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fixpak 38 is the last available for french version of warp 3. so you guess it, i'm french.
i'm playing with a (boosted) PS/2 model 35sx, and really want to use OS/2 on it.
i've somewhat boosted this good old beast, replacing the onboard 386sx by a 486 SXLC2, and overclocked to 33 MHz. (was 20 at stock)
added a really decent video card with a S3 928 chip, network, and sound.
fun little machine :)

so, after fp38 installation, and right after reboot for locked files to be updated, it hang after the boot manager.
all i get is a blinking cursor instead of the OS/2 "blob", keyboard is non responsive too.

the machine is actually using a CF as hard drive, and i first though it may be due to that.
CF are tricky sometimes, but even with a real HDD result is the same.

any ideas ?
thanks :)

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