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Programming / Re: JSon to Rexx (stem)
« on: May 21, 2021, 07:55:03 am »
I'm waking this thread up after a long time. I started to write a REXX program to control the GL.iNet family of routers. These tiny routers can provide wireless support. But the user interface does not work with Firefox 45.

So I use curl and an API to control the router. So far, I can go to some WiFi hotspots, connect to them and surf the internet.

In order to do this, I needed to interpret the JSON file that CURL returns. So here I am. I used this:
  * Filename: JSon2Rx.cmd
 *   Author: Jan-Erik
 *  Created: Sat Feb 23 2013
 *  Purpose: Interpret a JSon-file and place in stem

I found it had a problem with one of the files I got. So I tried this one:
 * Filename: fromJSon.cmd
 *   Author: JANERIK
 *  Created: Sat Feb  3 2018

Amazingly, this hangs my ArcaOS computer. I type

fromJSon curldns.txt

and it never completes. Is there something wrong with my computer, or is fromJSon.cmd doing something wierd?

First question: did you try to validate the json file?

A REXX script should not be able to hang OS/2, but I'm afraid this may happen.


Just in case, this weekend, I will take a full backup of hobbes and put it on just to leave it archived. I guess nobody will get mad for it.


I don't think there will be problems with this. I also second your idea of an alternate "main" repo for OS/2 software.


I just took a quick look at the latest QEMU, it would take work getting it to compile. For example, the configure script is hand written by Fabrice Bellard, so probably not too different from FFmpeg's configure but definitely no OS/2 support currently.
Perhaps if I get bored, I'll see if I can get it to compile, but right off, running configure dies with "ERROR: main directory cannot contain spaces nor colons" so it doesn't like that our sh's PWD returns the drive letter along with the current directory.
Guess the first step would be to find the patches that were used for the last port.

A newer QEMU would be really interesting IMHO. Also this PC emulator could be interesting to test and work on ArcaOS NLS, which I'm working on but HORRIBLY slowly due to work and many other issues (personal life). I'll give it a try.



You may know that on my free time I like to organize the OS2World wiki, and try to link as much as OS/2 related material (let say it helps me with my anxiety these days).

I want to try to list and link all the PC Magazine OS/2 related article:
- The general OS/2 subject articles here (OS2World wiki) (software reviews, OS reviews, critic, etc)
- The development OS/2 related articles here (EDM/2 wiki)

The good thing is that is seems that Google books got permission to republish some the PC Magazine issues and we can found them online: Google Books.

I'm now requesting your help, if you find some OS/2 article on PC Magazine, let me know the name or issue or date, and I will include it to the wiki list.

BTW: I know PC Magazine was not our preferred Magazine at that time, but I just want to list the OS/2 articles.

Also, if you think we should do the same thing with other magazines (list its OS/2 related articles), let me know.


There is a bunch of OS/2 related material in an old and defunct italian PC magazine. I also wrote some articles for it and managed the column for a couple of years.
I don't know if we can republish it though, so the best I can do is link it here:

OS/2 related articles are present starting from issue 50 if I remember correctly (mostly related to the IBM / Microsoft wars, with a perplexed view on the OS development, until version 2.0 came).

Applications / Re: OS/4 (technical details only)
« on: March 27, 2021, 05:55:41 pm »
Hi G. M. Anchieri

I recommend you to open a ticket on "" (explain things in detail). The Bitwise guys does not visit this forum regularly and does not read all threads.
Possible they would like to focus first on having the browser on ArcaOS (with regular kernel) first, and maybe later they can check on that.

I think that opening a ticket will be a good "heads up" for them, but I can not predict their answer.


Truth be told, since (as far as I can remember) OS/4 is still kind of an unauthorized work it is definitely possible that this problem will not be solved. Even so, it may be worth a try, since if I'm not mistaken there are other problems with AVX under OS/2.

It's really too much time I don't fiddle anymore with my OS/2 machines. Definitely time to put these two up again. So much work to do, so little time...


Web applications / Re: Otter Browser 1.0 [teaser]
« on: March 08, 2021, 09:28:03 am »
First native OS/2 Otter Browser build ever, enjoy.

Really good news. I'm following this closely.
Thanks for all this work!


