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Title: Receive credit towards ArcaOS purchase price for present Software Subscription ?
Post by: Ashdown on May 27, 2017, 08:42:21 pm
From the article found at : https://www.arcanoae.com/arcaos-5-0-licensing-fits-together-existing-subscriptions/  It appears that I, as a holder of a current Arca Noae Drivers & Software subscription, am entitled to a credit of the unused portion of my subscription against the purchase price of ArcaOS.  The article makes mention of completing an online form for this purpose, however I am unable to find said form anywhere on the Arca Noae site in order to apply for the credit.

I am unclear as to exactly how this process works, whether the credit will be applied upfront towards the purcharce price of ArcaOS, as a rebate after purchase or as a credit to be used against future purchases with Arca Noae.  However, the article does seem to state that some kind of credit is available for those of us with a subscription with Arca Noae who purchase AraOS 5.0 Blue Lion.

I would greatly appreciate any guidance as to how to apply for this credit.  Two days ago I sent an e-mail to sales@arcanoae.com asking for assistance with this issue but have so far not had a response.  I quite realize folks at Arca Noae may be busy and my question was posed towards the end of the week (thursday), but I thought that if anyone here is able to point me in the right direction to apply for this credit I could then proceed to do so and then get on my my plan for purchasing and installing Blue Lion.
Many thanks to anyone who can help me in this matter.