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General Discussion / Probable website downtime
« on: February 04, 2018, 09:36:19 am »
Hi All,

Just a heads up that my site will likely go down for approximately 2 weeks from February 16th, as I'm moving house, and our new house isn't heady yet, so we'll be off to a holiday house.  Whilst I'll have an internet connection, it's unlikely I'll be able to open port 80 to have the webserver running.

I'll try and get things back online ASAP. Any downloads hosted on dropbox will still be available in this time.



Applications / Updated Postgresql/2 builds
« on: January 01, 2018, 08:26:19 am »
Hi All,

Inspired by Greg Pringle and Jan-Erik Larka, I updated Postgresql to 9.3.x:

I also just built 9.4.x:

Feedback appreciated!



Marketplace / Make me an offer :)
« on: October 02, 2017, 02:04:16 am »
Hi All,

I'm having a clear out, as we're moving house in the next few months. Note that all items are in Australia, and postage costs may be prohibitive for some items to be mailed overseas. Use as a guide to postage costs (Link provided is postage to the US).

Make me an offer on the below :)
  • Avarice the Final Saga - with original box
  • Galactic Civilizations 2 - includes GalCiv Gold CD - with original box
  • Links OS/2 - with original box
  • Entrepreneur - with original box
  • Faxworks Pro for OS/2 v3.0- with original box
  • Unimaint v5.0 - 2x floppies only - no box
  • Master of the Empire - CD only - no box
  • Stellar Frontier 1.01 - OS/2 and Windows - CD only - no box
  • IBM Family FunPak for OS/2 Warp - CD digipack - no box
  • Vigilance on Talos V - CD only - no box

Note this doesn't mean I'm stopping porting stuff for OS/2 - just doing some house keeping on stuff I haven't touched for years.



Networking / Wireshark port
« on: June 04, 2017, 08:02:49 am »
Hi Guys,

After a mailing list discussion with Lewis and Steven, I took a look at compiling Wireshark.

The good news is, I got it working - well it loads at least.

Note that at this point, it won't capture network packets itself, but it should be useful to analyse logs captured on other systems, or, Stephen has told me that it can analyse logs captured with iptrace.

To capture packets using wireshark, we either need to port the pcap library, or teach wireshark how to use iptrace :)

Requires heimdal DLL's and qt4 for the gui.

Current binary at

Working on an updated build with a few more libraries included....

Feedback appreciated ;)



Programming / Test build of GCC 7.1
« on: May 07, 2017, 10:42:42 am »
Hi All,

I built GCC 7.1.0 - test build is at



Applications / PMBitchX updated
« on: December 19, 2016, 03:46:01 am »
Hi All,

I was chatting today with Elbert on IRC, and noticed he was running PM BitchX 1.0c19. It occurred to me that the core bitchx IRC code may have been updated, and sure enough it was updated 2 years ago to v1.2.1, and the pmbitchx code is part of the core source code.

With a couple of hours of hacking around some build issues (I'm on vacation, so I have some free time!), I got things working. Most things aren't tested, but it connects to IRC ok with some minimal testing.

Feedback appreciated :)

readme.os2 contains a list of required DLL's



Networking / Samba 4.4.x Netdrive plugin for OS/2
« on: November 13, 2016, 09:23:06 am »
Hi All,

As many would be aware, I've been working on a Netdrive Samba plugin for OS/2 for a while now. After my presentation at Warpstock last weekend (Youtube video at - slides at I thought I should finally make some binaries more widely available.

Note that installation currently requires some manual copying of files, and an existing installation of the Netdrive plugin from

Firstly, download the following:
ndpsmb.dll -
smbcln44.dll -
ldap.dll -
heimdal DLL's -
mmap.dll - or install via rpm
libcx0.dll - (Note this is a self built version of libcx0.dll - rpm version may work as well)

ndpsmb.dll needs to go in x:\ndfs\ndplugs - I suggest smbcln44.dll goes in the same directory.

Other dll's need to be available in the libpath.  Note that for heimdal, unless you're using a kerberos enabled share, you only need the DLL's from /heimdal/bin

To connect to a kerberos enabled server (ie Windows Server), you'll also need kinit.exe from /heimdal/bin and potentially some of the other executables

At this point, restarting ndctl.exe should result in a working Samba.

