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Storage / JFS - Trap 0003 - anyone?
« on: January 06, 2022, 02:51:27 pm »

I figured I would inquire here first before logging a ticket for the AN folks on this JFS issue.

So the other day I had a weird situation: my nightly RSYNC job LOG needed to be "rotated" having grown to some 32M in size over the past couple of years. I decided to manually split it up into calendar year LOGs. I most likely had the file open in my editor while at the same time attempted to execute a CLI copy of that big file.


JFS died with TRAP 0003...meltdown!

Following a power re-boot JFS did a check disk and uber quickly flashed some messages up on the screen about lost directories. The chkdsk forced an automated re-boot and a 2nd chkdsk run. At the end of what felt like the longest 5 mins ever I got back to my MAINT partition to discover that my 'lost+found' directory now had some 17k files. Clearly chkdsk found some directory problems and moved a boat-load of files into the 'lost+found' directory. Yikes!

Anywyas, I was aware that this is probably the worst JFS situation when directories are mangled. Now luckily for me I had a nightly backup (RSYNC...LOL), so I was able to recover just fine. The mangled directories turned out to be my Firefox and Thunderbird cache, thus the massive listing of files.

Now that I'm up and running again and spending a little time researching this I discovered the following description of a TRAP 0003:

TRAP 0003 - BREAKPOINT. This is a special instruction (INT 3) used in "debugging" software, which was left in the code either accidentally or by design. Contact software support.

Further on, the following is also available:

[G:\]help 1933

SYS1933: A program caused a breakpoint error.  The program was ended.


EXPLANATION: A program started an INT 3 instruction when it was not
being run by a debugger.

ACTION: Correct the program and retry the command.

I found this extremely interesting given that in this latest version of JFS AN announced a successful quashing of a JFS bug when operations on a file LARGER than the JFS CACHE would potentially trap.

In my case I am running a large 1G cache, so I do not think this to be the issue...however as I experiment with various MIN and MAX buffer settings I may have potentially ran into a problem there. Hard to tell and NO I have not tried to replicate this issue!!! ha....

Take a look at the attached TRAP screen...what do you guys make of it?


Multimedia / Re: Audio-Data/CD-Creator - problems scanning the bus
« on: December 29, 2021, 05:24:44 am »
Sorry Dave, I probably didn't explain this fully and/or in the best possible way.

The issue I'm running into occurs only when I select the 'Scan' button from within the 'CD-Creator Settings' object's pages, otherwise from CLI the actual execution is fine, I get my correct device ID back. is what I did find out, I have the following statements in CONFIG.SYS:

REM [ Default shell values ]
SET SHELL=G:/usr/bin/sh.exe
rem SET EMXSHELL=G:/usr/bin/sh.exe
SET CONFIG_SHELL=G:/usr/bin/sh.exe
SET MAKESHELL=G:/usr/bin/sh.exe
SET EXECSHELL=G:/usr/bin/sh.exe

The BOLDED one was the problem-child...I am guessing I most likely set this up, don't remember why, but I do find a specific reference to it in the EMX INF files. For some reason I had set it to sh.exe as opposed to cmd.exe and well, that caused the 'Audio-Data/CD-Creator' class to fail the scan.

Either way, I have it REM'ed out now, noted why, if I fiind that it causes a problem elsewhere I'll need to revisit at that time.

Programming / Re: Can 64-bit programs run on OS/2?
« on: December 29, 2021, 01:06:31 am »
Why? Which programs? Which 64 bit program will work in the given 4GB address space? Moreover which 64 bit program is of any use in our restricted address space?...

I think Andi is right on the money here.

If saying '64-bit' is sexy...well, that's nice, but we all live with the old "you can look, but you can't touch" law of the OS/2 land, don't we??? LOL

So instead of dreaming of this pie-in-the-sky thing, I would rather spend any possible efforts on fixing the weak points we have today: geez, has anyone ran into the shared memory mess recently? C'mon, there's got to be a better way to handle this...can't we implement some kind of "OS2 shared memory garbage collector"???

Look, those piece-improvements will net us a WHOLE lot more value then trying to get a 64-bit foundation in place....and for what? Like Andi's question goes: what are the apps we need 64-bit computing for???

Guys seriously...I moved to a giant 1G JFS cache a little over a month ago...I have been logging the results of various configuration changes as I try them out, all because my impression is that we have very little knowledge left on our platform today to make the most of what we currently have, let alone developing new stuff.

