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Hi Doug

Possibly a read of,3425.0.html, aka UEFI: Dual Boot - Windows 11 and ArcaOS 5.1, along with,3466.msg41660.html#msg41660, aka Booting eCS and MCP under UEFI, will be of help.



Programming / Re: Bigicons
« on: November 29, 2023, 05:21:11 pm »
Hi Rich

Both config.sys lines work equally well - or badly in my case.

I did not install Dynamic Icons when installing 5.1.0 but since purchasing a slightly bigger screen (Dell P2222H) with more acreage have installed from the wpi packages in the ISO file.

After a reboot I set icon size to Dynamic, 56 for both Icon and Tree views. Shortly after I bumped into a problem: Opening the Drives folder results in a system hang, Drives folder status bar shows "Collecting objects...", mouse moves but cannot click on anything, C-A-D works to get me to the option of WPS Reset which only delivers a black screen, Trying C-A-D again then Reboot(Restart) option results in a blue-ish (turquoise) screen of death, only the system box Off button works.

After a reboot retried opening the Drives folder with the same result.

Rebooted, reset icon size to Normal for Icon View and can now open Drives folder.

Prior to the Drives folder problem I noticed that some folders opened in icon view did not use the icon size 56 but were displayed at Normal size.

Any ideas on resolving the above problems?  - which may be related...



Hi Andrew

Not sure which bit may be confusing you...

As you do not seem to be able to boot the system "... we get to the AN logo on a black background... then the m/c runs and runs and runs, going nowhere.  I left it for over an hour and a half, without joy." my suggestion is to discover where config.sys "barfs" during boot. This can be done by pressing keys ALT-F2 when OS/2 is displayed at top left of screen - almost immediately after boot starts. This should display drivers loading and will indicate which driver is not loading.

Then you probably need to be able to boot from something - I suggested install media - in order to edit config.sys and resolve non-boot problem.

Come to think of it: If you are running UEFI boot instead of booting install media you can, once you have established what the boot problem is, press ALT-F1 when OS/2 is displayed at top left of screen. This should display a Recovery Menu which includes the option to edit config.sys for this boot. Hopefully that will resolve the non-boot problem.



Hi Andrew

To try to ascertain where the boot gets stuck: During boot press Alt-F2 when the "OS/2" appears in top left corner of screen. This should show drivers loading and either the driver displayed or the next driver that should load is the likely cause of boot failure.

Having established where boot stops Boot the install media to the Installer gui and select System Management(? think that is what it is called) instead of starting a fresh install. You can then use Text Editor to open old and new config.sys files to compare and adjust as necessary.



Networking / Re: arcmapper
« on: November 15, 2023, 07:43:31 pm »
Hi Rick

I don't use samba or arcmapper myself but you could try deleting the CONNECTIONS  from the config.sys SET AUTOSTART line to see if that solves the problem.



Applications / Re: HyperAccess 7
« on: November 15, 2023, 07:38:51 pm »
Hi cristech

Looks like the install fails as the installer finds a lack of disk space - How much does it report in the install failed message?



Applications / Re: XWP v1.0.16
« on: November 12, 2023, 04:37:55 pm »
Hi All

Playing with the new Text Size - was on Standard - I selected Medium size, clicked Test and was a bit surprised to see the Properties notebook shrink in size. Is that supposed to happen?



Multimedia / Re: VLC - does it play disks?
« on: November 12, 2023, 04:27:32 pm »
Hi All

Probably 1 of the best sites providing "fixes Out There In Naughty Land"

I must admit to having successfully used their firmware variants on many DVDRWs in the past  :-)



Setup & Installation / Re: ArcaOS 5.1
« on: November 12, 2023, 02:49:47 am »
Hi Rick

Possibly something related to early os/2 messaging software, see and scroll down to which contains the dll file of that name.

Whether it is related...



Setup & Installation / Re: ArcaOS Sluggishness
« on: November 12, 2023, 02:43:03 am »
Hi Dariusz

What I would expect to happen if AHCI support is turned off in the BIOS is that the AHCI.ADD driver will not load (no controller hardware) and my SATA DVDRW, which uses AHCI, will not work (read/write).

Here the BIOS options for SATA are
No, no (E)IDE/PATA option.

I guess you must be accessing SSDs as EIDE(PATA) using dansi506.add?

AHCI is a little faster than EIDE(PATA) - and NVMe is faster than AHCI  :-)

I am turning off AHCI support for the SATA1 connected SSD because:
1 ]something, seems to be gpt.flt, gets a bit freaked out by that drive - Windows11 install on it - which doubles boot time
2] I have absolutely no need/want to access the Windows11 installation on that drive from ArcaOS

I have not seen any problems with AHCI myself on various systems that I have used it on, was happily using it on this system with an SSD and a "spinner" as well as a DVDRW until I purchased an NVMe drive.