Before rebooting, it is *VERY* important that you remove the line that loads ndctl.exe from config.sys, ie 'RUN=C:\NDFS\NDCTL.EXE' and add 'detach ndctl.exe' to startup.cmd.  If you don't do this, it's VERY likely you'll get system hangs as the WPS is starting up. The causes of this are being investigated.

If problems are found, please either email me details - or raise a ticket against Client 3.0.x at

In particular, logs are useful - see my presentation slide 24 for details on creating logs.

Feedback appreciated.

Thanks to Lewis Rosenthal for his support for this project.



Storage / MTP plugin for Netdrive?
« on: June 26, 2016, 11:57:27 am »
Hi All,

Wondering how many people would find a MTP plugin for Netdrive useful?

For those that aren't aware, MTP is a very common protocol used for connecting multimedia devices (including devices like android phones).

No promises that this will happen, but I've been having some fun working on ndpsmb for use with samba 4.4.x - so I thought it might be useful to try creating a new plugin.

Some of this will also depend on how well virtualbox supports testing a usb device, as testing on real hardware isn't so easy here anymore....



Programming / Test build of GCC v6.1.0 for OS/2
« on: May 01, 2016, 11:17:42 am »
Hi All,

I built GCC 6.1.0 for eCS and OS/2 - it can be downloaded from

Feedback appreciated!



Events / CUPS v2.0.3 Discussion (Slipt)
« on: July 24, 2015, 11:58:27 am »
Hi Pete,

While a brief presentation about 1.4.8 would be of interest I think Paul should concentrate more on 2.0.0 as that is the way forward - I see cups 2.0.3 is now current.

No, Paul, that is not a hint - but if you are feeling bored sometime... ;-)

Yes the focus will be the current port. since you mentioned it, - only tested enough to see that a test print works.

Be mindful when extracting over a working setup, there is a file in here that conflicts with one from cups-filters* - I had to re-unzip cups-filters* after installing this (was too lazy to work out which file, and anyway, it's probably due to me not testing in real hardware and not having SMP)

Applications / Test build of GCC 5.1.0
« on: April 26, 2015, 11:10:50 am »
Hi All,

Test build of GCC 5.1.0

Feedback appreciated!



Applications / Test build of Electrum Bitcoin wallet
« on: March 29, 2015, 10:56:59 am »
Hi All,

I've spent some time looking at Bitcoin wallets. I seem to have Electrum at least starting OK (I have no bitcoins hence haven't tried any transactions).

This is a bundle of Python 2.7 + PtQt4 v4.11.3 + Electrum v2.03

See readme.os2 for some details.

Once there is more testing, I'll do some work to split out PyQt4, Python and electrum.



Web applications / 'Heartbleed' vulnerability - OS/2 web server fixes
« on: April 12, 2014, 03:02:13 am »
Apache2, PHP 5.3.x, PHP 5.4.x, PHP 5.5.x updated to include OpenSSL 1.0.1g fixes that address 'Heart Bleed' vulnerability -

Applications / CUPS test builds
« on: April 02, 2014, 08:57:24 am »
I haven't seen this pop up yet on the ecups-dev mailing list so posting here to get some testing..

Hi All,

I'm aware of somewhat random reports of jobs getting stuck in the print queue. I've tried to workaround these before - it seemed that data did not get correctly flushed from pipes when a process is terminated.

I noticed in the libc tracker a few days ago and although this is marked as not a bug, it turns out there is an issue with libgcc on os2, which is supposed to be fixed in checkin

Whilst this fix will eventually be included in an updated libc*.dll, that will only help apps built with GCC 3.3.5

Therefore, I have rebuilt gcc473.dll - available from - this is a *MUST* for these test builds.

For now, I've rebuilt CUPS 1.4.8 (including cupsash.exe) as well as Gutenprint 5.2.9

Links are:

If anyone is getting the random 'stuck' jobs using hplip or other filters, let me know and I'll see about getting those rebuilt too.

These fixes _may_ also explain the weirdness in http://localhost:631 too

Interested in any and all feedback.



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