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Applications / Lucide Gsview and printers error in Lucide or not
« on: November 26, 2015, 07:23:52 pm »
In a computer, with the same software, imported ppd of their respective manufacturers. Color laser printers with an old Brother and of poor quality, a new Xerox Phaser 6500N with better quality, both networked. Both printers print OS2 from many applications without problems. But Xerox printing pdfs from Lucice takes me a lot of text pages. The brother with lucide prints all ok.
So I think there is not a problem of lucide, if not ppd or settings of the printer. Any help?

Here's a long list of backup solutions:

Thanks Gregory, but I want test zipboot  but i can not found. I see in hobbes and google, Do yuo have any link?

I think you mean eCS v2.0 to eCS v2.1.
Yes v2.0 to 2.1
It should be very simple if you have nothing but eCS on your boot partition and all programs and utilities on another partition,
This is not my case
in which case you would only need to use something like robosave to copy the desktop and then format the partition and then install the newer version and use roborestore to restore the desktop.
I do not know this robosaver -roborestore application theft, but understand that this is similar to a copy and restoration of INIS, desktop, and CFG. This is not a problem.
I am still not sure that there are any advantages in doing so because as far as I know there are no changes to the underlying OS/2 that eCS is based on, although there may be changes to some of the utilities but I would have thought they could be updated independent of the base OS. 

I may be wrong, but I understand that eCS has followed the windows idea of dumping everything - OS plus programs and utilities - onto a very large boot partition which makes the simple reformat/reinstall impossible and hence producing a lot of the problems we are reading about.  If that is your situation I feel sorry for you and I think no matter what you do you will be disappointed.
This is my problem !!, but I get the feeling that you have the same problem as me. When you install your system you have to pay close attention to where you install and do the hard work on the installation. I do it every time in update the system reinstalling all applications and reconfiguring everything.
So **I look for another option.**
I can ask you, where you have imported printer drivers? In the boot or on another drive.

What I seek is to upgrade PCs from version ecs3.0 to version ecs 3.1. Keeping other programs and settings.

Rar is my working pretty well. Lately with large volumes, and NAS units tend to fail some copies approx.20%. But I'm not so clear that the problem is the rar, but I think the problem is in samba, or NAS.
I use this backup with rar, pure rexx:
I am testing this other, work with rsync and I like, but I have test more:


I was thinking
1- Make a backup of the complete bootable drive rar (in this case i can restore)
1A Backing os2.ini files, desktop, * inis. cfg Any others?
1b-Copy NET.ACC to zip
2 format and install the new system without any program.
3- Take a list of all files in the new system.
4- do a restore everything but not include the list nÂș3
5-Restore 1a
6-Restore 1b
Will this work?

Applications / Re: Firefox 31.8.0 Beta 5 - First Impressions
« on: November 24, 2015, 11:46:16 pm »
The lines 31-38 are for OS/2 and Warp 4 users that don't have the - SET PROGRAMS=E:\PROGRAMS  in the CONFIG.SYS.  Guess I should make that more clear and add that note to the script too.
Ok, you are right, leaving the comment.
The main differences between the installer and firefoxDD.cmd warpin is that many of the DLLs are in the same folder firefox, and the warpin are in X: \ ecs \ dll or x: \ OS2 \ dll
FLY now works perfect. (1,66mhz old-laptop )
The readme.1st, I read, but English is not my language, and I is an added effort and sometimes I find it hard to understand, but the REXX understand better.

Applications / Re: Firefox 31.8.0 Beta 5 - First Impressions
« on: November 24, 2015, 10:30:39 pm »

Are you saying to add a warning ...

Yes add a warning, because I domwload the file, unzip, go to command prompts(for see errors if any, no mistake here), run the program install.cmd and i see firefoxdd.cmd, run it in command p. option default and give me a path for install c:\programs\  and show this error:

[D:\FirefoxDD-031]COPY D:\FirefoxDD-031\files\fntcfg2.dll C:\PROGRAMS\ \fntcfg2.
SYS1003: The syntax of the command is incorrect.

Analyzing the firefoxDD.cmd, the code is correct, I was doing wrong, and lines 31-38 commented that errors may occur in default. But no error does not occur if you do a drag and drop.
Rexx is the best of the best !!

Applications / Re: Firefox 31.8.0 Beta 5 - First Impressions
« on: November 24, 2015, 09:23:57 pm »

Thanks, now is running with thunderbird 31.8 and without run! Iinstall thunderbird before without your tools.
But I think that this is a very strange form for install and run a cmd (Drag & drop)

In my opinion in the firefoxDD.cmd you have to include this line in line number 974:
IF FILENAME='' THEN say "ERROR!!,You don't have to run this cmd in a command prompts, you have to made a Drag and drop a firefox-or-thunderbird ZIP file in Desktop icon" ||  color.gray ; key='n' ; exit

And you can delete the lines number 31 to 38, this rexx code is good, better that the warpin that I use first for install firefox 31.8

Applications / Re: Firefox 31.8.0 Beta 5 - First Impressions
« on: November 23, 2015, 06:10:21 pm »
The version is 14105_SMP, and the installation of the dll was with yum (with lots of errors), and finally with the wapin and zip files. And for more data rename  2014/04/07 18:24:08 1047 file C: \ usr \ bin \ python-stop.exe. And replace it with this:
  2011/01/04 13:12:24 954 C: \ usr \ bin \ python.exe
DLLs have many repeated with the same name and different sizes in different folders, but which can not be removed and which to leave.

Thank you,
After more than 25 years using OS2, it's the first time I hear about this trick.

Applications / Re: Firefox 31.8.0 Beta 5 - First Impressions
« on: November 22, 2015, 12:11:01 pm »
In my system smp do not start, but if I runing firts qupzilla 189 and open, firefox display this error:

Indeed, I thought it was part of the operating system,
 but I see that there are 3 types of display for the SAVE and SAVE AS

1- Using 70% of applications OS2. With SAVE and CANCEL options
2- The applications using GSview, Picture viewer, with SAVE, CANCEL, HELP
3- The applications using QupZilla like OpenOffice offering more options FOLDER CREATE, SAVE, CANCEL ...

I understand that if it is not part of the operating system,
 will be part of the compilers, because having just three types.

In my case they are widely used the Lucide (now abandoned because they can not print to the new printer),
 GSview (now is ok), and Thunderbird, to view pdf files and move.


As I say in the title, and since they say they are working on a new version of OS2, I would like to ask on the menu of SAVE and SAVE AS to create a new folder.
I think that would be a very simple amendment, which would bring a lot to the system.
Do not know if this is the right place to make this request, but if others believe it interesting, it may also be asked.

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