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Setup & Installation / Re: eCenter Window list widget
« on: September 02, 2013, 09:39:37 pm »
Just remove that widget and recreate it.

There are a few other options to try else, but this is the easiest one.


Programming / Re: Rexx?
« on: June 28, 2013, 05:01:04 pm »
Nothing special Robert, I spoke of the exercises and examples given in the manual of the vx-rexx demo that I'm reading, as Alex Taylor spoke of rexx2exe some post ago in this thread (and in fact on hobbes is not the only program like that) I thought it was possible.

More background details: Every REXX dialog IDE must use its own tools to create an executable from the source. There exist no other (maybe license-free) tools to do that.


Programming / Re: Rexx?
« on: June 26, 2013, 11:03:34 pm »
is it possible to get an executable from a project written in vx-rexx using other tools?


Scott, there is one thing you could try, setdfont ( on hobbes.

Once I set the default font to warp sans 9 everything was back to normal.

You would get clipping of dialog texts, as I wrote before.

General Discussion / Re: Hybrid "64-Bit" eComStation
« on: April 24, 2013, 09:22:39 pm »

Hi there.
Yesterday I was thinking about 64 bits and eComStation. The biggest limitation eComStation has when working on 64 bit systems is the 4GiB barrier.

The real thing that will give it more breathing space s that we are working on fixing the loading of DLL's into high memory.
But thats not finished currently. Still in R&D stages.

Roderick, this thread is about 64 bit. Sooner or later 3 GB won't suffice anymore. I'm sure, the time isn't now, for non-server arrangements. E.g. DB apps (are there still any running with OS/2?) need more RAM for higher performance.

Daniel, the answer from Ivan was the only serious one, so far. No, we won't experience updates to the system to allow more than about 3 GB. IBM support is dead. We will rather manage to get the desktop ported to an OSS system. But also this is far away from reality.

I had tried setting DefaultFont to "10.System Proportional" and the fonts still seemed to me too large. 

OS/2 dialogs need exactly this size (or the default 12 pt one for resolutions greater 1024x768).
Otherwise you get clipping.

Using the MEDIUM variable size setting gets me what I have with DefaultFont set to "10. System Proportional" and using SMALL still has clipped widget and button text in various places.

Sure, I expected that.

After all, I seems to me like you're using a monitor too large for its resolution. I'm happy
with the recommended solutions and use 1920x1200 on a 24" TFT monitor.

The other option would be to upgrade to the newer eCS version of PMMERGE.DLL
to be able to patch it. I won't recommend that without exchanging other parts of the system. So, you should better switch to eCS, sooner or later.

Article Discussions / Re: eComStation 2.2 Beta First Impressions
« on: April 20, 2013, 07:13:48 pm »
Roderick, excuse me for the late reply.

eCS should better consist of update packages.

Instead of this, it still uses old IBM installers.

It's still not possible to update an eCS version. That lack of possibility
leads for many (if not most) users to no updates.

With a packaging system, you'll reach those users as well. I mean to
package all system components into common packages. BTW:
RPM/YUM is able to fulfill the specs.

Do we really need the IBM installer? I'm sure that installation could be
make easier,  10 times faster and more reliable without it.

Just always add:

   OS2.INI -> PM_SystemFonts -> DefaultFont = 10.System Proportional
   (space before 'Proportional')

to avoid clipping in dialogs.

With Snap, you can use alternatively:


There exists a patch for PMMERGE.DLL that allows to use

   OS2.INI -> PM_SystemFonts -> DefaultFont = 9.WarpSans
   (no space before 'Sans')

with a single drawback, so far (I use it since about 2 years):
Button fonts of the IBM help viewer look strange. Alex Taylor added
that Asian fonts don't look well with this patch applied:


Sigurd, I would change VIRTUALADDRESSLIMIT to 1536. Otherwise you'll
run out of shared memory too soon. That depends on the apps you use.


Hm, I just replaced the eCS 2.2 OS2LDR with the one from the OS4 project

(NO other files replaced, kernel or whatever, version is from the "os2krnlSVN2814_unoff")

 and guess what -

the whole RAM is there (despite the one that is used by the Graphic card)!

That's what walking_x said. Thanks for the info. I understand now
finally why they wrote a new loader.

I doubt that will not effect the eCS development due to the license
agreement with IBM. I still wonder what is possible and what isn't:

o  Replacing the kernel is not allowed, but patching it in memory is.

o  Replacing the IBM installation is not allowed, but creating heavy
   frameworks around it is.
o  Replacing the loader: ?


Article Discussions / Re: eComStation 2.2 Beta First Impressions
« on: March 26, 2013, 11:43:52 pm »
However, a few minimal files for VDM are always installed. (It
is the IBM installer that does this automatically.) We've found that
there is no way around this, as they are required by some core OS
components (I believe GRADD requires VDM support; IIRC something else
does too, possibly APM or somesuch).

