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Has anyone managed to install arcaos on a guest virtual machine with virtualbox os / 2 host version 5.0.51? downloaded from
I have tried all possible combinations in the system settings of virtualbox but immediately after starting it crashes.
Log attached.


Applications / [SOLVED] pmmail 3.22 bug
« on: February 10, 2020, 07:37:31 pm »
I've just installed PMMail 3.22 and I discovered an annoying bug.
If I fetch an email with three dots ("...") in the subject the program crash.
I tried to open a report in Mantis, but I cannot subscribe.
When I connect from the URL in the reply mail from Voice there's an "APPLICATION ERROR #1901 - The confirmation URL is invalid or has already been used. Please signup again."
I have already informed Voice and I'm waiting for response.
Have any of you had the same problems?
I read in an old post (,2092.msg21891.html#msg21891) that Neil tried to compile PMMAil with GCC 4.9.2.
To Neil: have you some time to spend for reproduce the bug? ...maybe is possible to discover where is the problem with the source available?
Thank in advance.


Applications / GIMP & Xsane
« on: November 01, 2019, 05:37:53 pm »
For my purpose I looked for installing GIMP 2.2.8 & xsane. The X11 server is HOBLink.
When I install the gimp-libs WPI package if I overwrite pango & fontconfig files, gimp & xsane work correctly; but ANPM & firefox give me some strange error and they don't work anymore (it seems to be due to some python error).
If instead I don't overwrite those package, Gimp & xsane give me some error about fontconfig and don't start.
Someone knows a solution?


Setup & Installation / [RESOLVED] audio data cd creator
« on: October 28, 2019, 10:38:33 pm »
I've just installed audio data/cd creator 0.57 and i have a strange problem.
In the config panel the burning cd scanning bus does not work.
In the VIO window the last message is:
Code: [Select]
C:/usr/bin/sh.exe: 1: C:APPSCDR2cdrecord.exe: not found.For some reason the scanbus command wipe out the slash chars.
If instead I try the "scanbus.exe -scanbus" command from the shell it works correctly.
Somewhat had the same problem and know how solve it?

General Discussion / Gallery
« on: October 12, 2019, 11:55:52 pm »
i no longer view the gallery section in site.
When I click on the "Gallery" menu appears only the "...joomla..." string.
Does it also happen to you?

Utilities / Color labels
« on: October 12, 2019, 11:47:28 pm »
there is a way to label (for example with a color) or mark (with an icon/image) a file like Mac does?
Maybe reading/setting a sort of EA?

For example on XFCE (linux) I wrote a little shell script (in the popup menu) that mark the file icon.
Is it possible with AOS?


Applications / Database solution for os/2
« on: August 26, 2019, 04:58:10 pm »
Hi to all.
I searched for dbexpert but I discovered that is no longer available...
So I would like to propose to the community a database solution that I use daily: nubuilder.
It's a web client/server application based on Mysql/Javascript/Php. The homepage of the project (open source!) is
The last version il NuBuilderForte v. 4, and is based on php 7 so does not work on os/2. But having used it from version 2 I've kept the source of the version 3 (nubuilderpro) that works pretty well on os/2.
Here the instruction for install & start using it.
First of all I downloaded mysql 5.1.72, apache 2.2.34 and php 5.4.45 from Paul Smedley site:
I've installed these programs in my "c:\apps\" directory (c:\apps\apache2, c:\apps\mysql51; c:\apps\php5).
Then I copied "modphp5.dll" in the c:\\apps\apache2\modules and php.ini in c:\mptn\etc directory.
For apache2 configuration I change c:\apps\apache2\conf\httpd.conf for my purpose.
For mysql I copy and edited the my.cnf file in the c:\etc directory.
(At the end of the post there are my conf files and the useful web link)
These are the minimal changes necessary for a proper apache/php/mysql use:
For apache:
Code: [Select]
--> ServerRoot "/apps/apache2"
--> LoadModule php5_module modules/modphp5.dll
--> DocumentRoot "/apps/apache2/htdocs"
--> <Directory "/apps/apache2/htdocs">
--> DirectoryIndex index.html index.php
--> AddType application/x-httpd-php .php
--> #LoadModule authn_core_module modules/authn_co.dll
--> #LoadModule authz_core_module modules/authz_co.dll
--> #LoadModule access_compat_module modules/access_c.dll
--> Order allow,deny
--> Allow from all