Let's get some decent airtime from QSINIT's upper memory provisioning capability...yeah, I can think of a few apps right now where that extra memory would come in handy: PMVIew manipulating a 1200 dpi TIFF scan...oh yeah, that's hardly something that's going to live with a 1G JFS cache under the same "roof"...!

Multimedia / Audio-Data/CD-Creator - problems scanning the bus
« on: December 28, 2021, 11:17:41 pm »
I figured I would do a clean-up pass through my multimedia apps and configuration during the holidays, and part of that meant replacing as many of the previously added one-by-one apps with RPM modules (where available).

One of these is cdrecord.exe, which I installed the RPM package for and intended to replace my originaly installed 'CDRecord/2 v2.0-Final' that came along with the 'Audio-Data/CD-Creator' application.

Well, as luck would have it having deployed the RPM package I attempted to test by scanning the bus for my DVD device, and that's where I ran into a snag:

Code: [Select]
0: G:\APPS\MULTIMEDIA\ADC_056\bin\scanbus.exe
1: -2147482817
2: G:\usr\bin\cdrecord.exe
Command is: G:\usr\bin\cdrecord.exe -scanbus
G:/usr/bin/sh.exe: 1: G:usrbincdrecord.exe: not found

Alright, so it looks like the SH shell is being invoked by the Audio-Data/CD-Creator application, why? I have no idea...can anyone tell?

It looks to me like sh.exe is stripping the "\", which results in a garbled cdrecord.exe name, which is why the "not found" message shows up.

I'm off to continue looking at this...


Found the following contents of the scanbus.log file:

Code: [Select]
0: G:\APPS\MULTIMEDIA\ADC_056\bin\scanbus.exe
1: -2147482739
2: G:\usr\bin\cdrecord.exe

Command is: G:\usr\bin\cdrecord.exe -scanbus

Drop down listbox cleared.

Scanbus done.

...which literally imply that this is working fine here, and yet the actual VIO window must be failing as no device ID is actually populated in the setup window.

Hardware / Re: Using a LaserJet 2100m on a Print Server
« on: December 28, 2021, 02:19:33 am »
Hey Mark!

...Hope your living somewhere warmer, Sir - woke to -42 C here on-site in Alberta today with a -52 wind chill and not expecting much warmer this week. Best of the rest of the Christmas week to you and hope 2022 brings Peace Health Prosperity and Happiness in 2022!...

Couple things:

1) Glad the suggestions have worked for you!

2) My brother-in-law lives in Winnipeg....I hear a boat-load of temperature horror stories....although today they are under a "Tropical Storm" ( :o) as it's only -16C!!!

I feel for ya though as Windsor, ON is home for me, and that's a toasty 4+C today 8)!

I can't hack the cold, and my car hobby would "suffer" as well...

Stay warm, and Cheers to you and yours in the meanwhile!

Multimedia / Re: mplayer - H265 problems anyone?
« on: December 13, 2021, 05:37:05 pm »
Hi Dave,

Your MPlayer build is likely too old to have a good H265 decoder...

Actually, the SVN signature is there because that is the latest release Ko provided to an issue I previously reported and which he addressed. I actually re-tested with the official current release as well, and the behaviour is the same.

However Dave, good point re:FFMPEG RPM package...I went to install but ANPM is having a problem with the repos at the moment (here anyways) so I'll re-try later on. Good time to replace the numerous other versions of FFMPEG I have on my system today!!   :-[

Multimedia / mplayer - H265 problems anyone?
« on: December 13, 2021, 03:35:16 am »
That's right...not H264, but H265...

I published another engine building video on my channel a couple of weeks ago, and it being nearly 20 mins made for a pretty good-sized file, even the YouTube 720 version was about 1.6G.

So I went back to my old trusy video encoder, that being HandBrake, which I'm running on the Ryzen7 Win10 box here and played around with a few different setups. Eventually I compared the H264 to a H265 encoding because the Nvidia video card that's in that box supports H265 hardware encoding...YEAH...big improvement, from about 20 mins on Super1080HQ on CPU-alone, to just about 3 mins on the GPU!

Anyways...was pretty happy...but I always do my final review on my OS/2 box to see how the slower hardware handles it. Now here is where the surprise showed up: mpalyer wasn't able to play the H265 video normal. What I mean by that is that the playback was about 1/2 speed and it was definitely single threaded, my CPU monitor would show a single core at 100%, which would switch to another core, etc, etc.