Java 1.1.8 is now always installed. This was discussed a couple of
years ago in a problem ticket, although I don't have the reference
handy. Certain system components and configuration tools simply do not
work stably with any later version of Java. Attempting to allow
flexibility in this just caused too many ongoing problems and
compatibility issues. Given how small and unobtrusive a minimal Java
1.1 installation is, it was decided to simply install it always.
Please note that it is tucked out of the way in a system directory,
and adds absolutely nothing to CONFIG.SYS or the environment.

I'm aware that some users will be unhappy about this. This is one of
those issues where it's just impossible to satisfy everyone. Trying to
compromise just led to unhappiness and confusion anyway.

I'm sure it's time to replace both the IBM installer and the FI
installer - since a really long time. Unfortunately we're still
trying to get the eCS installer copy the selected files to the HD.
Instead we should concentrate on replacing system components. How to
install them is clear: Copy them to HD - it's as "easy" as unzip an
archive file after processing the selected options while regarding
the recognized HW.

Time to free resources - replace the installers!

Quote from: Thomas Klein link=topic=69.msg542#msg542date=1362674471
Is it just me or is it completely ridiculuous and
unprofessional (sorry, Mensys) to publish a demo for an operating
system without WIFI support, especially if the actual OS in fact HAS
support for Wifi? Were you not granted permission to include it?

I suspect that's not the point. Apparently all GenMAC drivers don't
work and that applies also for all elder MAC drivers I've tested.

Quote from: Thomas Klein link=topic=69.msg542#msg542date=1362674471
Frankly: I don't care if APM or ACPI versus suspend/resume works.

I do. The current situation is that ACPI lets one install eCS and
also to work with it, provided that it's not the newest HW. Resume
doesn't work and on the first APM-able Notebook I've tested, ACPI
produces more heat than APM with SpeedStep enabled.

BTW: Apparently the demo CD doesn't even support suspend, at least
what I've tested.

Quote from: Thomas Klein link=topic=69.msg542#msg542date=1362674471
I don't care that the lame Panorama now is faster than before (and
still slower than my crappy Android phone while we're at it). I don't
care about these incredibly improved, groundshakingly different desktop

Good points.


Hardware / Re: New hardware that works with ECS2.X
« on: February 16, 2013, 02:07:05 am »
About an eCS-OS2 hardware information website, I was tempted to build one some
time ago but I quit since I didn't found a good way on how to build it.

I don't wanted to re-invent the wheel and do something from scratch (because it
will cost more time to maintain it), but try to use an open source software to
create that kind of site. The issue is that it can be something very static
(like and very custom build (like using a CMS like Joomla), or it
can something too much flexible like a Wiki, and I wanted to have something in
the middle.

The static variant is not of much use. At least not for a longer time. and are useless these days. We need editable texts. They must
be editable by everybody to be of any value (since we're so few). That all
sounds like a Wiki.

I tried the Wiki approach and I think it was hard to make searches on it and I
needed something more static to show the hardware lists by category. Also, I
wanted to lock the individual hardware pages to templates, and it was a little
bit hard. On the other side I think it is a good idea to have a wiki style page
on the "individual hardware page", so more information can be added by the
community, and not like comments at the end of the page.

That's one of the problems with it. Better someone builds the structure for it
before letting everyone post stuff.

About the search stuff: Don't think too much about it, full text search will
always work. The pages don't need to be perfect.

Off Topic discussions / Re: Miniature Airport
« on: February 13, 2013, 10:48:46 pm »
The miniature wonderland is one of the newer great tourist attractions
in my home town, Hamburg:


Setup & Installation / Re: eCS 2.2 YUM/RPM question
« on: February 01, 2013, 12:07:07 am »

So far with RPM/YUM there has been no definitive answer to how it is designed to work.  So far the answer is 'maybe' it will go on a non boot partition or 'maybe' it has to be on the boot partition.

There is no doubt that RPM/YUM can be on a volume, other than the boot volume. IMO, it should NOT be on a boot volume, but it CAN be. Whether the eCS installer will actually allow it to be put on a volume, other than the boot volume, is yet to be seen (if it doesn't allow it, it won't get installed until AFTER the main install, if I install it at all - which is unlikely, except on my test machine).

The only unknown is whether two boot systems can share the information, successfully. If it is done properly, there should be no problem. If it isn't done properly, it could be somewhat interesting, to say the least.

That reads like it is already implemented in the installer. Do you have access to the sources? Or are you even the developer responsible for the installer?

Doug, please do the things that you know to do. I would thank you if you turn your mind and let Alex and Joachim speak in that case. An option would be to use citations, marked as such.

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