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Comments, Suggestions & Questions / Antivirus and ArcaOS
« on: February 28, 2023, 11:32:38 am »
Hello everyone:

Every time I try to access the ARCAOS yum repository, the host Windows antivirus, Bitdefender, warns me:

Accessed by: VirtualBoxVM.exe
Dangerous pages try to install software that can harm your device, collect personal information, or act without your consent."

Isn't that Lewis Rosenthal's page?

Also when I try to download or access the page of the creator of Filestar2, file manager recommended in the OS/2 Wiki:

"A malware-type threat was found at"
"A malware-type threat was found at
We have blocked this dangerous page to protect you."

They block me and won't let me download it.

Although they may be false alarms, I don't know.
There is talk about the absence of viruses in OS/2, it´s probably true, but I think that the reputation on the network should be improved.

For your informartion.

Greetings to all.

Setup & Installation / Old DOS Program on ArcaOS VDM
« on: February 24, 2023, 08:23:09 pm »
Hi all:
I would be interested to use a statistics program designed for MS-DOS 3.0 or later in an ArcaOS VDM session. But when I run it. it gives me this error.

   "OS386 requires 80386 processor
    Kernel cannot continue"

Is VDM an emulation of a 286 processor?
Could the DOS parameters be modified to make it work?
I've already tried a real MS-DOS 6.22 session on a floppy, but since it takes DOS/OS2 session parameters, we're the same.
This program has the peculiarity that it must not use EMM386.SYS but rather HIMEM.SYS as the extended memory controller.

This program needs:
- IBM PC 486 or 386 or compatible
- DOS 3.2 or later
- Min 4MB extended RAM (not expanded) The program takes 3 MB
- Mathematics co-processor
- Graphic adapter CGA,EGA,VGA or MCGA or one that emulates any of these (16 colors recommended)

This is the DOS version of The Unscrambler by Camo
Someone knows?

Comments, Suggestions & Questions / Mouse single-click in WPS
« on: February 22, 2023, 08:24:41 pm »
Is it possible to open files and folders in ArcaOS with a single mouse click?
For me is more handy.

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