Applications / Re: Hpt path statement
« on: February 01, 2021, 10:11:35 am »
Greetings again,

I am setting up hpt husky (fidonet mail tosser) and all works fine.. except that I do not know how to put the config for husky one the path... I put all the executables in \usr\bin so can call husky from anywhere no problem. Husky requires a config file which is in C:\config\ in Linux I would just create a symlink to the config no problem, how do I get it to see the config file, I’ve put it on the path, I’ve tried set hpt=c:\config none of it works.  I can run it hpt -C c:\config\config but that’s not ideal... any suggestions?

Hope you are all well


Hi Rick,
a quick hack would be to use a desktop object, with the -C C:\config\config option in the command line call. Could you do with this?

General Discussion / Re: Revolutionary PC Technology
« on: February 01, 2021, 09:00:42 am »
The C64 probably interfaces directly to the hardware, so an emulator won't help.

Sure. But its software could be easily ported to OS/2 with a suitable interface. OK, I'm just kidding ;)

Hardware / Re: Does Arcaos support browsing phones?
« on: January 08, 2021, 11:00:51 am »
There's Samba. Some file managers have WiFi sharing which gives a web interface. Likewise with FTP. Or, sneaker net, either by ejecting the SD card (which was originally partitioned from OS/2 or plugging in a USB stick. I recently purchased a micro USB to USB A adapter that works well for plugging in a USB stick. Previously I paid $5 for the X-Plore file manager which I've been happy with (worked fine for free with no ads but a few things like WiFi sharing not enabled)
There's also which allows pulling the photos straight off the phone in most cases using PTP and which you might want to try first.

I always connected my android cellphone to my OS/2 machine via FTP without a problem, being able to browse its internals. For photos only, cameraderie is perfect AFAIK.


Programming / Re: SAF-T
« on: December 18, 2020, 10:41:49 am »

Anyone here with knowledge of converting accounting data from text files to SAF-T?

At the moment there are only three standard accounting reports that, by local law, must be availble upon request
from tax authorities. I think REXX and XML can be used for this.

Hi there,
I did a quick search and found this on GitHub:

seems it's just a python script doing the exact contrary of what you need.
I've got no knowledge of SAF-T format but, from what I can see, it's an XML file following a specific schema, so it should be not that hard to come up with a suitable converter.

Should you get out of luck please contact me at mentore . siesto @ alice . it, maybe I can patch up something (not sure about REXX though, since I can't access my OS/2 machines right now).


Article Discussions / Re: OS/2 - ArcaOS and the Year 2020
« on: December 09, 2020, 08:14:08 am »
Dear Community.

I always like to take some time to share some thoughts about OS/2-ArcaOS and the community when the year is close to end, or on the early days of the new year. This year had been a personally stressful year at work because of the lifestyle changes that produced the COVID19 pandemic, but let’s keep that aside and focus on the OS/2 community, right?

Arca Noae is the one with the IBM OEM deal to keep selling OS/2 today. They had accomplished great things like USB 3 and UEFI support. The next 2021 they have the challenge to finally release ArcaOS 5.1 with multiple language support. I see this as an important milestone, because I'm hoping that from that point Arca Noae can focus in a long-term strategy to not only make OS/2 running on modern hardware, but to start improving the OS with more features. My final word about Arca Noae will be, let's keep supporting them, let's help them, because the delivered what was promised.

I generally second your statement, Martin. Being part of the Italian NLS team I have to admit I'm not making good efforts (work and family take up all my time), but we're doing anything we can to work on it.

Bitwise Works. They are the only development company and group we have on this community. They took the hard task to get a modern browser based in a modern engine to render webpages, and it is taking a lot of efforts on porting extra libraries and Qt5. I really hope they can have more developers for the OS/2 platform, but we need to keep in mind that they need resources (money) to pull this off. I also think we need to keep supporting them and they have their Patreon page for that.  The issue here is that they need regular income to keep paying the developers and I think  Patreon is a good way to support them.

I'm supporting Bitwise since one year and think it's a good thing to do. Sadly my income has decreased badly this year since I can't work into theatres :( but surely BWW developers are earning their money.

Individual Developers. There are also individual developers that keep developing new software and port software from other platforms. I will never get tired of thanking them for the love to the platform and their selfless work. They are awesome and I like that a majority like to share their knowledge on the forums. Sometimes it is not only about being a good developer, but also having a great attitude, and these guys have it.

