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Programming / Re: redirect stdout, stderr and stdin
« on: August 10, 2021, 04:52:46 am »
I added stdin to voix some years ago... this discussion made me realize I had commited in the wrong order so I just fixed ti:

General Discussion / Re: Strange behavior.
« on: July 25, 2021, 04:37:43 pm »
Instead of opening a new thread I prefer to dig up this one, since this can also be considered as a strange behaviour of Hobbes web interface.

I wonder if anyone here also noticed that since Hobbes went "SSL", the sort option doesn't seem to work anymore ("search=&stype=any&sort=date&dir=%2F"), especially the "sort by date".
Using ISO date format would be easier for this, but anyway I am sure that a good script can deal with a date string.  :P

OK. Some will tell me the date field doesn't mean anything with the All Ye Olde Archives posted recently, but still.

Have a nice day you all !
Guillaume Gay

Hey Guillaume
Does this do what you are wanting?

Games / Re: Hearts Card Game
« on: January 22, 2021, 04:25:53 am »
Hi, each round (shuffle) is called a hand. I used to like playing hearts, where did Tellie post the game?
I haven't played it yet but installed it via RPM a couple weeks ago I guess it was.

Applications / Re: IBM and VisuaAge C / C++ runtimes
« on: January 07, 2021, 04:06:24 am »

I want to try to organize and upload the IBM C and VisualAge C runtime files in one file. This is just to allow people to find only some missing DLLs, nothing amazing.

I'm doing it based on this list:

I want to focus first on each release with the latest fixpack.  So this is my list for the moment:

Code: [Select]
VisualAge C++ 3.0 + Fix 8
07-29-1997 185,342 CPPOM30.DLL
07-29-1997 39,633 CPPON30.DLL
07-29-1997 83,732 CPPOOB3.DLL
07-29-1997 46,618 CPPOOD3.DLL
07-29-1997 62,776 CPPOOM3.DLL
07-29-1997 644,810 CPPOOU3.DLL
07-29-1997 174,493 CPPOS30.DLL

C/C++ Compiler 3.6.5 + Fix 2
11-08-2000       44,281      CPPRDI36.DLL
11-08-2000      299,825      CPPRMI36.DLL
11-08-2000       75,393      CPPRNI36.DLL
11-08-2000      285,955      CPPRSI36.DLL
11-08-2000       57,077      CPPRWM36.DLL
11-08-2000       34,875      CPPXM36.DLL
11-08-2000       45,571      CPPXM36I.DLL
11-08-2000       34,554      CPPXS36.DLL
11-08-2000       43,045      CPPXS36I.DLL

VisualAge C++ 4.0 - Fix 1
03-16-1999 221,237 CPPRSI40.DLL
03-16-1999 235,849 CPPRMI40.DLL
03-16-1999      55,549 CPPRNI40.DLL
03-16-1999 1,437,780 CPPOBI40.DLL
03-16-1999 203,776 CPPODI40.DLL
03-16-1999 1,997,664 CPPOUI40.DLL
03-16-1999 56,430 CPPRWM40.DLL

I thought that IBM C 3.6.5 latest fixpack was #2, but I found this file: with different time stamps and sizes:

Code: [Select]
02-07-2001  299,623    cpprmi36.dll
02-07-2001  286,010    cpprsi36.dll

I'm wondering were did "" showed up since IBM C-C++ Fixpack 2 is dated 2000-12-20, and if this is the latest versions, and if there was also a 2001 version of the rest of the DLLs. Where there some unlisted fixpacks that are not availble on IBM's site anymore?

If you know about any newer version of the others VisualAge runtime DLLs, or any other comments, please let me know.


There were a few updates since FP2:
5-14-02  18:28         285,977    154   ___A_  cpprsi36.dll
5-14-02  18:28         299,726    154   ___A_  cpprmi36.dll
5-14-02  18:28          75,393    154   ___A_  cpprni36.dll

I found them here:

Multimedia / Re: Updated Uniaud32 build
« on: December 27, 2020, 03:41:54 am »
OK.... it took a while - but I finally produced sound with HDA hardware (albeit virtualised) with 4.14.202...

Testing appreciated:

Not sure I fully understand why the change I made to OSS32_WaveClose() fixed things, but I'll worry about that later!!

Sound working on my Thinkpad W530

Programming / Re: How to check file accessibility in REXX?
« on: October 11, 2020, 03:42:22 am »
If I am not misreading what you want, sysfiletree() should do what you want.  This is OOREXX documentation but as I recall it is the same for the OS/2 version:

Setup & Installation / Re: How to update Cups between ArcaOS version?
« on: October 07, 2020, 03:01:21 am »
There are two files, if you wanted to just copy them over:
The rpm just copies those to files into place. 

General Discussion / Re: Thunderbird e-mail client
« on: September 01, 2020, 05:58:03 am »
Tried setting up a Yahoo mail account, no crash but it doesn't like my password. I'll try later with a fresh profile.

I tried with the same windows configuration: - port 993 - ssl - 0auth2 -> crash at the end of setup
I tried with port - 993 - normal password ( same as Gmail account) -> crash at the end of setup

Are there any other log to help or only Error Console?

I tried to set up Yahoo account in SeaMonkey too. Password is not accept.

