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Hi Martin,

Keep in mind that NMSU probably do not want to change to much, it is for student's to do a final test of code on, it needs to be a stable server for at least that semester, a server that has known variables that have been documented for the students to use in writing code to test for their semester marks, radically changing it would very likely mean rewriting course manuals, and that can involve the exams department, legal, and other University departments. It can be a right royal pain for whoever is charged with looking after the archive, like Curtis, who also has other duties.

Ian, how easy or hard to use is the script you use at OS2Site (FilePage?) ? Is it something that you created customized for your use? or it is something public?

Filepage is written in C, I have the code but as parts are written by someone else, and other parts are written by persons unknown, I can only release the code I have written and changed which looks a bit weird without the rest...

Latest version of Filepage is available at and is currently
All the file descriptions are simply listed in a text file called descriptions, and the entire site is setup using one config file, the archive file contains an example.

After this month is finished at my University, I will be happy to go over how it works, and even change the code and recompile if that is needed to create something that you are after but it has been designed to be highly configurable, down to colors, column names etc. I don't think it would be hard to add the description for a file in a listing from a file with the same name but a different extension such as .xml, I simply find it easier to put all the descriptions into one text file. The page headers/banners and footers are located in separate files. Filepage is simple, and very fast at creating index.html files, the exe is currently OS/2 only but it should also be easy enough to port to anything that uses C.

Hi Lars,

Was that the problem with the incorrect signature of USBU instead of USBS in the status block?
I have a USB filter driver (it's rather the driver from EXIGEN to show the filter concept) that fixes that on the fly. Without any need to change USBMSD.ADD. That filter driver is in my USB repo. I never released it but I could.

Not sure, I assumed (probably wrongly) that Olympus did what Canon did and that required a special driver to access the cameras storage. Looking at the patch, which I cant remember if I did back then, looks like its was an incorrect signature though I think Olympus did that on purpose. I had an Oly camera back then that required that patch but as soon as the E series came out, upgraded to get rid of both the camera, and the patched USB driver.

Hi Lars,

But the patches only work for very old versions of USBMSD.ADD and with some likelyness, this error has been fixed with newer versions of USBMSD.ADD.

This was back in the day when Olympus had propriety USB drivers, they fixed the problem by allowing access to cameras as if they were USB drivers/keys.
That update is only required if someone is using very early model Olympus cameras from around 20 years ago.

In saying that, thanks for the info, I have moved that file to the usb/old directory on 'my' and updated the descriptions. Hopefully that will be pushed out to the public when I have replication sorted.

Hi Martin,

Apologies about the late reply, been busy, and will be for the next couple of weeks.

Archiving is like religion..
As long as you have the files you need I do not think there is a right, or a wrong way, and everyone has an opinion of what you are doing wrong :o)

I still update my hobbes mirror whenever the incoming directory file count goes down but this is not currently reflected on as it
is no longer an OS/2 based server, so none of my scripts etc run. I had a look at stunnel/rsync/ftp but have not been successful in getting any combination to
work with updating from my home based OS/2 server. It is on my to do list so will be looking at it again in a month or so.

My hobbes mirror also does not remove files, it's not an rsync type mirror but a plain FTP mirror of hobbes.

On itself, over time I'm been creating /old directories where older versions of files are moved.
I do this as occasionally a file is uploaded to hobbes that has an incorrect "Replaces:" field, and if its not caught then that file is removed or deleted. Not a good way to maintain an archive, and its a pain to retrieve a file from an older backup, if I recognised what has happened.
Some people have requested that I not keep older versions of their software on, in that case the older versions are moved to a non public area on the server. One person asked that all their software be removed from public view, this I did.

I have also created a directory where all of your uploads are moved to, that keeps the original files intact but creates a parallel archive of your cleaned up files, doing otherwise was getting a bit messy :)  The /sw/martin/ directory on my home server is far more populated that the publicly available version.

The main thing is that YOU are happy with what you are doing :)
And don't let it take over your life.

Applications / Re: Desktop Enhancement for WPS
« on: May 04, 2021, 07:06:18 am »
But the rexx gadgets are not working.

I've always viewed them as examples of what can be done, otherwise they are a distraction but thats the good thing about packages like this, you can use what you want, change what you want. Might be the rexx type you have installed.

I found that some things of wps-wizard can be good to reuse in some project to improve the WPS.

I've had it installed since some very early period, ditto X-Workplace & Audio/Data-CD-Creator V0.57 from Chris Wohlgemuth.

Applications / Re: Desktop Enhancement for WPS
« on: May 03, 2021, 05:29:52 am »
Checking in my WPSWizard directory, the Readme.1st file has:

Be sure to have installed Cairo 1.22 (including libc06.dll)
and the Innotek font engine. Otherwise installation will fail.

Make sure you have the EMX runtime libraries installed as well.

