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Events / Re: Warpstock Europe 2024 Follow Up
« on: June 20, 2024, 10:43:13 am »

Accessible to system:       3,311 MB

I don't know if the fact I am using AMD Ryzen 3 processors with built in graphics has anything to do with it (I gave up using Intel processors years ago in the days of the 486).

Wich Generation of AMD Ryzen 3? The first one from 2017? That is exactly where the Intel Core i 7th Generation showed up as a Show Stopper (Exeptions possible).

I am using AMD Ryzen 7 from 2023 with the above result (only 1GB RAM). Not sure wich Ryzen Generations started with the same problems as Intel, but please keep in mind, the problem resides in the use of the BIOS of the manufactor, so there may be some (a few, very few) "Todays" Boards where one could be lucky.

For a browser I use Firefox on Linux Mint and transfer anything I want to OS/2 via the network.

That's exactly what I mean, you use Linux vie Network, not ArcaNoae for Browsing. Therefore a second installed system is necessary.

Events / Re: Warpstock Europe 2024 Follow Up
« on: June 20, 2024, 06:39:12 am »
In my opinion, the priority should be the browser (now), since we are lacking some applications, a solid browser can help us to work out some lack of native applications with web apps.

I feel like the effort to translate ArcaOS, at the level of high quality that Arca Noae wants, it is taking too much resources. Arca Noae should focus now on the browser with all that it involves like Qt6, the javascript engine, etc. Why Arca Noae? They are the only ones with a commercial product that generates income on this community.


Hi Martin,

but here comes the main hopeless problem with ArcaOS:

On allmost all modern system (later than Intel Core i6 Generation) ArcaOS can only adress between 1 and 1.5GB of RAM, due to the fact that more and more Hardware manufactors reserve adress space below 4GB in BIOS for drivers.

And for every new browser to come, it will rely on QT6, and for this, one need at least 2 to 2.5GB of RAM. I tested Dooble on "modern" Hardware with only 1.25GB visible RAM, and it simply do not start, the same goes for Open Office.

As David A. told me some years ago there is no way to overcome this "Memory hole problem" for ArcaOS simply due to tecnical Limitations of the 32 BIT Operating System.

So, from an end users Perspective: No more RAM - no Browser nor Open Office.

As long as the RAM problem is not solved, UEFI and GPT are practical useless on real hardware, and so is ArcaOS.

Inside a Virtualization you can acess the full 3.5 to 4 GB of RAM, but UEFI and GPT are useless there, so is ArcaOS as you can simply achieve the same with an OS/2 Warp 4.52 or even 4 with FP 15.

Events / Re: Warpstock Europe 2024 Follow Up
« on: June 19, 2024, 03:09:13 pm »
I must say that I fully agree with Sigurd, in fact I have returned several of my computers back to Warp 4, and the other 2 are still at Aos 5.0.7.

I know that several people will say 'what about UEFI/GPT' to which my response is 'what about them, they are not part of OS/2, if they want to run windows just add another disk and install it on that.

Same goes for me,

ARcaOS is DEAD, OS/2 not  ;) :D

Events / Re: Warpstock Europe 2024 Follow Up
« on: June 19, 2024, 01:39:37 pm »
Sigurd, I thought they said they were working on the wireless networking. and Louis explained why it was hard for them to nail down the drivers. I ask did you watch the same event?

Hi Eugene,

yes, I did. As far as I remember they said that they worked sometime in the past (please see all the explanations in related Video form 2017 to 2023), somewhere at the beginning they realised that it will not work the same way as with the Multimac Drivers (transform BSD Drivers) , since then there is no progress.

May be you have more informations, a Beta of a driver or some kind of, any signs of progress other than repeated announcements since 2017?

Yes, it may seem hard to you to write in that way, believe it or not, I write it without personal malice or resentment.

Fact is: ArcaOS is focussed on Industrial Users, and of course this is entirely in their hands and is legitimate.


For years they have given the impression that they are doing something for the end user, but nothing has happened. Just look at the annonucements from 2017 till today. Only what industrial customers benefit from made it.

Things for the End User:
- a new Browser (Bitwise Works, NO spnsoring by ArcaNoae)
- Sound Drivers (Paul Smedly)
- Touch and Stylus Drivers (Wim Brul)
and others
all have been realized by others but ArcaNoae.

The annual announcements, which were of course non-binding, but still gave the wrong impression. There are no WLAN drivers, there is no German version, that is fact.

I believed in these promises for years and paid accordingly.

After 7 (!) years, to still come and say how difficult a German translation is (even though almost all tools are available in German translation) is now just ridiculous.

The community here in Germany is more or less dead.

For me ArcaOS is dead. That's just it.

Please don't take it personal, it is "Just the way it is".  ;)

Events / Re: Warpstock Europe 2040 Follow Up
« on: June 18, 2024, 08:19:24 pm »
Hi Martin,

first a typo, it is the 2024 follow up ;-)

I did watch the videos after the event before those have been deleted or made private.

