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Programming / Re: WebSite / HTML editor - what do we have?
« on: February 04, 2023, 09:51:46 pm »
I use version 0.8b4pre (20100331, Gecko 1.8.1) as well, and the css-editor make it more useful than SeaMonkey.
Switching directly between the source code- and wysiwyg view cause problems, most often add square characters but also disable the save button. But that occur on other os:es such as "blowing in the wind" as well. Switch between the three tabs at a slow pace from left to right, or right to left to overcome some problems.

KompoZer 0.8b4pre produce code compatible with our firefox as both was created from the same generation of the mozilla engine (as in Firefox: Mozilla/5.0 (OS/2; Warp 4.5; rv:45.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/45.0). The included css-editor make it quite useful compared to the newer Blue Griffon 1.1.1 from 2011 (the css editor wasn't included by default), but doesn't support new styles introduced with html5. The css editor may therefore remove code you add by hand that it (the mozilla engine) doesn't support, unless you avoid to touch the custom style.

I would have preferred the idea to have the various front ends (such as KompoZer, Firefox, SeaMonkey, Thunderbird etc.) use one (1) common mozilla engine, but other platforms however must have dictated how and what.

Utilities / Re: graphic interface for smartahci
« on: January 07, 2023, 09:10:06 pm »
Anyone tried to add code that for example test a hdd?

Events / Re: Warpstock 2022 - Personal Remarks
« on: December 12, 2022, 10:33:27 pm »

UEFI support was coming for more then 10 years. And Intel announced that on 1st of January 2020 CSM support would be withdrawn by Intel.
So its all difficult choices to make...

One use whatever, when there's a way one can find a workable solution with minimum effort. It's however not possible to buy a current computer here without uefi and gpt, so that is something to address here and now. CSM is a transition phase that OS/2-ArcaOS need to overcome or we're stuck with spare-parts-machines.

While there is still a very large amount of hardware that allows installation in the CSM, there have been no new OS/2 WLAN drivers for almost exactly 15 years.
Blonde Guy presented a neat universal solution on his page with the external WiFi that use ethernet where we do have support combined with configuration through the web browser or curl. Ok, it use something external, but it seem quite usable. I've asked the local dealers for some "mango" but may have to order one directly from the states. Need to get a new laptop soon, as the left shift key fail now and then, so...

As uninteresting as it may be for industrial customers, this has ultimately been the nail in the coffin for many private users for OS/2 use.
Isn't it more likely the die hard enthusiasts that use OS/2-ArcaOS these days and not "Industrial customers"? Do look forward to the update to Dynamic Icons, xCenter/XWP, high resolution support (as mini icons tend to be tiny on modern screens) updated web browser and ooRexx 5.0. Appreciate such usability enhancements as a user while others want something else more important to them.

I'd therefore like to take the opportunity to

Thank you to everyone for your participation and work on OS/2, eComStation and ArcaOS. You are greatly appreciated!

Unfortunately, "It's high on our list, but..." or "Priorities have shifted for the umpteenth time..." were also very counterproductive. It's the same as always: there are lengthy explanations but in the end only facts count: no WLAN for 15 years, it's that simple.
Can imagine that developing the framework/infrastructure for such a set of driver must be significant. I can't see, quantify and thus not compare that required effort as to what it has been used for instead, and perhaps that's what some would like: To be able to compare themselves and prioritize, but that is possible when you have the some money already and the info tied to it. It can be frustrating when someone else got a broader perspective and info that may not be available to all.

Applications / Re: ssh - sshd
« on: November 01, 2022, 06:36:30 pm »
ssh -v

OpenSSH_5.3p1, OpenSSL 0.9.8k 25 Mar 2009

Applications / Re: ssh - sshd
« on: October 31, 2022, 09:38:59 pm »
I do use ssh(d) on my machines to connect to/from.
Rewrote a rexx script for an earlier release for setup (installation, configuration and various program icons).
I have the new version installed, but use the previous until the new one behave as expected.

