %%UNIXROOT%%\usr\include walker.rc
Seems that the % needs doubled up, escape character?

Programming / Re: Compiling a PM sample with GCC
« on: July 04, 2022, 06:23:41 am »
SET INCLUDE=%UNIXROOT%/usr/include;%INCLUDE% works here. Remember that rc etc are Dosish programs and don't understand things like @unixroot. Ideally the directory separators should be \ but / seems OK.

Programming / Re: Compiling a PM sample with GCC
« on: July 01, 2022, 06:09:56 am »
Ok. I think I need to try using wlink, since I want to stick with open source as much as possible.

which RPM package has wlink? Is it wlink.exe or wl.exe ?
- "wacom-wlink-hll" ??
- "gcc-wlink" just have a dummy .txt file.


Ideally you need both, watcom-wlink-hll gives you wl.exe and gcc-wlink edits config.sys. Current OpenWatcom's wlink.exe is now the same as wl.exe, though that is fairly recent IIRC and not in 1.9. Also beware of the OpenWatcom fork on Github, it was forked a while back and its aim is 64bit support and doesn't have any recent OS/2 fixes.
If you want to edit config.sys yourself or use a cmd file, run emxomfld with no arguments to get the Environment variables you need.

Programming / Re: Compiling a PM sample with GCC
« on: July 01, 2022, 02:39:40 am »
Simplest is to just use the recommended linker for GCC, namely wlink. Ilink 5 was only licensed to compile Mozilla, not sure if that changed for eCS and/or ArcaOS and we have the source and a maintainer for wlink.
Could also use ld, remove all the -Zomf and change the .obj to .o and it will compile without the warning.
In theory you could also pass an argument to ilink using something like -Zlinker /PMtype but I'm too lazy to figure out the exact argument.

Programming / Re: Compiling a PM sample with GCC
« on: June 30, 2022, 04:42:13 pm »
Even rc 5.00.007 needs INCLUDE set to find os2.h. After clearing %INCLUDE%, I get a more informative error,
Code: [Select]
        rc -r walker.rc
IBM RC (Resource Compiler) Version 5.00.007 Jan 30 2003
Copyright (C) IBM Corp. 2003.
- Licensed Materials - Program Property of IBM - All Rights Reserved.
US Government Users Restricted Rights - Use, duplication or disclosure
restricted by GSA ADP Schedule Contract with IBM Corp.

RC :(walker.rc:1:17):Error 2068:The file cannot be searched because of missing include options. [<os2.h>]
RC :(walker.rc:8:2):Error 1009:RC detected errors during compilation.
Compile ending.
NMAKE : fatal error U1077: 'W:\OS2\CMD.EXE' : return code '1'

Programming / Re: Compiling a PM sample with GCC
« on: June 30, 2022, 05:22:32 am »
Running rc /? we see how it finds includes, simplest is the INCLUDE environment variable. Something like SET INCLUDE=%UNIXROOT%\usr\include; or SET INCLUDE=%UNIXROOT%\usr\include\os2tk45; First one works fine, 2nd might be more proper.

Here's an example of using emxomfld with PMHello,
Code: [Select]
# make makefile
# Tools used:
#  Compile::Resource Compiler
#  Compile::GNU C
#  Make: make
all : pmhello1.exe pmhello2.exe pmhello3.exe

pmhello1.exe : pmhello.obj pmhello1.obj pmhello.def
# gcc -Zomf -v  pmhello.obj pmhello1.obj pmhello.def -o pmhello1.exe
emxomfld.exe -o pmhello1.exe /@unixroot/usr/bin/../lib/gcc/i686-pc-os2-emx/9/../../../crt0.obj -L/@unixroot/usr/bin/../lib/gcc/i686-pc-os2-emx/9 -L/@unixroot/usr/bin/../lib/gcc -L/@unixroot/usr/bin/../lib/gcc/i686-pc-os2-emx/9/../../.. -L/@unixroot/usr/lib pmhello.obj pmhello1.obj pmhello.def -lgcc_so_d -lc_alias -lc_dll -los2 -lend