Applications / Re: mplayer - how to position the playback window?
« on: March 07, 2021, 04:28:53 pm »
I have had the same problem with my own video app, using mplayer as the executive program for playing the video, which comes up in its own PM-window.
To let the mplayer-window show up on my desired place I am using the commandline-tool PGMCNTRL (by Christian Langanke). This tool lets you identify any running exe and set its x,y-position to what you like. It works fine.

I once got it from Hobbes (where I can't find it no more :-( ).

Look for for the old version, or for what might be the last version.
I see they are at

Multimedia / Re: Updated Uniaud32 build
« on: February 28, 2021, 06:13:30 am » working well here with pm123, mplayer and timidity on SB cards.

Hardware / Re: Motherboard audio in Warp 4.52
« on: February 25, 2021, 07:30:12 am »
I had never been able to get an ensoniq PCI card to work with the earlier Uniaud drivers, and experienced problems with different SB Live cards that mixer setting tweaks could never help but the SB Live! 5.1 (SB0100) card worked fine for me with Sanders driver and the earlier Uniaud, but a SB Live 5.1 CT4670 never worked properly even through Uniaud appeared to load fine.

All of these now work with Paul's latest Uniaud build. This is where I would start, install Paul's Uniaud driver, install PMUniMix, check the controls then follow Olafur's suggestions if there is still no audio. Sometimes no audio is simply due to the master, or one of the other relevant level controls being on 0 after installation.

Hardware / Re: Motherboard audio in Warp 4.52
« on: February 24, 2021, 06:21:22 pm »
Try Paul's latest uniaud builds by looking at this thread.


PS, I have not updated the external in a while due to lack of time, and problems getting secure access to the site.
I will have another go middle of this year once my life is settled down :)

Hardware / Re: OS/2 on Virtualbox with 8 COM ports
« on: February 20, 2021, 04:21:53 am »
Hi Daniele,

You do not want XR_E003, this is Fixpack 3 for WSeB (Warp Server for eBusiness)
ddpack2 can be installed the same way that you installed FP15.

You might also like to install ddpack1 as Dave mentioned,
You might want to install the first driver fixpak first as it included support for USB.

Any of the kernel files with d after the name/date are normally half strict versions, you do not want these. As Dave says below :)
you want

Hardware / Re: OS/2 on Virtualbox with 8 COM ports
« on: February 18, 2021, 11:21:19 am »
You can try from Aaron Lawrence or..

If you look in the 'zip/ directories there is a install.txt file that will show you how to 'Installing this fixpack the os2serv way.' such as the one in

xr_e003 is the WSeB Fixpack 3.

Device driver pack 2 (device driver updates not included in Fixpacks)

See the readme files.

ADDED: Always backup..

Web applications / Re: browsers shutting down
« on: February 10, 2021, 11:43:27 am »
NoScript lives at, you will probably have to poke around to find the legacy add-on.
edit, typo fix

Legacy NoScript can also be found at:

Web applications / Re: browsers shutting down
« on: February 09, 2021, 04:11:28 pm »
Hi David,

I can only speak for David's build of Firefox, which is rock solid here, the only addon I use is NoScript.

If you are still experiencing problems with a fresh profile, the next place I would look are what DLL types are you using, 386, 686 etc, and what build are are you using of the Mozilla products. Dont mix different CPU types between the Mozilla builds and the installed support DLL's.

Storage / Re: Best way to copy a volume?
« on: February 08, 2021, 04:50:19 pm »
Hi Dariusz,

I replicate my primary drive with two partitions to rotating backup HD's.

Use LVM to create create a new bootable partion on the new HD (or SSD), if required create your non bootable partition(s) as well.
I prefer to boot from DVD to create the new partitions with the old HD disconnected, makes life a lot easier in picking a bootable partition.

After that its simple to use rsync or dsync after a normal boot, your new HD will be assigned new drives if your original is for example C drive etc.
As I have a 500G HD, I use a C drive of 3G and a D drive as my data drive. With the DVD as E drive the first free drive is F:

rsync -qaX2 --stats --delete --log-file=Backup_rsync.log C:\  F:\
rsync -qaX2 --stats --delete --log-file=Backup_rsync.log D:\  G:\

or using dsync, create a config file ( I do this with rsync as well but for simplicity I have ignored that above).

"dsync backup2newHD.cfg"

backup2newHD.cfg contains:
Code: [Select]
LogFile = backup2newHD.log
EconomeCPU = 50
UseArchive = On

SrcPath = C:\
DstPath = F:\

SrcPath = D:\
DstPath = G:\
IgnorePath = D:\temp

"IgnorePath = D:\temp" is an example, my temp dir's are all on ram drives.
I also like my log files to check for "error:"

dsync and rsync can be found in regular download sites, and there are many ways to personalise both programs.

There is also DFSee though I've not used that yet for this purpose.
All of these ways will provide you with replicated drives that retain date/time stamps etc.
(Edited to fix grammar)

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