For mysql:
Follow the smedley readme.os2 instruction then open a shell command:
Code: [Select]
cd \apps\mysql51\bin
Open another shell and:
Code: [Select]
cd \apps\mysql51\bin
mysql -u root -p
ALTER USER 'root'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY '<password>';
CREATE USER '<user>'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY '<password>';
GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON *.* TO '<user>'@'localhost';
Where <password> is yours password and <user> is a user name.
For some reason my mysql installation refuse to start and I have to insert always inside the mysql client:
Code: [Select]
use mysql;
DROP TABLE servers;
CREATE TABLE `servers` (
`Server_name` char(64) NOT NULL,
`Host` char(64) NOT NULL,
`Db` char(64) NOT NULL,
`Username` char(64) NOT NULL,
`Password` char(64) NOT NULL,
`Port` int(4) DEFAULT NULL,
`Socket` char(64) DEFAULT NULL,
`Wrapper` char(64) NOT NULL,
`Owner` char(64) NOT NULL,
PRIMARY KEY (`Server_name`)
We login again with the mysql command client but now with <user> account:
Code: [Select]
cd c:\apps\mysql51\bin
mysql -u <user> -p
create database <newdb>;
Where <newdb> is the name of our first database project.
Here arrive the os/2 power: the work area.
I create a folder with two program object inside: one for starting apache server daemon and one for mysql server daemon (see screenshot below). With the Work Area option activate the daemons start automagically whenever I open my databases folder.
And when I finish with my database job closing the folder automagically close also the daemon, so i have not the servers always active.
Some little step and the database system is ready to go...
I have a zip file ( that is the real nubuilder engine (but yet void: below there is also nubuilderprodemo.sql, an example application downloaded some time ago from the nubuilder site). The zip file occupy about 25 MBytes, so i cannot upload such as post attachment. Here Martin can help me saying where I can upload it  ;D.
Unzip inside the c:\apps\apache2\htdocs\ directory and change name with yours project name (c:\apps\apache2\htdocs\<proj_name>)
Inside that directory there is a file called config.php like the following:
Code: [Select]

$nuConfigDBName                 "newdb";
$nuConfigDBUser                 "user";
$nuConfigDBPassword             "userpassword";
$nuConfigDBGlobeadminPassword   "globeadminpassword";
$nuConfigtitle                  "newdb";


Well, edit it with your data ("newdb" --> proj_name; "user" and "userpassword" --> user name and password created with mysql; "globeadminpassword" --> password of the root user of the project).
Now start firefox and insert the URL:
Code: [Select]
localhost/<proj_name>/nuinstall.phpIn the shown page insert the globeadmin (root) password and click on run.
From now on you can "connect" to yours database project from "localhost/proj_name" URL.
For a proper use look at and
Below screenshot and zip files.
For some reason the "database" button on the globeadmin page does not work so phpmyadmin login page does not open anymore for me. I think is some httpd.conf/php.ini/my.cnf misconfiguration. I have rimedied with adminer (
Happy warping!

Comments, Suggestions & Questions / Copy/Replace file dialog in OS/2
« on: October 22, 2018, 09:46:23 pm »
I'm reading all the as2ezine, some other os/2 forum/wiki in Internet, same old magazines and everywhere I found described many software for os/2 GUI enhancement/replacement (Object Desktop, XWorkplace, xit, styler2, ecc) but nothing that enhance the default copy/raplace file dialog and that add a progress bar. Someone had found something?
I think is very boring waiting for files copy with the big os/2 file copy dialog that occupy most of the screen... :-\

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