Multimedia / Re: Mic/Line in with UniAud (3.0.1)
« on: September 25, 2022, 01:51:21 pm »
and the laptop with debug build

I now tried the "Direct Audio" in "IBM Developer's Toolkit version 4.5" subfolder "Multimedia Sample Programs" and
played REC said bla bla bla, stopped it and played it back... with a lot of noise, but I could hear my own bla bla bla.
So can it use the internal mic perhaps?
"Audio Recorder" in the same "Multimedia Sample Programs" refuse however to work.

Multimedia / Re: Mic/Line in with UniAud (3.0.1)
« on: September 25, 2022, 12:59:17 pm »
Debug version of UniAud used with /L /M options set in config.sys

Multimedia / Re: Mic/Line in with UniAud (3.0.1)
« on: September 25, 2022, 08:23:48 am »
Hi Paul,
Hi Jan-Erik
To be honest - I don't know if the inputs work on any versions of Uniaud - it would be good to hear from anyone if they used to work.

It may also be that Uniaud needs to be 'taught' how to connect the MMPM inputs to the appropriate ALSA/Uniaud inputs...

I'll try do some research on this topic.

Edit: a couple of old bug reports.... and indicate these problems have been around for a while

Edit2: uniaud readme talks about using the /m switch to enable mic input - are you using this?
Code: [Select]
  - /V - Verbose
  - /C - Enable CD output
  - /M - Enable Microphone output
  - /L - Enable Line-In output
Default: /C ((verbose messages; CD output enabled)


Yes, I think so too.

I have tried both /M (Microphone) and /L (Line input) but neither seem to make any difference on either of my machines.
VoiceType and the built in sound editor can't reach anything.
Even tried to reinstall Soundblaster Live 7.1 Card on the AMD desktop, with the only difference that it was unable use the built in card (even with parameter set in config.sys) and sb output could only handle one specific bit-rate audio output. No input there either.
One of your builds of uniaud32 enabled a bunch of controls in pmunimix, with line in/mic, but ...

Multimedia / Re: Updated Uniaud32 build
« on: September 24, 2022, 08:06:22 pm »
Same here with 5.x (on conexant).

Multimedia / Re: Updated Uniaud32 build
« on: September 05, 2022, 10:43:50 pm »
Hello Mark,

Sorry, I mixed the two up, Conexant is present on the Sony Vaio Laptop.

But my guess is that I'll meet the same issue you have with ALC892 as mine is ALC888 on an AMD Quad Core machine.

I think that 3.01.01 was the last one that's ok as newer versions I've tried tend to be a bit sluggish/slow so they can stall/freeze if one use mplayer and jump in short intervals. I skip uninteresting parts of movies/clips.  :)

Heh Jan-Erik!

As my ALC892 chipset is obviously also Conexant, I don't recall if I tried that version of Paul's driver - has you had any issues with 5.10.7 at all and Best!


Multimedia / Re: Updated Uniaud32 build
« on: September 05, 2022, 09:35:35 pm »
Errr, that's the other computer.
Tried your 5.15.6 as i've got conextant hardware and can also see a trap here during boot.
Reverted back to 3.01.01 that work with the hardware.

  • Unimix -get
  • id: PCH
  • Driver: HDA-Intel
  • Name: HDA Intel PCH
  • LongName: HDA Intel PCH at 0xd2600000 irq 22
  • MixerName: Conexant CX20590
  • Components: HDA:14f1506e,104d5a00,00100002 HDA:80862805,104d5a00,00100000

I'm not impressed by the suggestion to add two stage verification.
I log on from different computers and absolutel don't want them to send anything to my phone every time I need to use thier services.
I've now disabled two stage verification and set google to forward my emails.

Internet / Re: New Browser Delay Discussion
« on: April 15, 2022, 09:06:50 am »
Congratulations Mentore, proud father one can presume  :)

Applications / Re: Scribus on ArcaOS
« on: March 21, 2022, 06:02:17 pm »
I run "Scribus v1.4.4 compiled for OS/2 & eCS" here on ArcaOS 5.0.7
anpm libraries updated as available and may ahve removed some fonts that may not play well.

The splash screen should list what the application try to load.
Does it dissapear on "Loading fonts" or perhaps something after that?

Off Topic discussions / Re: Russia attacked Ukraine
« on: March 06, 2022, 06:22:51 pm »
Create a

cRop harvester

to remove the bad seed and spread it out far away.

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