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General Discussion / ArcaOS User Accounts
« on: April 06, 2020, 08:41:43 pm »
I've been playing with ArcaOS for a while now, but something has been bugging me. I'd like to make it so that my computer requires a password to log on and use it, similar to Windows (or, indeed, any flavour of Linux). Unfortunately, I can't see an obvious way to accomplish this. Can anyone help me out?



Networking / Setting up a WiFi Connection
« on: February 14, 2020, 09:16:51 pm »
Hello everyone!

Following my last thread, I've since managed to get ArcaOS up and running on my old Thinkpad. Using it has been an absolute blast so far, and I've just been putzing around getting a "feel" for it.

I'm struggling to set up a connection to my home WiFi, though. Networking over ethernet is no problem, but I specifically chose a ThinkPad T43 as my ArcaOS machine because I knew the WiFi chip would be supported. I can detect my home network and those of my neighbors, so something is definitely happening. I get the impression I need to create a profile before I can connect, but I've been playing around with no success for the last week or so.

My Google-fu seems to have failed me too, so once again I must request the assistance of our wonderful community.

If anyone could help me out, I'd be very grateful!

Have a good weekend out there,


Setup & Installation / Re: ArcaOS 5.0/Win98 SE Dual-Boot - Questions!
« on: January 09, 2020, 09:27:34 pm »
Wow! I honestly wasn't expecting such a positive and comprehensive response. Thank you to everybody who pitched in to help me out. Thanks especially to Martin, for the step-by-step guide with pictures.

Since it seems like quite a lot of interest in OS/2 and ArcaOS comes from folks who like tinkering with older operating systems and/or playing older computer games, I hope this thread could be useful for more people than just myself.

Setup & Installation / ArcaOS 5.0/Win98 SE Dual-Boot - Questions!
« on: January 09, 2020, 02:00:52 pm »

Unlike many users on this forum, I have no professional or personal experience with OS/2. Instead, I first heard of ArcaOS through Brian Lunduke; one of my favourite technology vloggers. Since then, I've done a bit of homework and have decided to invest in an ArcaOS license to install it and tinker around. I would call myself an intermediate computer user.

I hope to install ArcaOS alongside Windows 98 SE. Since the Windows partition won't be used for anything other than playing Rainbow Six and SimCopter, I'll be using 98lite to strip out all unnecessary components such as networking. ArcaOS will constitute the "meat" of the system, and is where I will be spending the majority of my time.


  • IBM ThinkPad T43 (2010 Patched)
  • Pentium M 725 (BSEL modded) @ 2.13GHz
  • 2GB RAM
  • 64GB Lite-On LMT-64M6M mSATA SSD (converted to 2.5" PATA drive using generic adaptor)

Machine was chosen for best "out of the box" compatibility with OS/2, including WiFi and sound. I don't want to think too hard about drivers and stuff, or lug around a SIM router and Ethernet cable everywhere I go.

The Problem

While there are resources and tutorials online, they are sparse and scattered across the web. Additionally, many presuppose a degree of familiarity with OS/2 that I simply do not possess. I have a couple of questions that I would seriously appreciate answers to:

  • How should I partition my SSD? According to this, I'll need at least two partitions for ArcaOS (Primary and Data), along with a third for Windows 98. However, the user in this thread seems to suggest the need for a fourth partition for the boot manager (??), and several other sources warn that Windows will only boot from a primary partition labelled "C". If someone could help me cut through the ambiguity and come up with a definite plan to set up my partitions, I would greatly appreciate it.
  • What should my install sequence be? Windows first, then ArcaOS; or vice versa? At what point do I set up the boot manager? Is a boot manager included with either OS, or do I need to use a third party program such as EasyBCD? I should be able to navigate the respective installation processes myself when armed with these tips.

Finally, I would appreciate any other comments, hints and tips you care to provide.

Thanks in advance!

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