While OAuth2 works for Gmail here, it does not work for Yahoo here... I must use SSL/TLS and Normal Password.  I just went about trying to switch to OAuth2 for Yahoo (and AIM mail) due to emails they sent about disabling my current access option.  I was unsuccessful in getting OAuth2 to work for these.  I guess I need to dig out my Linux system and try setting it up there and see if OAuth2 works on it (my searching came up with about 50/50 whether it should/would work).

General Discussion / Re: Thunderbird e-mail client
« on: August 29, 2020, 09:29:45 pm »
Now I decided to set up an Outlook e-mail account. What happened? Nothing! All working as expected by automatic setup without any manual changes. I never imagined that a Microsoft product was a solution. I was not using this account and in fact it was only created for digital licence I have of W10. Now it seems I will have to redirect may GMail emails to Outlook if I want to use Thunderbird...


  Application Basics

    Name: Thunderbird
    Version: 45.8.0
    User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (OS/2; Warp 4.5; rv:45.0) Gecko/20100101 Thunderbird/45.8.0
    Profile Directory: Open Directory

              (Unknown location)
    Application Build ID: 20200322201630
    Enabled Plugins: about:plugins
    Build Configuration: about:buildconfig
    Memory Use: about:memory

  Mail and News Accounts
      INCOMING: account1, , (imap), SSL, passwordCleartext
      OUTGOING: ,, alwaysSTARTTLS, passwordCleartext, true

Rather than passwrodCleartext, choose OAuth2. That is what I use here, and had to change to some time ago.

Off Topic discussions / Re: Powerline combo with POE?
« on: August 23, 2020, 06:02:36 pm »
Hi Andy,

Nice kit but the problem is connecting it to a tablet that only has one USB port for connecting to the outside world.  It might work with the something like the unit I mentioned earlier but all it would do is cut out the tablet charger.

Now, if there was one of those that combined the USB ethernet and charger and outputted them to a single OTG USB plug it would be more than interesting.

The microUSB I use with the magicjack, so is fine for that.  It has been a few months since I used it, so I forgot a piece for the USB-C that I use for my phone.  In addition to the above that splits the power and ethernet, I forgot I plug that into:
which allows power passthrough and is the actual ethernet adapter for the phone... as well as providing USB ports and HDMI (that I occasionally connect to my TV or monitor).

Off Topic discussions / Re: Powerline combo with POE?
« on: August 23, 2020, 04:58:56 am »
Going away from Wifi (also due to Warpnes) I've tried out Powerline dapters in our familiy for couching in the evening.
We came to the conclusion: That stuff rocks, even with android tablets!

The connection is WAY better and lag free, especially when our son is playing tablet online games. ; )

Problem is though, the USB LAN adapter s*cks out more tablet battery power than the Wifi connection. (No problem for Notebooks though.)
That leads to one problem... you can use Powerline until the tablet battery runs out. Then wifi needs to be re-enabled and an USB charger needs to be connected, so the tablet does not die due to power shortagae.

So I came to the question, is there something such like PowerLine with Power over Ethernet (POE)? - And YES there is. - Cool! *__*
But.. are there also USB LAN "cards" supported by Android that can make use of POE LAN?
If so, you'd be able to even CHARGE the tablet while using the network without mobile data or wifi, but with Powerline + POE. How cool would that be?!

Did anybody have experiences with that already?

These are the ones I use (one is usbc, the other microusb):
In case it isn't loadable in all countries:   UCTRONICS USB-C PoE Splitter Gigabit, PoE to USB-C 5V/4A Power Supply for Raspberry Pi 4 and More, 802.3at Power Over Ethernet to USB Type-C Adapter
AuviPal Gigabit PoE Splitter (2 Pack), PoE to Micro USB 5V Power and 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet Adapter for Raspberry Pi, Fire TV Ethernet Adapter, Chromecast, Wyze Cam v2, Arlo 2 Pro, NanoPi and More

Applications / Re: Subversion 1.14.0
« on: July 24, 2020, 05:01:18 am »
if run under sh, does the shell do the expansion and then work?
Just tested and expansion does occur under sh (as the shell is doing the expansion then).

Hardware / Re: Trying to understand unimix.exe
« on: July 11, 2020, 09:03:30 pm »
Hi Tom

With Paul's driver, it seems it is also ID3

Code: [Select]
[X:\]unimix -names
Command line mixer for UNIAUD32. Version 1.1
Detected UNIAUD version 2.02.05
Detected 1 audio adapter(s)
Control list for adapter 0
ID: 1, name: [Capture Switch]
ID: 2, name: [Capture Volume]
ID: 3, name: [Master Playback Volume]

Are there just the 3 IDs or did you truncate it at Master Playback Volume?
I have to set Master Playback Volume and Speaker Volume (there is also a Headset volume).  Both Master and Speaker Volumes changed IDs under Paul's latest build.  Speaker then defaulted to 0 and my script was trying to set it but was on the wrong one until I updated it.

There is also a QT app, qputty, which is very much like putty on Windows (it lacks serial port but that is not needed for SSH anyhow).

Networking / Re: Samba Server v4.11.9
« on: June 24, 2020, 05:11:34 am »
At least 10 unique downloads, and not a single comment?
I had a broken 3.6 install, I am getting further with the 4.11 while trying to fix it but at this point I am assuming the problems I have are related to the original issues, thus nothing to report until I get it sorted out.  I am seeing a bunch or assertions in libcx pwrite but I assume those are from Samba tools that were written for 3.6 (making it harder to sort this all out).

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