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Well, as it turns out, just when I was about to give up there came up a good forum search result...,313.0.html where I came across an older post of Paul Smedley's where he made a test version of a RealTek driver available.

I downloaded this file (, and having given it a try it turns out to work on my system. As it also happens, it is the ONLY driver that works on my MIS 880G-E45 motherboard in the 1000FULL configuration.

This is a 1Gig NIC, the driver supports this speed and shows a pretty good sustained xfer rate between my LAN PCs.

I emailed Paul asking if he might be able to release an updated version of this driver?

Storage / Re: NAS and OS/2?
« on: February 06, 2015, 03:25:19 pm »
I'm seeing in general drives with more cache are being recommended for NAS boxes. I've decided to splurge the extra for a 7200 RPM drive.

It seems to me, that disk speed (including cache) is a non issue. The 1 Gbps network interface is very much slower than any hard disk, and that will be the limiting factor for speed. It doesn't matter how many clients you use, the limit is still 1 Gbps. All that happens, is that each client slows down since they need to wait their turn for network access. I suppose that a second (third etc.) NIC might speed things up, if you configured the network properly...


Worst case scenario is that I have my 1Gig pathway saturated with multiple clients all looking for a different piece of data...if that is the case I want to be able to put a HD in that NAS enclosure that will not have a hard time getting the data the client needs, 7200 is faster then 5400, heck, 10K is even better...and SDD is simply awesome.

Here are some benchmarks ( on the NSa325 unit, as you can tell, the sustained xfer rate is pretty high in a number of test cases, we are talking > 75MB/ if the network supports this throughput (yes, I agree, we have some challenges in OS/2) I want the storage media to handle multiple requests.

Hardware / Re: Any luck with Azarawicz's new NIC driver for RealTek?
« on: February 06, 2015, 02:20:22 pm »
nothing like a massive CHKDSK run against my 14 HPFS386 partitions...LOL...yeah, that hurts!!!

Sounds like self inflicted pain, to me. JFS is the answer, but that could be a bit of work.

Well, "self inflicted" or not, you have to deal with whatever technology is available at any given time. So consider that before JFS was available (and stable) to run a large partition you really had no choice and best you could do was to move to multiple HPFS386 partitions to benefit from the larger cache. There was absolutely nothing wrong with taking that direction.

I do agree, JFS is probably the answer, but before I get there I need to move the data residing across these multiple partitions to a NAS device then go re-defining my HD configuration.

Networking / Any benefit to running dual/quad port NIC?
« on: February 06, 2015, 04:06:42 am »
So as I was experimenting with enabling my motherboard RTL8168 chipset I am coming to a conclusion that maybe a move to an Intel Pro 1000 is best.

Looking at eBay I'm finding a pile of ads for multi-port NICs. Is there an advantage to doing this on our platform? Or is this merely something useful for servers where you do run separate interfaces?

If the device driver supports this, and it would appear that it might since I was able to boot up with my 3Com and RealTek NICs both enabled and configured to be lan0 and lan1 interfaces, could I potentially set these up so that I do my download on lan0 and upload on lan1???

Could I perhaps toss my LAN communication through lan1 and all WAN stuff on lan0??? I run Privoxy on my OS/2 box and all other household devices pass through it...therefore, as you can imagine that is a LOT of traffic at times for a single NIC.

I know, maybe that's idea...just thinking out-loud...LOL...

Storage / Re: NAS and OS/2?
« on: February 06, 2015, 03:30:50 am »
Any opinions on choice of disks for these systems?

Green drives for saving money?
Black drives for performance?
Red NAS drives for some other reason?

What makes a good drive for a NAS application?

Great question Mark.

I've got the NSA325 V2 box coming to me...$100 is getting me a brand new one, which I think is a pretty good buy.

As I'm getting ready to stuff some hard-drives into this thing I've been thinking of doing a 2x2T setup, for a total of 4T storage. This should last plenty of time, just a straight forward JBOD setup, no RAID.

I like the WD stuff, have had great luck with their VelociRaptor drives. Bought a BLACK unit for kid's PC and given the on-line tech reviews I'm seeing in general drives with more cache are being recommended for NAS boxes. I've decided to splurge the extra for a 7200 RPM drive.

At the end of the day, it all really depends on how many concurrent clients are hitting the NAS and how much of that is continuous data streaming.

What have you been looking at?

Hardware / Re: Any luck with Azarawicz's new NIC driver for RealTek?
« on: February 06, 2015, 03:24:31 am »
...The main problem that I see, with Realtek NICs, is that they are SLOW (even in windows, they are much slower than Intel NICs)...

