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Internet / Login (userid) box for email missing in Firefox 45.9.0
« on: December 11, 2022, 01:19:13 am »
It looks like suddenly Comcast (email) must have changed their website login page, because I used to be able to login just fine on eCS with Firefox 45.9.0.
Now,  the page to login is missing a "box" where one enters their userid/email.  I suspect perhaps they made it "Flashy" (?)  Anyway, is there any way to fix this?

I attempted to install Qupzilla to see if it would work, but it is *very* difficult to install and I forgot I have ANPM so I was trying to install all the components manually, but I must have forgot something or incorrectly installed it because when I try to invoke it from a command line, it just flashes and does nothing.


I have tried almost everything to get the Intel Centrino 6205 Wireless to work.  The files in GENMU load find, but the radio appears to not be enabled which of course means it doesn't work.    I have tried the .sys and .reg file extracted from booting the Hiren's Mini XP CD.  I know that some people have said that having too large a .sys file causes heartache for GENMAC, but the file was not terribly large.  I also tried one from Windows Vista which is also not too large but it hangs at the netbind.exe with a message "Exception = C0000005 occurred at EIP = 2268a".   No idea what this means.  I have also been able with various combos of .sys and .reg or .inf to boot to the eCS deskop where it hangs momentarily with the mouse icon busy before rebooting the system.  One question I have is that looking at the hardware manager, it appears that the IRQs for the hard drive are 10 and 11.  And, the IRQ for the Intel Centrino 6205 is also 10.  Is this a problem?   Any other thoughts regarding this problem appreciated.

Hardware / Trap 000D when trying to go to command line
« on: February 01, 2022, 11:43:23 pm »
I am trying to boot eCS to the command line by pressing the Alt-F1 when the white square appears in the upper left hand corner, then pressing F2 to get to the command line.   Immediately after pressing the F2 to get to the command line, I get a Trap 000D and stop.  I am wondering if anyone knows which CONFIG.SYS the system is using to boot to the command line at the blue selection screen after pressing ALT-F! at the square then pressing F2?  Aside from that question, is there any other way to identify/debug why there is a TRAP 000D?

Setup & Installation / eCS hangs on boot loading OS2DASD.DMD
« on: January 28, 2022, 04:24:10 pm »
I had a working eCS installation and suddenly when I boot it, it hangs loading OS2DASD.DMD because Alt-F2 at the logo shows the message on boot and it is stuck.  Any ideas?

Networking / GenMU WIFI driver for Ralink 301
« on: January 26, 2022, 04:26:36 am »

Is there a GenMU WIFI test version driver for RALINK 0301 or can I "make" one?  In Windows 2000, I see the DEV_0301 in the .inf file and it works under Win 2K in the same machine I am trying to install it under eComStation 2.0.

(I attempted to directly send this to Doug Bissett but it appears his personal email that I corresponded to him at several months ago is no longer valid as it bounced).

Jordan Krim

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