The most important things for me are those with the news I exactly expected:

- WLAN: not even on the agenda, "We hear you" - but nothing happens, same since 2017  :-\

- German NLC Version: "might be with the 5.1.1 release...." or might not, same since 2017. Instead there have been some explanation, why NLCs do take so long, 7 years now.  ::)

- but as ArcaNoae said: "The worst one can do is to blame the developers or ArcaNoae."  :-\

So nothing new, that is what answers Rodericks Questions at the end of the event, why only a few people ( I do not know exactly how many at all attended, found no information there ) from Germany attend.
There are no news other than those everybody did know before.

Everything else I saw was about UEFI/GPT, there have been really great stuff from Keith Merrington, the only video online again. I would recommend to view this!

I admire all the work, Roderick and his team has put in this event, but the unfortunately low acceptance was forseeable.

Roderick asked at the end about suggestions for a next years Warpstock Europe:

- Only one, maximum two days, three days are to expensive, and the schedule can not be filled for such a long time (see this years topics, wich covers almost the same related things)

I have to state that I personally will not spent any more money for ArcaOS or related products, I stopped over a year ago. Warpstock europe proofed me, that this was a wise decision.

All the best to all of you!

Marketplace / Re: Is anyone presently offloading any OS/2 software?
« on: April 02, 2024, 04:07:29 pm »
For example I know that Sigurd recently posted some box photos of WSEB but I expect you're not interested in selling that are you Sigurd??? :-)

Thanks all,

Hi Richard,

it depends on the price you may want to pay for it.  ;-)

Send me an offer via PM if you like.


Applications / WSeB Pictures for Martin
« on: March 26, 2024, 06:20:42 pm »
Hi Martin,

I noticed missing WSeB Pictures at your Wiki. I can offer you here (as far as I can see you already have pictures of the WSeB CD Set) :

- Pictures of the WSeB Box, English, Upgrade - PN: 31L1710
   including Picture of the HPFS386 License - PN: 41L0427

- Pictures of the WSeB Preview, English - PN: ?

- Pictures of the WSeB Convinience Package I - 4.51 - Deutsch (German) - PN: ?

You can manipulate, publish, use these pictures in all the way you like.

Hope the Quality is OK for you as it is a bit difficult to take a picture of this mirroring and reflecting CDs.

Hi Paul,

do not know, if this picture is usefull.

Here is the output of unimix card with /A:1 as well as the unimix -List with the same parameter.

Paul, here is Uniaud testlog, I hope that is what you are looking for.

Additional information: I tried to switch the devices using the unimix command and the parameters on, each line said it had success, but in fact it does not switch the devices on. They remain silent.

Hi Wim, unfortunately it seems to be the same error.

It is impossible to stop the program, only CTL+ALT+DEL and a reset end it.

What else can I provide?

Thanks again!!

Paul, here is Uniaud testlog, I hope that is what you are looking for.

Hi Sigurd - did you ever post  a 'testlog uniaud'? Not sure if I missed it or not.

Sorry, I have to apologize, Paul! Actually I did it but did not sent it here! Will catch up this afternoon!!


Thank you Sigurd. It does help. I made some changes in the video format negotiation.
Please download and repeat the test you did last time.


Thank you Wim, will do it this afternoon!!

Hardware / Re: The last nail in OS/2's coffin
« on: January 31, 2024, 02:32:10 pm »
OS/2 will survive for some years to come in the industrial business.

Private Customers will "die out" due to

- their age
- the uselessness of the System to private Users
- Memory Problem, no WLAN, no Localization,
- ArcaNoae showing no interest in private users

I would guess the number of German Users decreased during the last 3 Years, as there has allways been this tiring shifts of WLAN and German Local Version, to less of 10% of what have been before.

Yes, there are some people around using it for daily business but 99,9999999% of the Users do not even know what ArcaOS is.

It is impossible to persuade someone to have even a closer look at the system, because so many things are missing.

OS/2 had its time, that ended way back in 2005. It will never get opensourced nor will there be more private users, unless a miracle happens and ArcaNoae may solve the above problems, and add Bluetooth support and and and... But as David A. told me, there is no way to solve the memory problem.

It is much easier to use a Linux for free and install and use OS/2 in a Virtualization. There it can get it's tailored hardware.

Nor will ArcaOS ever be some kind of "Retro Plattform", as there are other, much more comfortable, customizable and free Solutions around like DosBOX, ScummVM etc.

It may sound to negative for some others, but that is my point of view, I just describe the facts without emotions, it is the way it is.

Personally I will try to have more success with the Lenovo Z13 Gen 2, just for fun, just to answer my eternal question I do have with OS/2 on modern hardware: will OS/2 run on it? And even if I get the Sound, with help from Paul and others, to work, the device will still be a "Technical Demo", nothing you can reliable work with.

What I would really like to see, was an OS/2 like Interface on Top of a Linux Kernel and System, building a clone of the WPS on Linux. In my opinion the only way to keep the OS/2 feeling alive in the future. But this is unlikely to happen as well.

All the best!

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