pmhello2.exe : pmhello.obj pmhello2.obj pmhello.def
gcc -Zomf pmhello.obj pmhello2.obj pmhello.def -o pmhello2.exe

pmhello3.exe : pmhello.obj pmhello3.obj pmhello.def
gcc -Zomf pmhello.obj pmhello3.obj pmhello.def -o pmhello3.exe

pmhello.obj : pmhello.c
gcc -Wall -Zomf -c -O2 pmhello.c -o pmhello.obj

pmhello1.obj : pmhello1.c
gcc -Wall -Zomf -c -O2 pmhello1.c -o pmhello1.obj

pmhello2.obj : pmhello2.c
gcc -Wall -Zomf -c -O2 pmhello2.c -o pmhello2.obj

pmhello3.obj : pmhello3.c
gcc -Wall -Zomf -c -O2 pmhello3.c -o pmhello3.obj

clean :
rm -rf *exe *RES *obj

It is mostly to show how GCC calls emxomfld. Not sure how to catch how emxomfld calls ilink.
EDIT: Catch how ilink is called by setting the linker to echo,
Code: [Select]
Don't forget to set it back after.

Programming / Re: Compiling a PM sample with GCC
« on: June 29, 2022, 05:36:41 pm »
Well, we can add -v to the gcc linker line,
Code: [Select]
gcc -Zomf -v  pmhello.obj pmhello1.obj pmhello.def -o pmhello1.exe
Using built-in specs.
Target: i686-pc-os2-emx
Configured with: D:/Users/dmik/rpmbuild/BUILD/gcc-os2-gcc-9_2_0-release-os2-b3/configure --disable-bootstrap --enable-languages=c,c++ --build=i686-pc-os2-emx --with-sysroot=/@unixroot --prefix=/@unixroot/usr --mandir=/@unixroot/usr/share/man --infodir=/@unixroot/usr/share/info --with-bugurl= --enable-shared --enable-threads --enable-checking=release --disable-multilib --with-system-zlib --with-gcc-major-version-only --without-isl --with-tune=generic --with-arch=i686 --with-gnu-as --disable-libstdcxx-pch
Thread model: os2
gcc version 9.2.0 20190812 (OS/2 RPM build 9.2.0-5.oc00) (GCC)
COLLECT_GCC_OPTIONS='-Zomf' '-v' '-o' 'pmhello1.exe' '-mtune=generic' '-march=i686'
 emxomfld.exe -o pmhello1.exe W:/usr/bin/../lib/gcc/i686-pc-os2-emx/9/../../../crt0.obj -LW:/usr/bin/../lib/gcc/i686-pc-os2-emx/9 -LW:/usr/bin/../lib/gcc -LW:/usr/bin/../lib/gcc/i686-pc-os2-emx/9/../../.. -L/@unixroot/usr/lib pmhello.obj pmhello1.obj pmhello.def -lgcc_so_d -lc_alias -lc_dll -los2 -lend
COLLECT_GCC_OPTIONS='-Zomf' '-v' '-o' 'pmhello1.exe' '-mtune=generic' '-march=i686'

And could use the above emxomfld command line with the drive letter fixed for your system

Programming / Re: Compiling a PM sample with GCC
« on: June 29, 2022, 02:26:39 am »
Hi Martin, the warning is from ilink it seems, which doesn't seem to handle WINDOWCOMPAT or doesn't like how it is being called. From the Tools Reference from the toolkit,
Code: [Select]
If <apptype> is given, it defines the type of application:

Presentation Manager* application. The application uses the API provided by the Presentation Manager and must be executed in the Presentation Manager environment.

Application compatible with Presentation Manager. The application can run inside the Presentation Manager, or it can run in a separate screen group. An application can be of this type if it uses the proper subset of OS/2 video, keyboard, and mouse functions supported in the Presentation Manager applications.

