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Applications / Re: David's Doodles
« on: June 27, 2021, 02:39:35 am »
Game icons above is now at ver 10.

A few more blue open close folder pngs have been created.  This is the complete package.  I removed the other.  Do not need to download unless you want any of the new pngs.


I used PPWIZARD version 08.298 on OS/2 and the sources are gone, but is there an easy way to download my entire site?

I was pretty surprised by how much of it still work too. Thinking about reviving it :)

What I like most about PPWizard was the Drag/drop auto-prompt dialog box.  That I miss.



Applications / Re: hard hangs
« on: June 22, 2021, 12:59:48 am »
I notice you never answered this question from Roderick:

When the system has hung, does it respond to CTRL ALT F10 twice

I remember it as Ctrl-Alt-Num Lock twice.

It's supposed to start a system dump.

I always used CTRL ALT DEL numerous times and it did not work.  I did not know about the CTRL ALT F10 twice.

I ditched the USB drive and use a new one.  I now limit the number of files on the FAT32 root directory.  I also copy all my work to my RAM drives and switch to them.  So far, the system is very stable when working.

Applications / Re: David's Doodles
« on: June 20, 2021, 09:22:23 pm »
After making more game icons, I have included all and uploaded ver 10.

A few more game icons have been created.  Started a new game grouping.  So far, just a sheriff icon.

Applications / Re: hard hangs
« on: June 20, 2021, 06:20:22 am »
Dave, it did happen.  That may have been it.  This was over months it had been doing this. what is weird is that at the end, after formatting fat32, windows had no problem reading the drive.  However, Arca could not, so needless to say, it is not used any more.

Applications / Re: hard hangs
« on: June 20, 2021, 03:47:59 am »
the arcaOS version.

What is weird is that when it would crash, and check disk was run under windows, the same first few icons were always recovered.  Any new or recent pics were lost.  This was true for every crash.

Applications / Re: hard hangs
« on: June 17, 2021, 03:33:21 am »
Yes, I believe there is a limit to the number of files in the root directory before the fat32 drive becomes unstable.

Applications / Re: hard hangs
« on: June 17, 2021, 12:43:18 am »
I noticed and have had these problems for some time.  It must be the programs.

PMview with multiple instances and working with lots of graphics sometimes hangs the system requiring a hard shutdown.

This also occurs with FM/2.  Sometimes when I open an archive file and start to drag a file to add to the archive, the system locks up requiring another hard boot.

What software are you running ?

Do you load big programs such as Open Office, Firefox and Thunderbird at the same time ?

When the system locks up can you press CTRL ALT DEL ?
Or CTRL ALT F10 twice or is it completely dead ?

Best regards,

Roderick Klein
For sure these 3 programs are running: multiple instances of PMView, Iconview, FM2, and sometime Firefox. I usually have a USB drive plugged in.  At times I can go to Top and shut down what i think are the problem programs and go back to the WPS.  The mouse will not move requiring a hard boot.  At other times, it I am unable to go to TOP and must do a hard boot next.  With the USB drive in, I am fairly sure, a hard boot is required.  The USB drive may be a large part of it.  I cannot tell you how may graphics files I have lost because of this.

It seems like the more graphics are in the root directory on the FAT32 drive, the greater the risk for a hang.

Applications / hard hangs
« on: June 16, 2021, 06:18:00 pm »
I noticed and have had these problems for some time.  It must be the programs.

PMview with multiple instances and working with lots of graphics sometimes hangs the system requiring a hard shutdown.

This also occurs with FM/2.  Sometimes when I open an archive file and start to drag a file to add to the archive, the system locks up requiring another hard boot.

Applications / Re: patched PmMerge
« on: June 14, 2021, 02:55:14 am »
I play around with a lot of graphics.  At some point I always have a hang.  PMView would lock the system or FM/2 would lock the system occasionally when I had several instances of PMView opened along with iconedit.  So far, I am not seeing this with the patched PMMerge.dll

Setup & Installation / Re: A question of fonts
« on: June 13, 2021, 11:40:59 pm »
1- if I select the font MARKSYM it does not show me anything, I came to think that I had damaged inis, but I installed a new system and it did not show anything either. It's correct like this?

2 - how can I install a ttf font. I have tried drag and drop and it tells me that it is installed. But I'm not sure if I got it right. In the name it gives me the character of the Greek letter pi.
13/06/21 16:23         62.628    355 a---  MarketSans-SemiBold-WebS.ttf
This is the font that I downloaded from the internet, and what I understand is not for os2 or is it?


Where did you download it from?

Setup & Installation / Re: A question of fonts
« on: June 13, 2021, 09:04:23 pm »
Have you tried this utility?

INSTFONT is a simple command-line tool for installing a font under OS/2 Presentation Manager. Installing a font simply by updating OS2.INI requires a reboot in order to take effect; using INSTFONT allows for immediate installation of a new font without rebooting. Designed for use in scripts and installable font packages.