I was initially able to get the rtgnda.os2 driver to recognize the chipset and at least boot up in 100 mode. As you pointed out though, the FTP xfer performance was absolutely dismal between my 2 local machines, as in an order of magnitude difference. I was getting 600k instead of the typical 8Meg I'm seeing on my 3Com...I suspect there must have been something else seriously wrong here, at least in my setup. Maybe this is why I never got much further with the Arcae Noae drivers either.

Hardware / Re: Any luck with Azarawicz's new NIC driver for RealTek?
« on: February 06, 2015, 03:18:46 am »
I've been using this driver for years. It's fantastic...I don't know why you had to chase this driver down. It's a standard Arca Noae product...

Hmm...great point...LOL...I bought the Arca Noae drivers package and simply forgot they have the NIC stuff included in that.

I pulled the latest version, plugged in the R8169 driver (following a WarpIn re-install over the previous version I found). Attempted to boot, but this time around my system actually hangs during boot-up right after the driver report it's status (using the /V CONFIG.SYS driver parameter). Not even CTL-ALT-DEL works, instead I have to do CTL-ALT-NUMLCK twice...grrhh...nothing like a massive CHKDSK run against my 14 HPFS386 partitions...LOL...yeah, that hurts!!!

Sooo....given that this approach to driver development is a dead-end, and that new roadmap has been identified (as also stated in this thread by other posters) I might post a quick bug report, but if no konwn solutions exist I'm most likely going to give up the chase here. Seems like a much more proven way is to simply pick up an Intel Pro 1000 NIC and use the original Intel drivers.

As far as my needs go I'm only looking for TCP/ NetBIOS, etc...

Doug: PCI hardware report actually shows 10EC:8168h, so that's RealTeak 8168 cihpset. The motherboard manuals claims it to be the RTL8111DL.

Hardware / Any luck with Azarawicz's new NIC driver for RealTek?
« on: February 05, 2015, 02:11:30 pm »
Folks, I've got a RealTek RTL8111DL on-board network chip...currently using a 3Com 3c905B NIC but that's only 100 speed, with a lot more media floating around the house I'm trying to get the motherboard chip running to use it's 1000 mode.

Well, after a bunch of looking around I found which is David's BETA release of the chipset driver. Install went smooth, my problem is that as soon as I attempt to do a PC to PC FTP xfer the whole PC locks I'm curious if anyone else has tried these?


Applications / Re: GCC1.dll???
« on: February 01, 2015, 09:06:04 pm »
Awesome you guys...thank you...I'll hold off on giving this a go...

Applications / GCC1.dll???
« on: February 01, 2015, 08:04:07 pm »
OK, so I attempted to install Qupzilla, only to discover that I need GCC1.DLL, apparently this comes from libgcc1 RPM install.

Alright...I haven't moved to RPM yet, so doing a few searches I came across this Netlabs ticket => Looks like GCC1 is the overall GCCxxx replacement...but still nowhere to be found.

Took at peek at the matching ZIP reporsitory for the RPM packages (, but I can not tell which one to pull, any ideas?

Applications / Re: OpenOffice 4.1.1 GA - pre-requisite uninstall?
« on: January 12, 2015, 06:05:56 am »
Hi Doug!

1) I pulled the pre-req DLL package (AOO-4110-GA-rpm.wpi), extracted the DLLs and tossed them into my \usr\dll location (where I keep these)

That was your first mistake. Either do it with RPM/YUM, or let WarpIn do it. You likely have duplicate DLLs, at different levels.

Well, the only problem with letting WarpIn do it is that it actually could/would not. I have version 1.0.20, and attempting to install the DLL package alone was producing an error message from WarpIn about a missing install script. Sure enough, by looking at the contents you could tell that the intent was to place the DLLs in the OO411 '\program' subdirectory...

3) left my WPS Integration pieces in place

Uhmmm. Why? AOO4 has it's own (which may be the same program), which doesn't replace the old ones anyway. Of course., since you uninstalled the old OO3.2, the old ones probably point nowhere.

Well, if OO4 did actually have it's own the readme certainly did not spell that out...instead it references the old/separate package:

"...Desktop integration: - support for WPS integration via separate package..."

Anyways, it is up and running here fine.

5) enabled the DLL high-mem load for CODE only
Ah!, but since you have duplicate DLLs, which ones got modified? I suspect that it is only the ones that got installed by WarpIn, but it could be just the first ones that it found, depending on how it looks for them (don't forget about the ".;" entry in LibPath). I gave loading high a quick try, and it crashed, but I think the problem is caused by stray DLLs that don't match. At least there is an easy backout. My plan now, is to clean up the DLL mess, get it working without loading high, then try it again.

