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Setup & Installation / SYS 1201 error during boot.
« on: March 22, 2018, 10:54:42 am »
During booting to eCS 2.1 I get this message: SYS 1201: The device driver C:/IBMCOM/PROTOCOL/LANVDD.OS2 specified in the DEVICE statement on line 42 of the CONFIG.SYS file was not installed. Press Enter to continue.
The driver is in the mentioned address. So why this error message and what to do about it?  And what is the function of LANVDD.OS2?  The installation of eCS is quite new on a new disk after a disk crash.
Thank you for any help.

Setup & Installation / Re: Can't install ArcaOS.
« on: November 14, 2017, 03:14:40 pm »
Thank you all for your answers.
The simple solution was to install AiR-BOOT. I would not do that because it has given me so much trouble that I had to give it up a couple of years ago. I now hope the problems are gone.

Setup & Installation / Can't install ArcaOS.
« on: November 07, 2017, 10:51:00 pm »

The problem is that ArcaOS can't see the volume I just created to install the os to. The volume is not in the target list.
A week ago I installed a new SSD disk and then installed eCS2.2b to it. Then I tried to install ArcaOS. The procedures are mutch the same for the two OS's. When I came to selecting the target volume, eCS (c:) showed up as the possible volume. Having a lot of place I created a new volume (d:) for ArcaOS. The next step was to select d: as the target volume, but the install program didn't list it as a possible target. Only c:. At the end I rebooted eCS and there the d: was available. I formatted it as  JFS and restarted the install program. No, it still was not available as a target volume. Using the Graphical Volume Manager I could check it. Ok, but it still doesn't appear in the list of target volumes. So I'm stuck. Just one strange thing. In the Graphical Volum Manager it says it is formatted as "JFS H". What does that means?
Any ideas about what to do?

Setup & Installation / Re: Missing content in ANPM
« on: November 01, 2017, 11:41:34 am »
Thank you all of you.
I must admit that didn't read these instructions before I run the first update, I updated all! I followed my own nose. It normally points in the right direction, but not this time. Later today I hope I'm up and running again.

Setup & Installation / Missing content in ANPM
« on: October 31, 2017, 12:28:16 pm »
I had to buy a new disk (SSD). This disk I want to use as the place for OS's - ArcaNoae, win, ecs.
I started installing eCS 2.2b. Went well. Then I checked for internet  connection - OK. Next step was to install ANPM and downloaded it from AN. Installed it using WarpIN 1.0.19. Got a message about an old version of a dll and had to remove it. Then the installation went fine, and I could start ANPM. Again all was OK..
The list with installed packages seemed to be fine. A lot of the packages were marked with a "star" to inform that this packages had newer versions. That was to be expected as the installation of eCS2.2b was from an installation disk/DVD from 2015.
The list of available packages was, as expected, very long.
I started the update process. About 60 packages were to be updated. It seemed to take some time, so I left the Desktop for a while.
Coming back the job was done. When I opened ANPM there was nothing. The list of installed packages was empty, so was the list of available packages and so was the list of repositories.
The install log was long without error messages and showed that the job took about 8 minutes.

So what to do now.

I de-installed and re-installed the ANPM. Same result.
I de-installed, rebooted, and installed again. Same result.

But there was a difference from the first installation: The installation took less then a second. A message was displayed, but just for a fraction of a second, I could not read it. But WarpIN ended with a message about success and updated Config file. The install log was empty.

I believe the problem has something to do with the missing names of the repositories, and I have tried to find some solution, but with no luck.

Now I hope you can help me.

Setup & Installation / Re: How do I ...?
« on: October 27, 2017, 03:36:38 pm »
To Ivan.
Sorry for calling the OS  OS2.2. You are right, it should be eCS 2.2b.
As I said. USB was a minor problem. Selecting the right port (a good one) solved the problem.

 By recreating the LVM tables and setting the drive letters I could access all volumes. I did this using DFSee,  but probably I could have done this using the right eCS commands also.

Now the problem is to try to fix the old SSD. The recovery programs for this only run under WIN. And Win was installed on the old SSD. I do not have good backups for Win as all data used in WIN was backed up to eCS. I have a job to do!

Thank you for your help.

