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Multimedia / Mic/Line in with UniAud (3.0.1)
« on: January 16, 2022, 09:26:02 pm »

The new build(s) of UniAud show more and more of the built in sound card (ATI HDA, ALC888) functionality with unimix.
I'd like to use the now enabled/recognized Mic in and/or Line in, but "Digital Audio" recorder and the os2tk45 "Audio Recorder Sample" and "Direct Audio" samples either stall the computer or the application. VoiceType therefore can't enable input.

Are there something to do?


Applications / Re: Updated RPMs - big release chunk...
« on: October 28, 2021, 02:42:43 am »

i've had to resort to undo things by hand in command line as python 2.7 is replaced so ANPM either show nothing or other parts refuse to work.

What i've used several times:
  • Unpack python 2.7 with Zippy to <bootdrive>:\usr as anpm can't use python 3.x as yum just barf
  • "yum history" in cmd
  • "yum history undo <number>" in cmd, where <number> is a whole number as found in 2
  • Repeat 3 with earlier <number>s until you get a working system back
  • Update packages one at the time if possible to see and report which one need some attention by the developer(s).

Programming / Re: redirect stdout, stderr and stdin
« on: August 09, 2021, 11:13:00 am »
Thank you for the code.

I've tried it out as well as the original code with different variations.

redirecting stdout and stderr is no problem as it seem, it's when I want to add redirection of stdin that things stop working.


Programming / redirect stdout, stderr and stdin
« on: July 28, 2021, 09:31:41 pm »

would like to run one vio application at the time in a separate thread and redirect stdout, stderr and stdin to control it. Tried variations to the example found in "IBM Developers Toolkit version 4.5", "Control Program Programming Giude and Reference", "Redirecting Standard I/O for Child Processes".

The example only describe how to do it for stdout, but I've found examples that include stderr or stdin, but not quite the way intended here.

sqlite3.exe would be a great example.
One can start it and enter a command, wait for the output and then enter a new command (sql query) and continue, and not just a command at startup.

One would be able to write the support library required for oosqlite and Open Object Rexx 5.0.0 on OS/2-ArcaOS.  ;)

See attachment... Please do tell how it should be written instead.


Web applications / Re: QT5 simplebrowser
« on: June 07, 2021, 05:33:16 pm »
It's great to read and hear such positive news that there's a new browser on the way.

Several of the sites that host OS/2-ArcaOS projects and products seem sparse at communicating where to do what. Why not suggest improvements politely, perhaps in a separate thread?

Use the software as soon as it's purchased, otherwise it will be obsolete or not function as the world around evolve in one or the other direction. Better to learn new things in small steps now, than to have to relearn all together when *** has redefined how to do this or that. Some things may otherwise become such big hurdles to overcome.

So positive information has only reached so far, news-letters and the like may be technical and not build the insight that component/library/application X is vital in this sense (bla, bla, bla) as part of XYZ that in turn give the base to run on current/now only available/modern hardware.

The technological leaps ahead to close some of the gaps that has to be performed mean more overhauls of parts of the OS. Is it the need to see that that specific update/fix/improvement suit each individuals need, so he/she is only interested in that part? Then we'd end up with a box full of holes, as several things depend on each other. Arca Noae/OS2Voice/BitWiseWorks focus on those parts that we may take for granted. All that do cost and you and I are the ones to ensure those updates gets developed. I need to buy a new computer as the old one is... well, old and start to fail (hdd latest). I think I should buy one, try it out and report my findings to an/bww.

To do all that I need a new browser that can access my internet bank, online computer store etc. so I sponsor to get the updates.

Surely there must be more ways to attract attention.
Easier ways to sponsor is a goog start, a marketing person another.


Programming / Re: JSon to Rexx (stem)
« on: May 23, 2021, 10:54:19 am »

3 issues:

1. The code need that a json file begin with "[{" and end with "}]"
  It can be easily be resolved with

Code: [Select]
   IF LEFT( !_str_!, 1 ) = '{' THEN
      !_str_! = '['||!_str_!||']'
right after
Code: [Select]
!_str_! = STRIP( ARG(1) )
2. The mentioned ending of the file has to be coded into the part that handle ':'
    Tested here and done.

3. The code focus on key'='value (including such lists) and not on value lists only.
    An additional section has to be added that take care of the list

Programming / Re: JSon to Rexx (stem)
« on: May 23, 2021, 08:56:24 am »

I used:
set rextrace=on
and stepped thorugh the code...
It parse almost all of the file, but it stumble on the last
Code: [Select]
"code":0}and never complete as it can't handle that last section.
The result is that the code skip past and return the same text over and over again in rapid succession, thus eventually look up the computer.

The short term solution would be just to remove what's left, but I'll look into it somewhat to see what I can do about it.

