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Setup & Installation / OS2 Command Prompt Window
« on: February 21, 2021, 02:42:05 pm »
Hi there,
since a few days I observed a very strange behaviour of the os2 command promt window.When I
for exmple open a command prompt window and type dir the command is executed but the progress is very slow? Opening a fullscreen command propt and then typing dir the command is executed and finished in a second.
I have the latest ArcaOS installed and the only thing I recently changed was to change from 2GB Ram to 4 GB Ram on this machine (X61)

Any Idea?

Applications / PMMail Where to buy
« on: January 29, 2021, 09:26:15 am »
Hi there,
this seems to be a very simple question. Where and how can I buy a license for PMMail?


Applications / Freedb shut down
« on: December 25, 2020, 09:27:11 am »
Hi there, I just wanted to share some information. Maybe old fashioned but I keep buying music on CDs. Occasionally I copy tracks or complete Cds to my harddrive, mainly using either RSJ -CD View (part of RSJ CD Writer) and AVxCat (great!!). Both programs used to query track titles from which was shut down in June. There is an alternative which is I have attached a picture showing my settings for RSJ  CD View. perhaps it may be helpful for others. I even tried leech.mp3 which I ususally do not use. Setting 8880 in the config file for leechmp3 works. I then checked PM123 (player). One can configure the CDDA Play plugin by adding the server cddbp:// So when inserting a CD and using PM123 to play the CD the  CD and the titles are queried from .
I am still struggling with AvxCat. There is no setting where one could define the server to use, so I suppose remy ( the author) either uses a dll or there is a script that has to be adjusted


Applications / AvxCat
« on: August 12, 2018, 03:05:52 pm »
Hi there,
I used to have a Thinkpad R52 (ECS installed as OS.) where I would use Avxcat to convert .wav files from CD to .mp3.
The R52 does not work any longer so I decided to install AvxCat on my X61 with ArcOs installed.
According to the documents I have all files needed. The strange thing is Avxcat cannot read any CDs with .wav files: I have a USB-DVD drive and a DVD-Drive (read only) in the docking station. Inserting a CD (music) in the drive no files are shown in Avxcat. If I insert a DVD Avxcat shows the files on the dvd. I do not have any problems with CDs f.e. if I use PM123 to play the CDs or the CDPlayer classic in multimedia folder. I have RSJ CD Writer installed and it shows the .wav files on the CDs too.
Any Idea?


Internet / Firefox 45.9.0 & Youtube
« on: October 10, 2017, 09:48:24 am »
Hi there,
has anyone installed the new Firefox 45.9 and been able to watch youtube videos? When I go to the youtube page it loads very slow (compared to Firerfox 38.8) and trying to start a video fails. The video(s) start to load but then I receive a message stating that I should restart my device if the video does not start.CPU usage shows app. 100% and nothing further happens.
The Browser does not crash! and I can stop the process.
Before sending a report I would like to make sure that this is not an issue with my installation.

Anyway thank you to those who continue to work on firefox!


Applications / Establishing Wlan Connection by Command Line
« on: June 14, 2017, 09:29:33 pm »
Hi there,
has anyone ever tried to establish a connection to a wireless network without using Wlanmonitor Wlanstat.exe.
I have succeeded partly but there are still questions left. I would need help/information concerning the command line tools included in genmac and the tools included with Paul Smedleys builds of the wpa_supplicant.exe


Utilities / Battery charge
« on: June 04, 2017, 10:30:16 am »
Hi there,
has there ever been a tool for os2/ecs/Arcaos with which one could control the charging of a laptop battery?
I would like to have a possibility to change the start and end level for battery charging, for example start charging when less than 35% battery left and stop at 85%.


Setup & Installation / ArcaOS5 Another personal Experience
« on: May 21, 2017, 01:49:58 pm »
Hi there,

I thought I would share my experiences too concerning ArcaOS, so here we go, but first off all : Thank you to all those who made this possible.