In comparison a regular H264 1080HQ playback normally uses about 15-20% spread on the 6 cores, and it's definitely multi-threaded.

I'm running MPlayer SVN-r38083-9.1.0, smPlayer is just fine and VLC seems to be OK, but for some reason I discovered that none of the 1080 vides are producing video outputs in VLC, but that's a separate issue.

Sooo...I'm curious: has anyone else seen this?

I logged an issue report for this, see =>

Thanks everyone!

Setup & Installation / Re: VirtualBox and ArcaOS 5.0.7
« on: December 09, 2021, 11:13:30 pm »
Hi Dave,

Have you tried spanning multiple monitors in a virtual machine? I'd assume that it is mot supported but don't really know.

Nope, not personally...but I recently moved a physical XP install into a VM and was surprised to see so many options...I could have sworn that multi-head was one of them. Needless to say, since my XP image did not make use of this I wouldn't have been able to try it out anyways.

Now I'm thinking that for this kind of a thing to work, you'd have to use a fullscreen VM session to start of with.

Setup & Installation / Re: VirtualBox and ArcaOS 5.0.7
« on: December 09, 2021, 07:27:08 pm »
Andreas, everyone...

1) Video: Should I select Panorama on the install, or it does not make a different with the default gengrad for VirtualBox?
The video driver is replaced by the driver from the Guest Additions. My experience is that it doesn't matter. But why let Panorama (or SNAP) create additional non-functional notebook pages in the Screen object? See the first AN screenshot of the installer, below 'ArcaOS Installation'. It has GENGRADD selected.

Agreed, unless you specifically want to use functionality provided by a specific video driver.

In my case, every desktop machine here (home) has multiple monitors attached to it. If I want my VM session to span multiple displays (so multi-head) that would require me to deploy SNAP drivers, unless of course the multi-head functionality provided by the HOST OS is sufficient and one simply works in OS/2 as if the display was a real VERY large physical display.

Internet / Re: PMMail - corrupted folders?
« on: December 09, 2021, 07:20:24 pm »
Hi Neil,

I build PMMail for release and maintain the website.

Thanks for that. OK, latest version of PMMail has been deployed!

Internet / Re: PMMail - corrupted folders?
« on: December 09, 2021, 01:58:52 pm »
Hi Doug,

You probably just, accidentally, clicked the mouse button, as you went past the folder...

I honestly wish it was that simple, which also happens to be what I initially suspected I must have done. However, looking at all these folders I could NOT find the emails. I think this was all driven by the fact that my whole folder tree in this configuration somehow got messed up (see my 2nd post below where the structure I was seeing inside PMMail window did NOT match the structure on the disk).

Anyways, I moved my stuff over to a new folder tree, which is something that I needed to do anyways as this needed a re-organization, so if anything this "issue" just moved up that activity.

While on this topic, Doug I think you are the one who builds PMMail, right? If so, what's the process I need to follow to get my hands on the latest release?


Internet / Re: PMMail - corrupted folders?
« on: December 08, 2021, 03:59:12 pm »
Hmm...I found where that "missing" folder actually is. The whole tree which this folder belongs to is actually placed elsewhere, and is part of another tree. That is how things are stored on the disk, just to be clear.

As to how this happened I have no clue, perhaps this was a result of me re-organizing my PMMail folders in the past? Small adds of a folder here or there, etc...nothing major though.

The good news is that the actual email MSG files are there, but of course the challenge is that they can not be found and therefore accessed from within PMMail.

To resolve I think I'm going to test the following out:

1) create a NEW parent folder elsewhere (off the Root)
2) create NEW folders for each of the folders currently in my "misplaced" tree
3) move the contents (email bodies) from the old folders to the NEW folders one-by-one

I will try a single folder first, see if it all stays in-sync and go from there.

Still interested in hearing your opinions, especially if you suspect there is something inherently "gone wrong" with my PMMail that needs correcting.


Internet / PMMail - corrupted folders?
« on: December 08, 2021, 02:35:16 pm »
Hi Everyone,

I've been happily using PMMail [ (32798) - Mar 13 2020 17:32:02 +0000 (GMT)] for a while now. No issues, although occasionally at start-up it'll trap, meaning the WPS goes locked but usually after a few ESC-CTRL hits it'll re-awake. Mostly a nuissance really.