Problems usually result in that the interpreter exit abnormally with a message that contain a call to the same function, though visually offset from the previous. Rexx can not handle that many levels of recursion s0 it's possible to write code that can parse an advanced file. One has to handle such solutions with queues or stacks.

Code: [Select]
call bla( param_1, param_n )
   call bla( param_1, param_n )
      call bla( param_1, param_n )
         call bla( param_1, param_n )
            call bla( param_1, param_n )
               call bla( param_1, param_n )
                  call bla( param_1, param_n )
                     call bla( param_1, param_n )

Web applications / Re: QT5 simplebrowser
« on: March 09, 2021, 06:50:09 pm »
Yes, (after I SET LANG=en_US or yum crash in libc until they fix it) but libicu-legacy does nothing.

Now (a few hours later) I've unpacked the icu*.dlls with Zippy from the rpm package in C:\var\cache\yum\netlabs-rel\packages\libicu-56.1-2.oc00.i686.rpm to the program folder for OpenOffice D:\Programs\OpenOffice\program and now I can run Writer, Firefox, QT Browser, Thunderbird and SMPlayer at the same time (though perhaps not under that heavy load just yet). But it is awesome!

Web applications / Re: QT5 simplebrowser
« on: March 08, 2021, 08:00:53 pm »
If you use ANPM and update everything as specified you'll have the smoothest ride to test the simplebrowser.
I think it is very good as one can use it on sites that require modern browsers. It play movies on play sites but there are some glitches here and there that can be addressed with more work. Libraries have no value on their own, but they're crucial for the applications that use them to do what we need in the end. The simplebrowser is one of many applications that use a bunch of these libraries to turn all the advanced stuff into useful tools for everyday use.

The only package that cause me problems is libicu in combination with OpenOffice 4.1.7, that use something available in libicu 56.2 and earlier that doesn't exist (or behave differently/use other function parameters/...) in libicu 65.x and the new 68.x. One could install libicu 68.x and harvest those files and copy them to the simplebrowser folder.
Downgrade to libicu 56.2 and from that run OpenOffice and the browser without switching library.
There's however no instruction where to report such findings... so I'll keep my mouth shut, unless someone can tell me where to report it and how.

Anyone got a script to extract the files needed?

Martin and Roderick both have interesting points, I can see both, and more.

I've donated money over the years and also some to this project to get a new browser engine. I do however struggle to see how (especially non core) projects can produce something useful without funding as we can't expect forever "time donations" by developers as perhaps was possible in the past. The more people that share the same interest and goal, the better as many small streams of money can form rivers. A company can't print money to pay their workers, but has to rely on its customers to accumulate money to improve the product or service it provide.

Technology that we want/need to port but is out of reach due to their heritage in other systems that deviate more and more from OS/2 design, may have to be paid for. Such work that can't wait for a volunteer developer to do in his/her spare time three or four years from now. It's not easy to port applications (or write from scratch either) for OS/2, and therefore not "free" (as in no money) just because it is free on another platform. Chunks of code has to be rewritten to run in OS/2 and that is what we chip in to pay for. More work has to be put into it as other systems develop away from the traditional way. Free software take time to rewrite/recompile/port... and thus cost money to get on this os on a regular basis. But I'm pleased that there are highly skilled developers that can be paid to work to produce software.

Do include us Martin in the vision how to keep development pace while maintaining developers with the right skill set in combination with current and up to date software.


Applications / Re: ODIN
« on: February 28, 2021, 09:57:53 pm »
look for and install it as seen on this page:
OdinApp Package   ZIP   The OdinApp package is only needed for Win32 apps not built with the Odin SDK.

Setup & Installation / Re: JRUN - Looking for Guinea pig(s)
« on: February 04, 2021, 07:46:40 pm »
I had asked to run NetRexx, and you helpfully explained that it had to be version 3.04.

The NetRexxC.cmd included did not work well, and gave an error message similar to the -server message you posted. So did JRun.cmd. Looking inside JRun.cmd shows that it was very similar to NetRexxC.cmd.
And the updated JRun tries to find another java version as it's not possible to run the same java.exe (at all) with a different setting for server/client. All other instances has to use the same parameter if one instance of java.exe has been started with -server
One problem was that it found the Java compiler on the wrong drive. I found the rxFind was causing this problem.
You can force which one it should use by setting the environment string such as
but it will yet try to use another if that java version is blocke, if the script for example find a version in C:\Programs\Java141 that return a valid version string.
The -server error message also occurs if the wrong drive is used in -client mode. I was using a server program, but I did not invoke with -server. Maybe I should.
avoid mixing "-server" as it seem to cause problems.

Remove program objects that was created with jrun that show such messages, or set the environment variable as mentioned above. Remove a misbehaving program object and let the new version recreate it to fix faults you saw from the previous version of the script.