I've been a part-time OS/2 software developer and will get at it again as soon as I have a working setup ready... Alas, too little free time.

So that was the easy part, it is just a quick summary of what is happening today with the platform, but the hard part will be always to look into the future. We still have different needs in drivers and applications for ArcaOS, and Operating Systems market are no longer in war for huge profits and money opportunity.

What do you think is needed today and maybe on the long-term future? Even if it just drivers, software or even a different strategy to have a more representation in the Operating Systems  space.


From my point of view:
  • drivers - USB 3 is good and hope it will come GA ASAP as we badly need it. But also Wi-Fi drivers are a must for all those who want to use ArcaOS on a laptop.
  • disks: we still have our share of troubles using thumb drives or external USB disks due to LVM needing to be used. I remember having almost destroyed an old Creative Zen MP3 player trying to make it work under OS/2 since it used an incredibly strange partitioning scheme. But also other devices have problems if LVM is used on them (like cameras and video cameras).
  • A different and more pervasive communication: this is, I fear, the most difficult thing to do, because it requires resources and manpower in order to spread a message regarding affordability, safety and stability of ArcaOS.

And yes, in my dreams I still think about a 64 bit recompiled OS/2 kernel :)


Multimedia / Re: Updated Uniaud32 build
« on: December 07, 2020, 08:10:42 am »
Hi All,

Just a quick update to say that there's no real progress - broadly it's understood why the builds don't produce sound, and where the problem lies (the port of the regmap/regcache APIs), but there isn't a clear root cause/solution to this yet. I'm actually taking a break from looking at Uniaud for a short time - with any luck a fresh look after a break may help shed some light on the problem.



Best of luck Pete. I'm following this and hope to try the new builds soon (have to build one or two machines almost from scratch with some old hardware).

Applications / Re: Painting program?
« on: July 21, 2020, 08:10:55 am »
There are three old vector graphics programs: logoart, CorelDraw 2.5 and DrawIt.

Another really interesting "drawing" (more like editing, but also for drawing) available for free on OS/2 id Photo>Graphics PRO by TrueSpectra. The makers also sent a public registration key to make it useable.
It's somehow steep in learning but can make really interesting things - to some extent I feel it comparable to Inkscape (without of course SVG and many modern tools).

As long as ArcaNoae Mantis is not yet back up, translations still go on. : )

Question is though, should the GNU Public License in Warpin (warpin.wis) be translated to other languages too? Even if the text does not say so, I've read elsewhere that translating contracts voids their existence, as you'd need a lawyer to check if the meaning has not changed by translating the text.
So.. if nobody has other thoughts or valid reasoning, I'll keep the english translation of the GNU Public License and just translate the rest around it..

based on my experience and on what I've studied in the past, GPL is NOT to be translated. The costs to verify the closeness between the actual original GPL and the translated one would be unacceptable and a translated GPL is considered as not valid.
This is what the FSF / GNU say, by the way, so I didn't take my time to provide a translated version of the GPL in my works, be them for OS/2 or else.


Programming / Re: Porting Lilypond to OS/2 - eCS - Arca Noae
« on: November 11, 2019, 08:04:43 am »
Given that LilyPond is more of an engraving program than a traditional notation program and thus not very user friendly would something like MuseScore not make more sense? Or does that have even more dependencies?

BTW. For those with not very advanced needs when it comes to notation, old versions of Personal Composer run fine under OS/2, 16 bit version under WinOS/2 and 32 bit versions PE'ised.

Hi Olafur, yes you're right - and I've already ported other engraving programs, so the need for this was more like "OK, I want to add another one to the list". And after NotaMusica has been discontinued I think we could do with a real notation software - but I'm afraid something like MuseScore is really out of our league due to its dependencies. This MAY change now that we are really close to a  complete Qt 5.13 release, but my mileage may vary.

I'd like to take a look at some opensource notation software but almost everyone is rather huge or uses libraries like JACK which may make it impossible to port. I'll take a look when I will fire up my OS/2 machine again.

Oh, just a last update: I saw that some GUI programs (mainly Denemo and Canorus) are UIs to LilyPond, so I'm starting to think the (two or three  ;D ;D ;D ) OS/2-powered musicians could take advantage from this. I'll see what I can do when my OS/2 boxes will be back.


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