As best as I can tell I have never encountered any problems, however the other day I was putting away some new emails into a much much older folder and couldn't find the emails afterwards. I re-index that particular folder at first, no change, I then re-index that whole folder tree, still no change.

This morning I hit CLI and went looking for the actual email MSG file itself...lo' and behold, nowhere to be found...worse yet, that whole folder TREE is completely missing!!! ugh????

Now the strange thing (to me anyways) is that from within PMMail I am still able to access each one of the folder tree it looks like the stuff is still there (thank God, so I haven't lost anything it would seem), but attempting to move new emails into that tree does appear to send the messages into "nowhere".

So am I seeing some kind of a corruption here?

No idea at all how to troubleshoot this...any hints/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!



I went looking through the PMMail program logs and I think I found the matching entries for this email move transaction...however it appears to have completed just fine?

Code: [Select]
2021-12-08T08:19:15.033 (008)-I-MessageMoveMessage: enter. use mutex [1]                                                                                           
2021-12-08T08:19:15.033 (008)-I-MessageMoveMessage: moving from [Dariusz]:[Inbox] to [Dariusz]:[Mopar Archives]:[Engine Components]                               
2021-12-08T08:19:15.037 (001)-I-oswin_msg_drag: dragged [1] of [1] allowed of [1] requested                                                                       
2021-12-08T08:19:15.037 (001)-I-oswin_msg_drag: Dropped on Accounts/Folder                                                                                         
2021-12-08T08:19:15.039 (001)-I-oswin_msg_drag: leave                                                                                                             
2021-12-08T08:19:15.065 (008)-I-xmlfolder.profile_save: fld change [1], saving [Dariusz]:[Inbox]                                                                   
2021-12-08T08:19:15.072 (008)-I-xmlfolder.profile_save: fld change [1], saving [Dariusz]:[Mopar Archives]:[Engine Components]                                     
2021-12-08T08:19:15.080 (008)-I-MessageMoveMessage: leave.                                                                                                         

Multimedia / Re: How do I change this default behaviour?
« on: December 01, 2021, 03:35:17 pm »
Lars, everyone...

Yes, the complexity is ridiculous. But if Rich's suggestion means that the "first associated program" will open the file, then you'll also need to associate your desired program and it will have to the "the first".

That's the thing you guys, this has already been done. It's like the default associations have absolutely NO bearing on what MMOS2 will actually do. Take a look at this definition of mplayer object: the object types associated cover the MMAVI and MMMPG classes, then to top it all off I even included the file extensions.

...Since with Rich's suggestion, on a double click, the open action now is "the first associated program" and no longer the default action (which was "Play"), your program should then be called with the filename as the argument instead of the "Play" action invoked (which likely is to invoke the default MM device specified through MMPM2.INI ...)...

Yeah, my hope was that this would work. What was strange is that the newly created object (with Rich's command) was the ONLY AVI object that was changed to 'Video editor', all other AVIs that I have remained exactly as they were, even after a re-boot.

You know, I spent a little time yesterday looking at how to override the default behaviour in 'Play'. I expected to find a program object named 'Play', but did not. I also looked for 'Video editor', did not find that either. So that makes me think this is all internally implemented in the MM class, perhaps in one of the DLLs?

Multimedia / Re: How do I change this default behaviour?
« on: November 30, 2021, 05:30:02 pm »
Hi Rich,

...You can create a dummy object of a given class and use a setup string that will set the default 'OpenAs' for the entire class. I unpacked 'mmparts.dll' and confirmed that the string is in there. Here's how to do it using 'oo' - you could use REXX instead:
Code: [Select]
oo /n MMMPG mmtest.mpg "<WP_DESKTOP>" "CLASSDEFAULTVIEW=4096;"
After the file is created on the Desktop, you can delete it.

The default view value of '4096' means "the first associated program". I have no way to test this since I have CWMM installed, so I'd be interested to know if it actually works.

Nah, no luck Rich. I created the object, even re-booted just in case, but no change. What was curious is that the default 'Open as' for that object was 'Video editor', meanwhile the other AVI files are pointing to 'Play' instead.

Anyways, l suspect there is some other stuff that's causing the problem here. In fact I went as far as to deregister the MMAVI class but following re-boot I still had the same AVI file behaviour.

What a real PITA this has turned out to be...LOL!

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