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Title: Os2notes.net is offering unlimited backup online now !
Post by: Greggory Shaw on December 01, 2015, 01:17:00 am
Os2notes.net is offering unlimited backup online now 50% off - $25 for one yr or $47.50 for 2 years ! !

From Backblaze Online backups solutions - https://www.backblaze.com/cloud-backup.html

Yes, I know how much OS/2 users hate spam, but this is the first time and I think it's a good deal, plus what little profit goes to running my site.

On Cyber Monday your customers can save big time on Backblaze. This is a Backblaze Partner exclusive offer which will only be good for 24 hours: 12am -11:59pm PST on Monday November 30th. Backblaze will NOT be promoting this offer or any Cyber Monday offer on our site or anywhere. It's all yours!


->Set up trials with your affiliate link NOW

Let your customers know about this TODAY. Let customers know you will be able to save them 50% on Backblaze on Cyber Monday. 

Send them to our free trial page and have them set up a 15 day trial. 

Use this link for the offer:   https://www.backblaze.com/#af9530

When your customer converts the trial to a paid subscription on Cyber Monday they will save 50% by using the promo code - email me for the promo code: Greggorymail@gmail.com


-This offer will only available on Cyber Monday. The code must be used on this day to get the discount. No exceptions.

-This offer can not be used with prepaid licenses or Backblaze for Business licenses.

The code will save the customer 50% on their purchase. So if they sign up for 1 year they save $25. If they sign up for the monthly plan, the 50% discount will only be applied to their first month, they only save $2.50.  If they signup for 2 years they will save $47.50.  It’s like getting a year free - that’s a great deal.

Questions? Send them along!

Email me for the code - @ Greggorymail@gmail.com

Greggory Shaw - Os2notes.net