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hello, and sorry for the delay.
thanks for all answers, i'll try suggestions soon and let you know.

some news... i still can't tell what happen exactly, but it might be the TI 486 SXLC2 having some troubles with OS/2.
but i can't easily swap with the original 386, as i soldered the TI and don't plan roll back anyway.

i have a model 55sx with a 486SXLC2, and also give me troubles with warp 3 installation too. (and with OS/2 2.11 too)
and a model 70 using a 486SXLC2 too, and with the same troubles as the 55sx, but as the 70 use a PGA cpu, i can confirm rolling back to the 386 solve the issue.
so, seems OS/2 don't really like thoses hybrid cpu...

thank you.
i asked there, and let you know if something new.

I vaguely remember something about the later FP3x's that required a fix or something for PS/2's, easy answer was I think a jump straight to FP40.

fp40 seems to not exist for french version, it's nowhere on ibm ftp. thoses still available from ibm for french localized are 32, 35, 38.
but good to know, i'll dig the question about fix for PS/2's, maybe it's still somewhere on the net :D

Just asking to be sure: the machine booted normally before the fixpak was installed?
yes, never got any issues before fixpak installation.

If I remember correctly, early Warp 3 needed to have a BIOS setting (something about booting OS/2 warp) set on, and later versions (including later Warp 3 fix packs) needed that set off. Try both ways, if you find it.

there's no options related to operating system in bios, as i said, this is a PS/2 and it's supposed to be supported by warp 3.
the only bios option i know about OS/2 is related to ram over 64MB. pre warp 4 need it, warp 4 and above not.
and of course, it's not the problem here, as it's a 386sx bus, maximum is 16MB.

It's been a while since I supported OS/2 Warp3, but two ideas...

1. check that os2ldr and os2krnl are there on hard drive.
2. try to run sysinstx c: to make sure system files are where they are supposed to be.
in between, i tried an older FP to see, fixpak 35. i got the same deadend after locked files have been updated. i checked the 2 files, they are in place.
then i run sysinstx from diskette, he did his job, but nothing better. still got "the blinking cursor of the death"

Been a long time for me since I have run Warp 3 but I think there is something or somethings you may have to turn off in the Bios. anyone remember?
this is an isa based PS/2, there's nothing much you can do in bios. the only thing you can switch is the bios shadowing, and set date/time.
i don't think it's related to that, but who know...


fixpak 38 is the last available for french version of warp 3. so you guess it, i'm french.
i'm playing with a (boosted) PS/2 model 35sx, and really want to use OS/2 on it.
i've somewhat boosted this good old beast, replacing the onboard 386sx by a 486 SXLC2, and overclocked to 33 MHz. (was 20 at stock)
added a really decent video card with a S3 928 chip, network, and sound.
fun little machine :)

so, after fp38 installation, and right after reboot for locked files to be updated, it hang after the boot manager.
all i get is a blinking cursor instead of the OS/2 "blob", keyboard is non responsive too.

the machine is actually using a CF as hard drive, and i first though it may be due to that.
CF are tricky sometimes, but even with a real HDD result is the same.

any ideas ?
thanks :)

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