But I wanted to run NetRexx, and JRun wasn't helping enough, so I made a simpler script that just runs NetRexx. Now I can run simple NetRexx programs. I cannot run all the examples, but I expect I now need to find the NetRexx docs to see what else is needed. NetRexx was a clever idea, but it seems just as inconvenient as running Java as far as creating the right classpath with all the needed components.
The latest version I posted does exactly what your script does... and more, as it allow you to specify if you just want to compile and/or also run the compiled script.

Several of the included examples does however not even work on other platforms as the IBM examples has been moved into renamed sub-folders or something like that.

Setup & Installation / Re: JRUN - Looking for Guinea pig(s)
« on: January 30, 2021, 12:52:08 pm »

Thanks for your help.

To start, I just wanted to run hello.nrx

I'm running on the Q: drive. My SDK is in Q:\Programs\java600. I am running Jetty with JavaMail, so maybe that's why it is running server.

NetRexx is in Q:\Programs\NetRexx

Had to adjust the script again to handle NetRexx.
Replace JRun.cmd and now it should behave.

Tested Java/OpenJDK to load the server version of jvm.dll with JDownloader (version 2 ) and Genealogy.
"-server" on the command line is possible to use with JDownloader, but it launch itself after updates and restart and then complain. See the attached image of what it may look like then.

Add -server to the parameters of the program object to run the application in server mode.

The script (JRun.cmd) can't run a plain client java version if that same java engine already has been started with the parameter "-server". JRun.cmd then automatically try to find another java/openjdk version to use. I have Java 4.1 that it detect and create a program object for and try to run...

What is your opinion on that? Should it stop and do nothing or try to find another one to use?

Some of you may have opened the script in a text editor and looked at the code already.
If so, you'll notice that there are environment variables you can set to make it behave differently.
Please do try them out as well.

Setup & Installation / Re: JRUN - Looking for Guinea pig(s)
« on: January 27, 2021, 09:21:05 am »
Here is the latest adjustments to jrun that you also can get from the homepage.

Setup & Installation / Re: JRUN - Looking for Guinea pig(s)
« on: January 27, 2021, 09:13:08 am »
???? Where did you find "harvest" on my site?

I wrote harvest.cmd, to do the harvesting of information from your site that can be downloaded with
wget http://joopn... and some additional parameters.

All Java programs on my site are tested with the given cmd file, the only thing I do is making the drive and directory more standard, but that doesn't influence the working. So everyone who want to make use of the cmd file only have to re edit the drive and path names. That's clearly lined out, that is, no one complained yet ;-)

the cmd file for each application that each has to be adjusted statically when there is rexx and all joops knowledge how to dynamically set both general and common settings to run each app.
Code: [Select]
&#64;echo off
SET BEGINLIBPATH=[drive: java]\JAVA160ga5\bin
SET path=[drive: java]\JAVA160ga5\bin
[drive: fatcalc]
cd [drive: fatcalc]\fatcalc
java -Duser.home=[drive: fatcalc]\fatcalc -jar fatcalc.jar 2&gt;fatcalc-bugs.txt

harvest.cmd read each htm file and look for the tag '<PRE>' to '</PRE>'
'[drive: java]\JAVA160ga5\bin' is the openjdk directory that the script already know where it is, reuse that knowledge.
[drive: fatcalc]\fatcalc is the directory to start within, the script get that directory from the parameter as one click on the .jar file the first time to add a program object for it as working directory.
etc. etc.

Setup & Installation / Re: JRUN - Looking for Guinea pig(s)
« on: January 27, 2021, 07:19:02 am »
The web page you gave above is not responding.

had a power outage in the area... but ok, I'll post the package here.

1. NetRexx 3.04 can be used with OpenJDK 6, later versions of NetRex seem to use a feature only present in newer versions of java.
2. The script included with NetRexx has not been updated for long... so you have to rewrite it completely or use jRun instead. There's No point in using NetRexxc.cmd. The program object it create associate itself with .nrx files so you can Compile / Run them with a click
3. Download java2nrx and add a program object for it (with JRun) you can convert .java code to .nrx code

I'm interested in getting NetRexx running. I try NetRexxC.cmd, but it gives errors.

Error: K:\PROGRAMS\JAVA600\JRE\bin\client\jvm.dll: this JVM conflicts with a dif
ferent type of JVM loaded by another process. You may only use one JVM type of a
 given Java installation at a time
Error: K:\PROGRAMS\JAVA600\JRE\bin\client\jvm.dll: this JVM conflicts with a dif
ferent type of JVM loaded by another process. You may only use one JVM type of a
 given Java installation at a time

The documentation for java state that you may only run the server or client version of jvm.dll at a time.
The text above say that the script try to start the client version.
What other java app may be running at that time?

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