I have a Lenovo X61 which I used exclusively with ECS (2.2 Beta) and now with ArcaOS.
I made a complete backup of my ECS installation and then wiped the HD, as I intended to avoid any problems with a seocnd OS when installing ArcaOS.
And I must admit, I did not read any of the documents included concerning the installation, I was far too excited.

In the Boot options menue I chose Boot with menu for own values
In the pre-boot configuration program  I chose ACPI /modern hardware, left the panorama driver chosen and changed the mouse driver to smouse (for personal reasons I prefer this driver)
On the page with the drives listed (storage controllers etc) I made no changes, everything was correct.
On the network page the Nulldis-Driver was suggested? The X61 has the intel 4965 wireless card/chip built in so I chose the complementray Genmac, it was not detected automatically, but I was/am not sure if it should be detected. Everything else I left untouched  (no static IP configuration etc.)
On the boot options page I only changed the keyboard layout to german and checked the 'Skip hard disk validation' box.

I saved the changes and the installation proceeded to the graphical installation program.
Here comes the first surprise:  As mentioned above I had changed the keyboard layout to german, but in the graphical program the selection read US layout.
OK, no problem, I changed it again to german, but compared to ECS 2.2 I rememberd the changes having been stored.
I then proceeded and chose the custom installation to be able to choose which components should be installed.

Regarding the display drivers I found out that snap was listed there, it had not been listed in the preeboot menu? ( I prefer snap)
(I did not choose the Win/OS2 installation, only DOS support) and realizing RSJ CD Writer was not included I chose to install the CD/DVD utilities. I did not change any other values.

Concerning the network adapters: As mentioned I had previously chosen to have the Genmac for the Intel 4965 installed, but when the graphcial installtion programm proceeded to the network adapters page and I checked no driver was installed and it did not suggest any driver either, so I presume the Intel 4965 was not detected automatically? I chose it manually and added the protocol too.

Then I proceeded with the installation and some ten minutes later ( more or less) ArcOS booted to the desktop environment :-)

Beautiful and everything seemed to work as expected!
Then I started playing around a bit and proceeded with the configuration.

Snap works well here ( for my needs), better than with ecs 2.2, at least this is my impression. I adjusted the settings concerning colors, resolution etc. THe only thing not working is when selecting 'advanced' on the first page, I rember this used to call the command line tools for snap?

The I proceeded to setup my wireless network:
 I am not so happy here with the wireless lan monitor and, as I realized the DHCP client used is the isc dhclient. (On ecs 2.2 I always used the XWLAN 310 which in my case seems to be quicker when establishing a connection?). I might try to switch back, but right now I was able to establish the connection to my wireless network at home, so no big problem at all.

Sound: I installed with my X61 docked to the docking station using the built in optical drive. I had chosen the uniaud driver to be installed.
When booting with the x61 docked the sound works. With the X61 undocked sound did not work and it did not work either with ecs2.2. To be precise : If I connect an external speaker the sound is there but the internal speaker of the X61 does not work.
What I had to do was to call the unimix in the config.sys and pass the correct parameters,  then sound works with the internal speaker too. (Restrictions : The mute knob of the X61 works, the 2 knobs for the volume control do not work)

Printers: This is the most exciting experience with ArcaOS (for me)

I have a Samsung 2165W. With Ecs 2.2 I had tried to install the printer using cups and failed everytime. It was not listed in the supported printers and I tried to work around but failed. So actually I was only playing around a bit when I realized it was listed now when choosing Create Cups Printer and Samsung Printers. So I gave it a try and here I am happily printing!
(I don't know whom to say thank you too personally but I presume Paul Smedley ? and Alexander Taylor?)

Software (just a few comments):
Firefox works well, better than ever before with ECS 2.2, so thumbs up.
DVD Tools/Toys do not work with my  LG USB  DVD Writer? I have not yet looked into this, but according to the log there seems to be a problem with the apsirout... I will check later and I have a valid RSJ CD Writer I can install.
The graphical interface for changing the multimedia installation is missing, I don't know why?

All in all this is a great experience, the system is very fast and responsive and for my needs actually almost perfect!!!!!

