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Which news from Arcanoae's blue lion at Warpstock Europe 2016?
Where you can read about?
news... comments...

Article Discussions / Atheros card driver
« on: March 08, 2013, 03:17:31 pm »
I found in a russian site a new driver for etehrnet Atheros card. It is referred only to os/4.
Any further news about?
Anybody tried with os/2 or ecomstation?
Which problems to use it or rethinking the driver?


ps: Herewith the entire readme file:

UniMac v1.0


  1. Add basedev = LinMac.sys to config.sys
  2. Run MPTS, get UniMac.nif and install

  Support PCI ID:

  Atheros gigabit
        :0x1063 - testing
        :0x1083 - testing

  Current version for OS/4 kernel only!!!!


  You have 2 card, Atheros 0x1961:0x1063 and RTL8168

  1. Copy LinMac.sys to \os2\boot of boot disk
  2. Add basedev=linmac.sys to any line positions in config.sys
  3. Copy UniMac.os2 and UniMac.nif to \ibmcom\macs
  4. Run MPTS and 2 card UniMac
  5. For rtl868 change field "Card number" to 1

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