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Comments, Suggestions & Questions / Re: os2world website script problem?
« on: December 08, 2023, 08:05:52 am »
I had written a device driver to sync on the VGA sync signal:

And here, it has already been discussed:

It reads the VSYNC sync bit from some VGA register and blocks on it to toggle (waits for the beam to return from bottom right to top left, so to say). It is somewhat system friendly in that it will yield the CPU if the yielding flag indicates that there is some other thread waiting to be continued.

1) I have no clue if every graphics card still contains the original VGA register set
2) I have no clue how and where to integrate this into Firefox

If someone could either point me to the place in Firefox where to add this or if someone could build Firefox (of which I also have no clue) then maybe it would be worth giving it a try.


Utilities / Re: touch?
« on: November 26, 2023, 11:44:30 pm »
echo. >newfile.txt

Setup & Installation / Re: ArcaOS Sluggishness
« on: November 05, 2023, 08:20:14 am »
Why do you call this an 'issue'?
Fact is, OS/2 as a 32-bit OS can only deal with 32-bit physical addresses. What this BIOS option ensures (if disabled) is that only address ranges in the lower 4GB physical address region are assigned to any PCI card that needs a memory address range for its operation (even for those cards that themselves can deal with 64-bit physical addresses, the upper 32-bit are then assumed to be 0).
And then, OS/2 can work together with this PCI card.

Hardware / Re: Connexant cx31993 and USB3 stack
« on: November 04, 2023, 10:31:32 am »
Hi David,

so, then we are already two people that experience this problem with FAT32 formatted drives. By the way, it does not hang indefinitely, you just need to wait around 30 seconds or so.
I know AN does not want to hear it but it's a problem with the FAT32 IFS that they are delivering. I do not have this problem with the latest FAT32 from Netlabs.

Hardware / Re: Connexant cx31993 and USB3 stack
« on: November 03, 2023, 10:37:05 pm »
Hallo Mikhail,

I was referring to David's post and that related to a general problem regarding any sound driver because there is a general problem with streaming audio data when the WPS comes into play. In your case, the USBXHCD.SYS driver is causing the problem or its interaction with the audio client drivers (USBAUDIO.SYS and/or USBAUD2.SYS).

Hardware / Re: Connexant cx31993 and USB3 stack
« on: November 02, 2023, 08:34:09 am »
As far as I remember the SIQ problem was fixed years ago, so that should not be the problem. But there are enough deficiencies in the WPS that lead to the effect you describe. And I have the suspicion that it relates to the introduction of SMP. What you can do as a test is to reduce to one core by using the /MAXCPU=1 switch of ACPI.PSD and see if that improves things. If it improves things, then my suspicion would prove to be correct.

Hardware / Re: Connexant cx31993 and USB3 stack
« on: November 01, 2023, 10:56:37 am »
1) I have now installed PM123_1-43.exe. Don`t know where I got it from and if it is the latest version (looks like I got it from Hobbes)
2) I plugged in a USB audio class 1.0 device (I DO NOT mean a USB 1.x device), I switched the default audio device to the USB audio class 1.0 driver
3) I played an audio cd: that worked right away, no oddities, volume control works
4) I then loaded an .MP3 file: plays just fine, no hiccups, no hops backwards, whatever, volume control works, either with the global volume control or with the enabled PM123 equalizer pre-amp volume control
5) selected an ADPCM encoded .WAV file: plays just fine (but only if you have USBWAV installed because that transforms from ADPCM to PCM via the MMOS2 supplied filter functionality), global volume control works, PM123 equalizer pre-amp control also works
6) I then selected a PCM encoded .WAV file: plays just fine, volume control works either way

When I play a sound, no matter what sound material, things get problematic if you use the WPS to open a USB drive or if you use NDFS to access an FTP folder via the WPS while the replay takes place. As I mentioned already, the WPS is such a lousy piece of SW (at least in conjunction with SMP, I remember that the problems with the WPS were only minor for as long as we all possessed single-core CPUs) that it will massively block various threads in the system, seemingly also the threads that DART and/or the MMOS2 streaming manager create to manage the sound replay (feed audio data to the device driver, issue user callbacks to receive events to feed more data to the MMOS2 subsystem).
So, if you want to listen to music on an OS/2 system, do not touch and use the system while listening.

I you could provide me with a sound file that leads to what you are describing, feel free to attach them here and I will give it a try.

Under OS/2, I do not use USB 3.x (that is, I do have USB 3.x hardware but I have no USB driver loaded to support it). All USB audio devices, regardless if class 1 (USBAUDIO.SYS) or class 2 (USBAUD2.SYS) only use USB 1.x or USB 2.x. I think the ONLY USB HW that profits from USB 3.x is Flash memory sticks/HDDs and maybe USB network devices (the latter not being supported by OS/2 anyway, except for a few).
Therefore, as a test, I suggest that you comment out USBXHCD.SYS in your config.sys UNLESS you have USB 3.x only ports. In the latter case you are out of luck and would need to buy a USB 2.x plug-in PCI card and plug your USB audio device into that.

Utilities / Re: How to change several files "Class Type" in one shot
« on: October 29, 2023, 12:45:13 pm »
Per coincidence I found the following: if you use EAUTIL.EXE to strip a file of all of its EAs, then, the object will automatically revert back to the most specialized class there exists when the object is again displayed in a folder.

To strip EAs of all .ICO files, do something like this: for %F in (*.ico) do @eautil.exe %F NUL /S

There is a drawback to this: because ALL EAs of a file are stripped in this way, so is the .LONGNAME EA which is the EA holding an objects long name/title.