There is one point where I cannot not see any improvement yet compared to ECS 2.2 for example and this is power management.
As mentioned I installed with ACPI, this is the only way installation works on my X61. If my battery is fully charged, I have a maximum of 100 minutes left when running on battery. (If I for example boot a life Linux Mint I have about 3 Hours 30 Mins without any extra tuning)
Calling the power object in the System-Setup the performance is always stuck to maximum performance, no possibility to change this.
I know there is the acpid.cfg but the changes available or recommended do not provoke any significant change concerning power consumption.
The FN Keys for example to change the settings of the display do not work either, so I am stuck with a maximum power consumption when running on battery?
Suspend/Resume does not work with the acpi included, it worked with the previous version 3.23.04. Now the system supends but when waking up it goes to a complete reboot.

 But once again, thank you too all the people who worked hard on making this possible.




Setup & Installation / Samsung ML-2165W Printer
« on: July 12, 2015, 03:27:50 pm »
Hi there,
has anyone ever tried to use the Samsung ML2165W Printer with ECS/OS2?
I am not familiar with Cups so I was wandering if someone has tried before and might give me some information.


Setup & Installation / ACPI 3.22.06
« on: January 01, 2015, 04:56:12 pm »
Hi there,
yesterday I installed the acpi 3.22 from Arcae Noae on my Thinkpad X61.(ECS 2.2 Beta)
First off all I would like to say thank you for the continued development of the drivers.
But I do have some questions as I have made some observations concerning Acpi that I do not understand.
Acpi works (I would say very well for the first time on this machine). I have appr. 4 hours power left when running on battery and no programs running.(WindowsXP and Linux showed up to 6 hours, but ok)
Fn-F4 starts suspend and after pushing the power button the system resumes with no apparent problems. Other function keys do not work, so I try to adjust the screen brightness when booting and before ECS is started.
The strange thing is: When booting on battery the time left (shown by the battery widget) is much longer than when booting the machine plugged in to external power supply.
If I boot the machine plugged in and then switch to battery (fully charged) mode the time shown is a max. of 2 hours 15 and the machine tends to get hot quite quickly.
Booting on battery and then plugging in works well.
Has anybody noticed the same on other machines?

Further on I have one questions concerning the Bios-Settings:

I remember having read that with the old acpi (which was for example distributed with ECS 2,1) it was recommended to deactivate the speed step technology in the bios settings. How about the new acpi?

Happy new year

Networking / Intel 2915 abg Wireless and WPA2 with Genmac
« on: June 09, 2014, 09:18:58 am »
is it possible to use the Intel 2915 wireless device with genmac and WPA2/PSK?
I do know it works under windows and linux with wpa2/psk but I am not able to connect to a network with OS2/ECS when the network is secured with WPA2

Thanks for any information


Networking / Problems with Genmac ?????
« on: January 01, 2014, 11:45:50 am »
I have two machines running ecs, a lenovo x61 with the newest Beta ecs and a thinkpad r52 with ecs 2.1.
On both machines wlan worked well using genmac and xwlan. Recently I had to change my router and the problems started. (just for the records: there was no problem with windows xp and wlan on the same machines)
The network is encrypted with wpa2. Booting the machines the genmac driver was loaded and the wireless interfaces worked, but I only occasionally was able to connect. Using 'scan for networks' shows my network and marks my profile as matching but obviously I can not establish a connection (most of the time). Somtimes, all of a sudden the connection is established, but for example on reboot the problems occur again.
On the x61 I was able to 'solve' the problem by chance using the wpa -gui.exe from Paul Smedley (great work, thanks a lot), but I must admit I do not why. Looking at the gui.exe I have this configuration: adapter : udp or lan0
(both way works), authentication is set to wpa2-personal (PSK), encryption is ccmp, eap method is md5.
On the r52 I changed all components to the same I use on the x61 except the gui.exe, as I don't no have the qt libraries installed. Result as before, I can not establish a connection.
I conclude there must be a difference in the way the gui.exe handles this compared to the xwlan interface and I would like to know if there is something like a config file or equivelant where these settings are stored for the interfaces?

Cheers and a happy new year

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