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Web applications / Thunderbird - ArcaOS 5.1
« on: February 08, 2024, 04:55:44 pm »
Hi everyone!

I have installed AcraOS 5.1 a few weeks ago and its been rock solid for the most part.

One Issue I have is with the stock install of Thunderbird (which I think is the newest version - Version 45.8.0).

I have three main email address I would like to pull from: Outlook, Yahoo, and Google.

Oddly enough, my MS outlook is the only one that works perfectly.

Google Email - I set it up in Thunderbird with no problem and then pops a new screen (website) to log in to verify my info, I do and then have to verify on my phone (which I do). Then in the browser I have to hit allow.

From here, it goes back to Thunderbird and it sits there checking password FOREVER. I know its the right password and I even tried to put the wrong one in and when I do that, it immediately says its wrong. So I think its stuck somehow.

Yahoo email - I fill out the settings in Thunderbird to setup the email and the second I hit continue on the Mail Account Setup window crashes immesdaiatley.

I just want to see if other people are having  this issue or it works fine for you, maybe there are additional settings I need to play with?


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