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I have been looking for a ssh_term.os2 file to use with OpenSSH that comes with ArcaOS.

I have a Windows 10 box with 32 Gig of RAM and my collection of 70 or so VirtualBox VMs.  I am able to ssh from ArcaOS using OpenSSH to the Windows box and run some command scripts to start headless VMs and then use the ArcaOS FreeRDP client to connect to the headless VM.  This works pretty well.

One thing that is annoying is the terminal emulation isn't working well.  Is there a terminal emulation file that would allow me to clear the screen correctly and then use VIM within the SSH session?


Has anyone tried loading ArcaOS on a Raspberry PI?  I suppose it would need to be a 32 bit processor.  It  could be that some hardware components would not work but would be interesting to try.

Storage / WinOS2 hangs on File Manager and a FAT32 drive
« on: April 29, 2020, 02:30:35 am »
I have noticed that the File Manager on WinOS2 on ArcaOS 5.0.2 hangs and I could not figure out why.  I have never seen this issue before but I began to wonder if the reason was the size of the drive (12 Gig - not big by today's standards) but it only hangs when using WinOS2 File Manger.  Opening documents from WinOS2 Applications does not hang.

Today I thought I would hide that FAT32 drive and then try to open the file manager and no hang.

Has anyone seen that?

I set up the FAT32 drive and it is the 3rd partition with WinXP first with 50 Gig, then ArcaOS (JFS) with 14 Gig then Fat32 at 12 Gig.


Hardware / Anyone know of an IDE CD driver for OS2 2.1?
« on: January 23, 2019, 02:55:49 am »
I have a collection of many operating systems running on Virtual Box and I recently created a VM with OS2 2.1 but there appears to be no IDE CD driver.  I checked Hobbes and found something that said OS2 V2 located at (/pub/os2/system/drivers/storage/ so I will check this out but wondered if anyone knows of an IDE CD driver?


For years I have attempted to connect to Windows 7 and 10 using the SMB/CIFS client in eCS with no luck. COTS Linux based network drives have worked.

Each machine is in the same workgroup and I have a common host list on each machine and the alias' do resolve for all other computers I have on the network. 

When I tried this with Arca OS 5.0, it still did not connect which was disappointing, then I tried using the IP Address of the windows box and it worked.

I don't know why using the machine name works for other boxes except the Windows 10 one, the other names resolve just fine.  I thought I would share this since it works and it may not be a solution people think of when trying to connect.

Setup & Installation / Working ArcaOS 5.0 in Virtual Box 5.0.30
« on: May 29, 2017, 12:55:29 am »
I have been trying to install ArcaOS 5.0 and ran into issues with it detecting the following:

- Detected Sound driver (UNIAUD) did not work.
- Did not detect Intel Built in Network card (eCS 2.1/2.2 did detect)
- Plugged in network card that does work in eCS 2.2 and prior versions did not work.

Next I tried to install in Virtual Box and after a few tries I got sound and network working:

VirtualBox (Windows) 5.0.30 is what I have.  (I will try this on VBox for OS2 later).

- Operating system - Other OS/2

- Base Memory 2000 MB
Acceleration VT-x/AMD, Nested Paging

- Host Driver Windows DirectSound
- Controller ICH AC97 (This is what ArcaOS Needs)

- Attached To: Bridged Adapter
- Name: Realteck PCIe GBE Family Controller
- Intel PRO/1000 MT Desktop (8254OEM) - (This is what ArcaOS needs)

Storage / Question about SATA drives
« on: February 05, 2017, 11:04:59 pm »
I am running into a strange issue when I attempt to add a second SATA drive.  I have been using OS/2 since Warp 3 and for years have been setting up systems booting to OS/2, Windows and Linux on the same box. More recent versions of operating systems seem to be more picky about what partition they get installed on.

On this particular box it had a single drive on it with Windows 7 on it and I first attempted to add a second SATA drive to install eCS 2.2 for now and later install ArcaOS 5.0 on it.  When I attempted to pick the drive to install the OS, the LVM would not recognize that drive.  I then unplugged the cable from from the Windows 7 drive and plugged it into a 500 Gig SATA drive and I was able to install it successfully.  In the past, eCS didnt seem to care that the drive moved to a different position.

This time, when I attempt to plug the Windows 7 drive in or if I add first SATA with the eCS (with Air-Boot) and a second blank drive, the boot hangs when it gets do the DANI driver.  I am thinking that perhaps that driver is older and the issue may go away when I get ArcaOS.  Is there an update to the LVM or one of the DANI drivers that might solve this?


Setup & Installation / Need Virtual Box 1.6.1 additions ISO
« on: January 07, 2017, 04:39:08 am »
Does anyone know where I could find the VirtalBox 1.6.1 additions ISO?

I would use VirtualBox 5.0.6 for OS/2 however the yum installation is complaining about missing module "No module named _sqlitecache".  I will try installing 5.0.6 once I get ArcaOS 5.0 but was hoping I could get the additions for 1.6.1 now.


Networking / eCS 2.1 Guest in Virtual Box
« on: June 17, 2015, 05:37:59 am »
For years I have been using Virtual PC for OS/2 and Windows and able to bet sound and networking.  I have a collection of at least 25 operating systems with most of them having networking.

Recently I purchased a DELL 8700 with 32 Gig of RAM and i7-4790, 3.6 GHz processor.  It came with Windows 8 thinking I could run Virtual PC and copy the virtual machines over but naturally MS stopped supporting that and replaced it with Hyper-V.

Since I could not convert the OS's I re-installed a few with Virtual Box.  When I got to eCS 2.1, I followed the instructions I found at but I cant get the networking to work.  I have tried using the PCnet-Fast III network card using the AMD PCNet Ethernet Family Adapter and that did not work although the driver did appear to load on the boot screen.  I also checked other Virtual Machines and found there was an Intel PRO/1000 Network driver with the Intel PRO/1000 Desktop and it too seemed to indicate that the driver loaded but also would not connect.

Has anyone out there been able to get the virtual NIC to work?


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