Application that is not compatible with the Presentation Manager and must operate in a separate screen group from the Presentation Manager.

OK, looking at the error LNK4072, it means
Code: [Select]
L4072 changing application type from oldname to newname
Explanation:  The application type specified with /PMTYPE is different from that in .DEF file. LINK386 is using the application type indicated.
Action:  Edit the file and relink.

So somewhere there are conflicts between WINDOWAPI and WINDOWCOMPAT, possibly it is emxomfld causing it but search your source for both.

Off Topic discussions / Re: Lying low for a few days
« on: June 20, 2022, 09:19:32 pm »
Having had a couple of dogs get old and die, feel for you. It's the worse part of owning pets, especially dogs, they get old too quick.

Applications / Re: SeaMonkey downloads and Unix permissions
« on: June 19, 2022, 06:49:18 am »
I seem to have lost interest in this some time back, getting old :)
Anyways, I've had to revert the chmod patch for now as it turns out it broke creating a new profile on a virgin install.
As these newer builds are going to be in AOS 5.1, for stabilties sake I've simply reverted the patch for now and hopefully will revisit. At this point the builds up to 06-06-22 have the chmod patch, making things like Samba happy but new profiles broken. The ones I'm currently uploading are the opposite, no chmod but new virgin profiles working.


Actually, here it is a SMS if using a new device. I had one SMS when I first used the app password, basically asking if it was me logging in.

confirm this is my case as well. Received a phone SMS only once on my phone number at the registration moment to confirm the user identity, after that I could simply login by SM mail everytime with the application password (needless to digit, it is stored) , nothing else.

So the whole action is for google to receive your current phone number (SMS). Where is the so called 'security improvement' if afterwards you log in via simple password then before?

Well, if someone acquires your Google password, they can't download all your mail without your phone number. Not much of an improvement but still an improvement.
Using OAth 2.0 gives about the same level of security. A lot of it seems like security theatre, "hey we're doing something about making things more secure"


Let me ask different - is there a way to setup SM/TB for google without using a special Android/iOS program AND without giving them a mobile number? As said, it is not so much important for me as gmail censors emails since a long time and so their service is useless for serious email communication anyway. But for the sake of having trash email addresses for potentially insecure web services gmail was good enough.

I don't think so as at a minimum, they want to send you a SMS to verify it is you.
Unluckily, it is the way things are going, in the name of security.
The web mail interface does still work here, using the simplified version I believe. Not the best but for occasional use...

Hi Andi, interesting error, 4294967299 is exactly 100000000 in hex, likely not a coincidence, though I don't think it is a signness problem, maybe overflow?
Are you still using 38ESR? If so, I'd suggest trying 45ESR. Back up your profile first, it is possible if you revert back to 38ESR, you might have to manually revert Lightning (in extensions IIRC).
As for the port, I don't think the calendar code has been touched besides changing the DLL name to 8.3 format.
Have you looked at the error console when opening Lightning? Perhaps clear it first.
Unluckily, I don't really use calendar besides making sure it works, using
You might also experiment with disabling "Provider for Google Calendar" and "Timezone Definitions for Mozilla"
Searching, I don't really find anything about our old Lightning being slow.
Edit: Might want to test a different theme, probably not the problem. Ideally would be testing a new profile, not easy with your setup unluckily.
You could also go to about:support and look at any preferences that have changed. In TB, Help-->TroubleShooting Information.


- SMS or phone call for every calendar/email login (beside overly uncomfortable I don't even think about giving this company my phone number voluntarily)

Seems this all is a new step from Google to force the world to use their software or leave their universe. I choice second.

Actually, here it is a SMS if using a new device. I had one SMS when I first used the app password, basically asking if it was me logging in.
OAuth 2.0 also did similar with Google verifying it was me, though I made multiple attempts to set up.

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