Setup & Installation / Re: How do I ...?
« on: October 24, 2017, 12:21:05 pm »
Hi Ivan.
You have understood it. I thought I was relatively clear.
I have used OS2 for about 25 years and have then installed it many times. I have never seen it installed without problems - never! The "problem" now is that after installing eCS2.2 it does not recognize the memory pin with the key for DFSee, the same memory pin where I have the  Install key for eCS, which was excepted during installation.. Probably a minor problem, but at that time last night  I preferred to go to bed.
After having the system up and running as I hope, I will download the recovery tool, but first I have to set the drive letters. Thank you for your proposal.

Setup & Installation / Re: How do I ...?
« on: October 24, 2017, 12:24:55 am »
I have not run Chkdsk because the files are not visible without a drive letter. The files are visible in Maintenance and Installation    Volume Manager. Advanced LVM does not let me set drive letters. I will try DFSee, but I do not think there are any problems, since I had full access to all volumes before the crash of the old SSD.
At the moment I still have some problems before I can use DFSee, since the key is on a USB medium, and I first have to be able to access USB things.  Tomorrow maybe.

Setup & Installation / How do I ...?
« on: October 23, 2017, 10:27:52 pm »
My SSD disk crashed totally and I had to buy a new one. All my OS's were on the old disk. After installing OS2.2 I hoped I would be able to access data on another disk. All volumes on that disk are visible, but now without drive letters. I have set new drive letters (the same as before) and they are now marked with an asterisk (*). According to the help file I should just save, exit and  reboot, and the chosen drive letters should be set.
Well, not so. After rebooting they are all gone. Then my question is: How do I proceed to get the drive letters set?

Article Discussions / Re: Speedtest - broadband speed
« on: February 16, 2017, 04:34:31 pm »
It does not matter whether the speed is 50 Mbps or 300 Mbps for my download in eCS. The high speed is for other use. But strange to see the difference between eCS and Win10.

Now I found another speed test program ( that gave the expected result: >300 Mbps download and >250 Mbps upload under eCS.  As Neil said, the weak point could be the test program. But many other programs gave the same result: <100 Mbps download for eCS and about 300 Mbps for Win.
I believe the provider gives what he promises.

Article Discussions / Re: Speedtest - broadband speed
« on: February 14, 2017, 11:31:37 am »
The network card:  Realtek PCIe GBE Familie Controller  1 Gbps.

For the download speed test I use FAST.COM both in eCS and WIN. There are many speedtest solutions that can be run in the browser. All of them give me the same result. I don't have any standalone program for this.

Article Discussions / Speedtest - broadband speed
« on: February 13, 2017, 11:37:32 am »
I just upgraded  my fiber into my house. The speed was 50/50 Mbps, but after the upgrade it should be 300/300 Mbps. When I run a speed test program it shows about 95/95 under eCS, but 300/300 under Win10. Same PC.
What or where is the weak point under eCS?

Setup & Installation / Re: Problems with Flash Player
« on: February 13, 2017, 12:12:44 am »
Thank you Dave.
Now  Flash works with the new test profile. The next step for me is to copy the content of the old profile to this new one. I believe I just copied the whole profile from the old installation to this new one and that was not the right way of doing it. There is a description of the right procedure somewhere under the Help tab, so tomorrow I will copy the data the correct way.

Thank you again..

Setup & Installation / Re: Problems with Flash Player
« on: February 12, 2017, 08:05:09 pm »
Here it is:


The volume label in drive N is ECS2_2B.
The Volume Serial Number is 6170:55C0.

12.02.17 15.04          <DIR>    429 ----  .
23.12.16  7.28          <DIR>     30 ----  ..
13.02.12 19.11      2.621.214      0 a---  eula.pdf
13.02.12 19.26         36.025      0 a---  flash.lic
24.02.14 16.45         10.821      0 a---  flash.txt
24.02.14 16.23         68.062      0 a---  npflos2.dll
11.02.14 14.51     14.586.736      0 a---  NPSWF32.dll
        7 file(s)  17.322.858 bytes used
                   28.505.321 K bytes free


Setup & Installation / Re: Problems with Flash Player
« on: February 12, 2017, 06:22:37 pm »
Thank you for your proposals, but they do not help me.
But I now see a difference between the two implementations of eCS2b2.  When I open the Add-On manager under Tools and click on Plugins there are two Plugins in the old eCS2b2: OpenH264 Video Codec and Shockwave Flash The last one is not in the new installation. That is obvious the reason for my problem. But I don't know how to fix it.
Any help?

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