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Hi Martin:

Reply you late, due to holiday.
Already sent message to you.


I was checking the "Advantech PCA-6028" on the internet. I'm curious since the the mainboard looks like it has to go on a slot. Where doe it goes plugged? Does that ArcaOS/OS2 Machine has any special use?

Sorry I don't have any comments about the issue. I can only suggest to use ArcaOS 5.0.7 just to be on the latest level when you open the ticket.


By request from customer, there are several old equipment, controlled by PC under OS2 Warp3. There are couple ISA interface cards.
CPU is Intel PIII, about 300MHz, and disk space is only 2G bytes. In OS2, Oracle personal OS2 version is running.

I've already upgraded to PCA-6010 with Intel Core2Duo CPU successfully. Now try to upgrade to latest Intel CPU.
Now, upgrade ACPI version to 2.23.16. Everything is fine.

Hi Dave:

Thanks for advice.


I try to install ArcaOS 5.0.6 in Advantech PCA-6028 with Intel i5 4590S, 4 core, 3.0GHz.
It does not always boot successfully, failed sometimes.

I reduce CPU core to 1, then it works fine.
I install debug info to get following message.

Is there anything I can do to solve this problem?

System Debugger 8/8/97 [80B86]
MaxProcesses = 1025
Symbols linked (os2krnl)
 10 May 09 SHL

 on debug terminal - mode com1 115200,n,8,1,rts=hs,buffer=on,xon=on or equivalent

 on mut

The system detected an internal processing error at
location ##0168:a41c - 0010:a41c.
60004, 6009
128606c3 - 00/00 00:00:00.00
Internal revision 14.104b_SMP
The system is stopped.  Record all of the above information and
contact your service representative.
eax=ffffffff ebx=00001000 ecx=ffde1594 edx=00000000 esi=fc73b9c8 edi=17eb0000
eip=0000a41c esp=00004ef4 ebp=00004f48 iopl=0 -- -- -- nv up ei pl zr na pe nc
cs=0168 ss=1530 ds=0170 es=0170 fs=0000 gs=0000 cr2=ffe8e000 cr3=00225000 p=00
0168:0000a41c 55             push      bp

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