So, the easiest thing would be to write a tool that strips a file of all its EAs except for the .LONGNAME EA (or equivalently, one that saves the .LONGNAME EA, strips off all EAs and restores the .LONGNAME EA).

Programming / Re: shared memory value - Odin win32k or DosQuerySysInfo???
« on: October 27, 2023, 05:00:01 pm »
running your monitor and comparing it's output to the likes of 'Free Shared Mem' util, or Alex's 'mem', I am not quite seeing the same numbers.

First off, my apologies. A dumb arithmetic error gave you 512mb more high memory than you actually have. The attached '' fixes the error.

This is pretty neat stuff. I have been dreaming of building a GUI "browser" that basically visually maps the current memory utilization, goal being: make it human digestable!!!

That's been my goal as well which is why I've spent the last few days working on my "memap" XCenter widget. Below are some screenshots: the widget at its default size (nice and small), the widget expanded for greater visibility, and the widget showing its details window. Since you may want to monitor the details as you open and close stuff, I've made the details window movable so you move it elsewhere to keep it from getting covered. Note that this is a work-in-progress and subject to change (in particular, the details window).

BTW... the scaling for high and low memory differs. For low memory (bottom line) each box represents 64k. For high mem (top line) each box is total_high_mem / 8. Because I have 2gb of high mem, each box is 256mb; if you have 1gb, each box would be 128k.

Edit: added a screenshot of an alternate layout for the Details window. Which one is better?

From a graphical point of view I would think this would be more obvious:

Code: [Select]
Private:                  Low             High
   Used:                 xxx Bytes     xxx Bytes
   Unused:               xxx Bytes     xxx Bytes
   Unused:               xxx Bytes     xxx Bytes
   Used:                 xxx Bytes     xxx Bytes

because that is effectively how the memory layout looks like.

Hardware / Re: Connexant cx31993 and USB3 stack
« on: October 27, 2023, 11:04:21 am »
What if I can’t find another operating system that produces sound of the same quality as OS/2?
If even specially prepared builds of Linux and Windows are not capable of outputting sound of the same quality as OS/2?
And I'm talking about sound quality, and not about the characteristics of the files being played.
Now there is only one problem in OS/2 - these are XHCI controllers to which it is not possible to connect UAC2.0 devices, so that the sound would be played without problems.
Recently, the system has learned to play any audio formats, in any resolution, on USBAudio devices, including over a network, like a DLNA client. It is also loaded into RAM over the network from an 18MB image.
So what, let's drop everything and run to persuade Microsoft to rewrite Windows so that it generates less jitter at the output of the audio stream?
Sorry but no.

Then you are sadly out of luck and would have to pay AN (maybe per crowd funding ?) to improve the USB 3.0 HC driver (plus writing the "correct" USB audio client drivers).

Hardware / Re: Connexant cx31993 and USB3 stack
« on: October 27, 2023, 01:24:55 am »
I now gave it a quick test with 14.204 kernel. USBAUDIO.SYS works just fine. Must be something else on your system that does not work.

Utilities / Re: How to change several files "Class Type" in one shot
« on: October 27, 2023, 01:21:25 am »
Looks like if a DLL is in use, it cannot be changed this way. Too bad.
Maybe you can try and run "unlock.exe" against the DLL you want to change before you attempt to drop it onto the AssocCls Object.

Hardware / Re: Connexant cx31993 and USB3 stack
« on: October 27, 2023, 12:27:11 am »
I do not have a 14.204 kernel and I do not know where to get it from. But I can say that on the 14.203 kernel, I have no problems with neither USBAUDIO.SYS nor USBAUD2.SYS. I have USB audio devices of both types but of course, I only have one of each type.

There are problems with any audio driver if the WPS comes into play. If I play a sound via UNIAUD and access a USB drive, UNIAUD will immediately stop playing. For USB the situation is better in that it will not stop, but a hiccup can still be heard.
WPS is such a lousy piece of SW that it is beyond hope that it will ever become reliable. I have had many,many,many desktop freezes where the only cure was to hit the reset button and often enough, to completely turn off the PC.

USBXHCD.SYS has known problems with isochronous transfers. There is nothing that I can do about it. And it should be plain obvious that a trap in USBXHCD.SYS needs to be fixed in USBXHCD.SYS and nowhere else, regardless of if USB client drivers (like USBAUDIO.SYS / USBAUD2.SYS) are badly written or not. You should not accept that as an excuse.

Ask AN for proper USB isochronous support, in fact, ask them for proper USB audio client drivers too, just in case they answer you that "many USB client drivers are broken and do not follow specs". If they have no interest and it still is important for you, then move to another OS. It is that easy.

Utilities / Re: How to change several files "Class Type" in one shot
« on: October 22, 2023, 03:19:16 pm »
I think you have given yourself the answer:

only if the object class is WPPngProgramFile (or XWPProgramFile if you do not have PNG desktop installed) will you see the module and resource info pages (for DLLS and EXEs) and the Program and Session pages (for EXEs).

Since I am a programmer, I find the Module and Resource pages for DLLs helpful but you can decide for yourself. My "AssocCls" tool would make a DLL file a XWPProgamFile/WPPngProgramFile object because that is the most specialized object class for a DLL file.

Utilities / Re: How to change several files "Class Type" in one shot
« on: October 20, 2023, 04:08:11 pm »
Now uploaded to Hobbes, including source code (for those interested).
You should drop everything else and use what I have uploaded.

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