Ouch! Just got prodded by wife who reminds me that a few years ago I had a system that was "misbehaving" with weird, occasional system freezes. I thought a drive was dying and enlisted the help of Jan (DFSee) to try to ascertain which of the 4 disks fitted was having a problem. After looking through the logs he advised me to check my PSU, power and data leads. Testing the PSU output revealed fluctuating voltages, opening the PSU and seeing a few "overcooked" bits explained a lot.

I think in your position I would check SATA leads, power and data, are connected properly and that the PSU is clean and outputting correct, consistent voltages etc, also worth checking system fans are clean(ish). Although if this all works fine with danis506.add there should not be a problem...

Out of interest:
 What hardware is involved? ie mainboard/chipset(s), SSDs
 What config.sys line would you be using for AHCI support



Hardware / Re: Using a UPS to save SSDs
« on: November 07, 2023, 08:24:59 pm »
Hi Andrew

The printer will sit at the far end of a 5m USB-2 cable...

No Wireless capability?
If printer and router are both wireless capable it gives you more options on where to site the printer - and there is no need to go tripping over long USB leads  :-)



Applications / Re: VLC 3.0.19 don't install !
« on: November 07, 2023, 01:51:34 am »
Hi Dave

Martin is probably not starting it "with a weird location".

Martin has probably done the same as me - unzipped to his choice of location keeping the vlc/2 directory tree. In which case the libpath entry is needed for vlc2\usr\local\bin\vlc.exe to find it's support libs.



Setup & Installation / Re: UEFI: Dual Boot - Windows 11 and ArcaOS 5.1
« on: November 03, 2023, 12:16:05 am »
Hi Rich

Thanks for your explanations re the incorrect boot list descriptions.

Presuming bootdelete works as well as bootorder - Yes, had a quick "play" - the only missing bootlist utility is the bootadd you mention you did not get around to writing before leaving AN.
Any plans to complete your bootlist utilities? :-)

Yes, sorry, probably not the only person to mix up the terms... I thought I'd seen something in the AN docs or wiki... Which led me to suggest the menuentry using OS2LDR.EFI with desired boot drive as the option. Pleased to read that it should work although with text mode problems.



Setup & Installation / Re: UEFI: Dual Boot - Windows 11 and ArcaOS 5.1
« on: November 02, 2023, 07:25:45 pm »
Hi All

I seem to recall something about being able to boot both GPT and MBR volumes on the same disk somewhere in the ArcaOS 5.1.0 related docs but have not been able to find it again to check exactly what was stated.

I am wondering what exactly os2ldr.efi does... something to prepare ArcaOS to boot I guess.
Does that end up with starting \os2ldr on the ArcaOS boot drive?

If "Yes" maybe this will work for Neil

menuentry "ArcaOS-H" {
    icon /EFI/BOOT/icons/os_arcaos.png
    loader \EFI\OS2\OS2LDR.EFI
    options "H:"



Setup & Installation / Re: UEFI: Dual Boot - Windows 11 and ArcaOS 5.1
« on: November 02, 2023, 07:09:35 pm »
Hi Dave

Well, using the UEFI shell looks like fun but could be the answer to a couple of incorrect descriptions - not sure how - in the boot list:

a] AN Launcher shows as UEFI-OS
b] rEFInd shows as Windows Boot Manager
(Note: the 2 Windows 11 installations also show the name of the disk they are installed to ie Netarac SSD or Crucial P3, so I know which of the 3 Windows Managers is which)

So, the plan was to delete those (a] and b]) entries then add them back to the boot list with the correct descriptions.

My mainboard BIOS did have an option for booting a UEFIShell but that seems to have disappeared...

Downloaded the linked into the rEFInd UEFI install instructions and put a copy of shell_x64.efi into \EFI\Boot

Then I used miniLVM, aka Logical Volume Manager (Simple), to re-install AN Launcher as that would pick up the shell_64.efi and offer it as a boot option.
On reboot started AN Launcher and selected shell_x64.efi.

Oh, What Fun!!! - Find the correct fs*: where "*" represents a number
fs0: was the ESP on the SATA drive so changed to fs1: without any problem but issuing ls resulted in system hang
Issuing ls on fs2: caused the same system hang
fs3: turned out to be the correct (NVMe) ESP.

Followed the rEFInd UEFI install instructions steps 12 to 15 to:

1] use bcfg dump -b to get the list of NVRAM entries
2] delete a] and b] entries above.
3] add the rEFInd entry
4] move the rEFInd entry to the top of the boot list

As I had already (re)installed AN Launcher it now had an entry with the correct name so no further action required for that.

Result: Checking BIOS on reboot rEFInd is the 1st entry, AN Launcher is correctly listed and the unwanted entries (a] and b] above) are now gone.

Exited BIOS and rEFInd appeared onscreen.

So, all worked well but it would still be easier to make those NVRAM changes from a nice little ui in ArcaOS.



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