Applications / Re: patched PmMerge
« on: June 13, 2021, 03:17:20 pm »
Thanks Rich for the feedback.

Rich, what is your opinion on this patch?  The last time I checked, ArcaOS was still using build 14.006.


This package contains 2 Fixes to PMMERGE.DLL Build 14.006.
This build was released by IBM as pj31908 and is also part of many ECS 2.0 
and ECS 2.1 releases.

FIX1: SYS3171 (Stack Overflow) on PMSHELL.EXE and others.

When clicking on an inactive program to get focus on it, the program crashes.
This behaviour is mainly seen when running VPC as host.
When starting several programs by fastly clicking on their icons PMSHELL may die.
A reboot is necessary to get the system back to life.

The cause for this behaviour is within function CallOemPointer.
It is used to send drawing commands to the graphics system.
Under certain conditions, this function calls WIN32SENDMSG.
If the function was called as a result of message processing, a loop may be established.
This causes the stack to be filled within the loop, ending with SYS3171.

The file named PM_SYS3171 patches CallOemPointer to not call SENDMSG anymore.
This behaviour is similar to PMMERGE Builds 14.095 and earlier.
Side effect may be lost mouse clicks when system is busy but I use this Patch
for over a Year now with no noticeable drawbacks.


When setting PM_SystemFonts->DefaultFont to anything smaller than SystemProportional
many other forms (such as the settings pages of the WPS) have too small text items.
Also the height of titlebars on all windows is changed. 

The file named PM_DEFFONT patches the initial processing of pmmerge to using fixed
fontsize (using the values from SystemProportional).
So don't use this patch if you are pleased using the DefaultFont setting already.
Side effect: The IBM Help Viewer looks strange, don't know why.
Use NewView instead.


1. Make shure, you are using PMMERGE.DLL 14.106 using bldlevel utility.

2. Make a bakup of your original PMMERGE.DLL

3. Make shure that you are able to boot from disc or maintainance partition.
   Be shure! You cannot start the system with a corrupted PMMERGE!

4. Get lxlt133 from the web and unpack it into a temporary directory.
   On ECS 2.1 lxlite is already installed.

5. Copy PMMERGE.DLL to the temporary directory.

6. Expand PMMERGE.DLL using lxlite.exe, file size should be 1754169 bytes.

7. Copy the *.PAT files to the temporary directory.

8. Run PATCH.EXE PM_SYS3171.PAT /A to apply fix1

9. Run PATCH.EXE PM_DEFFONT.PAT /A to apply fix2

Applications / Re: patched PmMerge
« on: June 13, 2021, 02:27:26 pm »
Installed to my ArcaOs 5.06 with all the latest patches and drivers and using the OS4 kernel.  Works great.

OS4User, I was wondering if you have heard or used NEWCALLS for OS/2 by Carsten Arnold and your opinion of this idea.  I have used it in the past with no adverse effects that I could see.  I am running the patch with your modified pmmerge.dll without any seen adverse effects so far.

patch for pmmerge.dll

The file PMMERGE.DLL opens the INI files with the flag
OPEN_FLAGS_WRITE_THROUGH which has the consequence that these files
are written uncached to the HD, so that the WPS is blocked partially
quite a long while. IBM made for exaggerated safety reasons,
in my opinion that is not necessary.

This Tool goes back on an idea from Peter Fitzsimmons.

At this the module entry DOSCALLS will replaced in pmmerge.dll by NEWCALLS.
The NEWCALLS.DLL contains so-called Forwarder on all functions in DOSCALLS
except DOS32OPEN, this function its by own _DOS32OPEN replaced.
If opening files, _DOS32OPEN removes the flag

I wrote now a Installer and shortened the file NEWCALLS.DLL somewhat
(no, there now nothing is missing;-)).

Supplementary product like DLLRNAME are more necessary.

Start the Install.exe without parameter.
The Installer checks the file PMMERGE.DLL and looks for the entry DOSCALLS.

Then it copies file NEWCALLS.DLL into the directory X:\OS2\DLL, whereby X is
the boot drive.

Since the file PMMERGE.DLL normally in use and thus to write is locked,
the installer unlock the DLL. Now the entry is replaced DOSCALLS by NEW CALLS.

So that the modification becomes effective, a Reboot is necessary.
It is not enough to start the WPS again.

If against expect it to disturbances comes, you can deinstall NEWCALLS also
again. Start InstNC.exe with the parameter /DeInst. The module entry NEWCALLS
is replaced again through DOSCALLS and the file NEWCALL.DLL is deleted.
A restart of the system becomes also here necessarily.

This program is freeware.

Applications / Re: David's Doodles
« on: May 16, 2021, 03:32:04 am »
Okay, I made some open folder for the PNG blue folder scheme.  I also redid the close folders also.  one could even reverse them and use the open folders as close folders and the close folders as open folders. Combined the additional pngs with the originals into one package.

Added more folders on the 6/26/2021

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