Well, the "highmem enable" object simply calls the highmem.exe in the '\program\ directory and passes the "*.dll" parameter...which means only the local DLLs will be impacted. But you are right...whenever they may be multiple copies of said DLL on a given system there may be potential conflicts between the highmem enabled versions and the OO4 ones. For that very reason I went back to regular far, no problems...just need to figure out why I can't open any of my countless Lotus123 spreadsheets...LOL...might log a BUG for that...of all file types we have on our platform I'm scratching my head a little about having this problem...none of the previous versions showed it either.

Applications / Re: OpenOffice 4.1.1 GA - pre-requisite uninstall?
« on: January 11, 2015, 03:35:46 pm »
OK, install done...went pretty smooth, but there are some points to note that were a bit confusing:

1) I pulled the pre-req DLL package (AOO-4110-GA-rpm.wpi), extracted the DLLs and tossed them into my \usr\dll location (where I keep these), backed up the previous versions as some of the OO DLLs were different from what otherwise was the latest publically available release out there

2) rebooted, ran checkini, general clean-up type stuff, old OO3.2 is now gone

3) left my WPS Integration pieces in place

4) ran the main install (AOO-4110-GA-base-en-US.wpi), WarpIn now shows 3 separate packages: Associations, Base, RPMdlls (this left me scratching my head since it's a separate pre-req package that I manually installed prior to the main install, see Step#1 above), now I basically have duplicates of all these DLLs, so maybe the main install grabbed the DLL WPI and installed at the same time???

5) enabled the DLL high-mem load for CODE only (14.106 krnl here, ACPI 3.22.06), this of course only impacts the program directory DLLs and leaves out non-highmem loading copies I tossed elsewhere in my system, now I have 2 versions potentially leading to problems

6) re-booted

Sooo...results are: smooth...very nice...however, attempting to open a sample Lotus 123 spreadsheet resulted in a hard error, due to what appeared to be a missing or un-known Lotus 123 format...hmmm???

Following this error all other attempts to open any OO applications just resulted in a hard error (pop-up box). They were all pointing to the icudt42.dll, this was one of the duplicates pre-req DLLs, so I decided to remove the highmem load...a reboot is required though since OO is now crashing in other DLLs...

Long write-up, but I wanted to be pretty specific in my deployment. What sort of results are people seeing with the highmem option?

Applications / Re: OpenOffice 4.1.1 GA - pre-requisite uninstall?
« on: January 08, 2015, 02:56:18 pm »
Pete and ivan,

Thanks guys. Following my post, and being impatient to try the new release out  :P I did at least start WarpIn thinking as Pete highlighted that probably the included README would have some info.

You are right, it does recommend an un-install first, but later on in the document it talks about this version being OK to install along with other versions...and it appears that the WPS Integration it will attempt to use is the previously installed version, so in this respect one should NOT un-install that part. Certainly there do not appear to be any new Integration release pacakges to replace the old ones.

Anyways, best to start off with a clean install....I'll take the approach of removing the application part of OO 3.x but not the WPS Integration and go from there. Will post later on a status update on how the install went along...

Applications / OpenOffice 4.1.1 GA - pre-requisite uninstall?
« on: January 08, 2015, 03:08:04 am »
Now that GA is available and since I did not see a mention of this anywhere yet (nor have I attempted the install myself either) should I completely un-install my current OO 3.2 first?

I remember having a hard time getting the WPS Integration part (was a separate WPI package), do I still need this with 4.1.1 GA, or has this been removed?

In other words, I'm trying to get some clarify on whether this is a complete un-install/re-install, or whether there is some built-in "upgrade" type functionality in the 4.1.1 GA WPI...


Applications / GeoGebra 5.0.xx problem for OS/2?
« on: January 04, 2015, 07:08:30 pm »
I was previously running version and starting with the following command line:

g:\java160\jre\bin\java -jar geogebra.jar

Now having upgraded to 5.0.56 and still trying to start the app with the same syntax produces the following result:

=== START ===
[G:\APPS\GENERAL\GEOGEBRA]g:\java160\jre\bin\java -jar geogebra.jar
        at geogebra3D.euclidian3D.opengl.j.a(Unknown Source)
        at geogebra.GeoGebra3D.<clinit>(Unknown Source)
Caused by: java.lang.RuntimeException: Please port OS detection to your platform
        at jogamp.common.os.PlatformPropsImpl.getOSTypeImpl(PlatformPropsImpl.ja
        at jogamp.common.os.PlatformPropsImpl.<clinit>(
        ... 3 more
Could not find the main class: geogebra.GeoGebra3D. Program will exit.
=== STOP ===

So it appears to me that the 'portable' version of the app (as opposed to Win/Linux/tablet specific ones) attempts to detect the OS version of the JRE and it specifically fails in our OS/2 port.

Has anyone found a work-around for this? If not, is this something I should report to the JVM team, or is this a GeoGebra issue?


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