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Applications / GCC1.dll???
« on: February 01, 2015, 08:04:07 pm »
OK, so I attempted to install Qupzilla, only to discover that I need GCC1.DLL, apparently this comes from libgcc1 RPM install.

Alright...I haven't moved to RPM yet, so doing a few searches I came across this Netlabs ticket => Looks like GCC1 is the overall GCCxxx replacement...but still nowhere to be found.

Took at peek at the matching ZIP reporsitory for the RPM packages (, but I can not tell which one to pull, any ideas?

Applications / OpenOffice 4.1.1 GA - pre-requisite uninstall?
« on: January 08, 2015, 03:08:04 am »
Now that GA is available and since I did not see a mention of this anywhere yet (nor have I attempted the install myself either) should I completely un-install my current OO 3.2 first?

I remember having a hard time getting the WPS Integration part (was a separate WPI package), do I still need this with 4.1.1 GA, or has this been removed?

In other words, I'm trying to get some clarify on whether this is a complete un-install/re-install, or whether there is some built-in "upgrade" type functionality in the 4.1.1 GA WPI...


Applications / GeoGebra 5.0.xx problem for OS/2?
« on: January 04, 2015, 07:08:30 pm »
I was previously running version and starting with the following command line:

g:\java160\jre\bin\java -jar geogebra.jar

Now having upgraded to 5.0.56 and still trying to start the app with the same syntax produces the following result:

=== START ===
[G:\APPS\GENERAL\GEOGEBRA]g:\java160\jre\bin\java -jar geogebra.jar
        at geogebra3D.euclidian3D.opengl.j.a(Unknown Source)
        at geogebra.GeoGebra3D.<clinit>(Unknown Source)
Caused by: java.lang.RuntimeException: Please port OS detection to your platform
        at jogamp.common.os.PlatformPropsImpl.getOSTypeImpl(PlatformPropsImpl.ja
        at jogamp.common.os.PlatformPropsImpl.<clinit>(
        ... 3 more
Could not find the main class: geogebra.GeoGebra3D. Program will exit.
=== STOP ===

So it appears to me that the 'portable' version of the app (as opposed to Win/Linux/tablet specific ones) attempts to detect the OS version of the JRE and it specifically fails in our OS/2 port.

Has anyone found a work-around for this? If not, is this something I should report to the JVM team, or is this a GeoGebra issue?


Applications / WarpIn application install database...
« on: December 07, 2014, 11:43:21 pm »
I have a number of applications which I had originally installed in paths such as \OS2\DLL...later on I moved these DLLs to \USR\DLL in order to separate them out of the main OS2 tree.

WarpIn still shows the OLD there a way for me to update these to correctly reflect the modified PATH locations?

The WarpIn documentation points out that a single "The Global Database" real pointer to a file...however, a quick inspection of a running WarpIn object identifies "DATBAS_G.INI" as the file. OK, problem is this file does not appear to use the standard OS2 INI file formatting, so none of my INI file editors can make any sense of it. Nor is it a simple TXT file, although one can certainly open it as such, however attempting to make changes is nearly impossible that way. there a way to update the entries to point to the NEW directories?


Setup & Installation / Dreaded Desktop/blue screen SMP hang....
« on: November 23, 2014, 12:12:21 am » I've got my MSI motherboard / AMD Phenom XII 6-core based system. It chugs along plenty nice with the exception of 1 (one) thing...I can not for the life of me get the 6-core configuration to get past the dreaded Desktop/blue screen hang. 5-core problemo!!!

Neither the IBM origial OS2APIC.PSD driver nor the ACPI ACPI.PSD drivers impact this...something in the WPS boot process does.

Who else here uses multi-core configuration? And if so, what have you been able to do about this hang?

I spent a few hours today trying to narrow this down further...based on some on-line search hits I disabled the system wide sound and moved WarpCenter to the Startup folder (SET AUTOSTART=TASKLIST,FOLDERS). This actually got me to a point where the WPS did come up, WarpCenter started but whole machine froze (soft-hang) when about 1/3 of the WarpCenter toolbar displayed.

I'll try a few more in previous search hits the suggestions always point to some kind of a "WPS boot timing" issue...OK...but what issue is that???

Any pointer would be greatly appreciated!

(BTW: ATI XT850 video, SNAP v505 driver)

General Discussion / Arca Noae - just got my business!!!
« on: November 21, 2014, 08:26:53 pm »
Folks...just thought I'd let everyone know that these guys got my business for a product that I (and perhaps others) have been wanting for quite some time now without having to purchase/dedicate themselves to a complete migration.

Namely, this is the "Drivers Package"...and for OS/2 users like myself who did not wish to pursue the eCS move but wanted to update the OS to handle the newer hardware this was badly needed. Never understood why the folks behind eCS didn't seriously consider that option, even when inquiries were being sent it regarding it.

Arca Noae, great job you guys...keep up the effort!!!

Storage / NAS and OS/2?
« on: November 01, 2014, 03:37:41 pm »
OK, so my kids (10 and 12 yo) have now begun to 'run rampant' with their tablets/cameras/etc...LOL...not that I'm complaining, but I need to figure out a way to manage their media data (photos, audio, and videos). Storing it on the main OS/2 machine is really not an option...I for one do NOT give my kids the access to the OS/2 box, number of reasons. They do have their own WinXP machine, however, to simplify access to the media from devices like a TV for example I'm looking more and more at the NAS type storage.

Soo...I took a peek at: Western Digital WDBCTL0020HWT My Cloud (, reviews say it's not particularly awe inspiring...however, it's a starting point. Most importantly, I do need to understand how 'workable' daily interface to/from my OS/2 machine (where bulk of the data and media applications reside today) is.

Can anyone share their experience with the NAS devices?

I'm primarily focusing on the connectivity/protocol aspect here. So I would have this thing hard-wired to my router, no problem there. But I need to connect to the device afterwards. I see that this WD device in particular supports:

SMB/CIFS network filesystems
AFP ( for Apple Time Machine)
NFS (only to default Public mount)
FTP server

...the SMB/CIFS piece as best as I can tell is something that SAMBA port could interface with...something like NetDrive would probably work with this too (again, through the SAMBA plug-in I'm thinking).

If you tried this type of a setup, how have you done it?


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