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I was trying to install original OS/2 Warp 3 with 3.5" floppies.   It has two boot floppies then the CD-ROM.    The floppies work in another system, so I don't think the floppies are bad (they are backups from the original IBM disks).

But on this Gateway Solo 9300 with a Pentium III processor, on disk 2 of the install it gets this crash.  Does anyone know if this is an OS/2 crash error, or if it's a BIOS system related crash?    I thought maybe it was a Gateway system error (the system is from about '98) but this could be from an OS/2 build date ('94 sounds about right year).

Is there any known "Pentium III compatibility error" known with old OS/2 ?

I recently got ArcaOS.   Here are some notes of three systems that I tried it on while trying to find some hardware that would work with it:

I tried a Gateway Solo Pentium III with 288MB RAM (system from about 1998)

  EDIT: Got this working by taking the install from the Precision M60 and mirroring it over to another 2.5" drive for this Gateway system (i.e. Gateway Solo hardware works with ArcaOS, only issue is the system can't boot from a DVD).

  I can use CD-ROM to boot GPARTED,  [ confirm CD-ROM is working ]

  but I can't use DVD-R disc to boot ArcaOS    [ drive on the side is labeled "DVD" etched in the plastic, so not a CD-ROM drive-only issue ]

  Can't get USB boot working (BIOS only offers ATAPI Removeable media, perhaps it means the PCMCIA card slot?)

  The system has 2x USB slots on the side - I also tried an external USB-DVD drive to boot ArcaOS, but that didn't work either. 
     Perhaps I need the docking station, and the side-mounted USB are strictly only for keyboard and mouse?  (1.1 stuff?)

I tried a Dell Precision M60 (circa 2002, Pentium M, 1GB RAM)
  Boot GPARTED CD, deleted ALL partitions  (80GB old PATA drive)
  System has F12 Boot Menu, selected USB Device
  Booted ArcaOS from USB 2GB thumbdrive
  Made 20GB Startable partition (JFS)
  ArcaOS install went to 100%   [ system beeped at 3% and 47%, not sure why ]
  Reboot worked, ArcaOS loaded from HDD (and audio worked!)
  Haven't tested networking yet - but excited to be able to try some OS/2 again!

I tried a Shuttle XPS with Pentium E2180 CPU with 4GB RAM, 1TB SATA SSD  (circa 2007 system)
  [ the Shuttle XPS is some integrated IPS heatsink thing for the CPU, small motherboard - think a bit
    smaller or more narrow than ATX; motherboard also has floppy disk (1x), PATA/IDE, and 2x SATA ]

  Set drive to Large in the BIOS

  Booted GPARTED, deleted ALL partitions.  Saved that (F2).

  Couldn't boot USB (tried two different 2GB thumbsticks). 
    BIOS only has boot options for USB-FDD, USB-CDROM, USB-ZIP
    none of these USB-XXX options allowed me USB boot (tried both front and rear ports)

  Booted ArcaOS from a DVD+R media disc, was able to complete the install !
    but then ArcaOS doesn't start from hard drive  :(

  EDIT: Got this working by using "System | Boot Menu | Install/Update" to install the AIRBoot to the system partition.

  Tried 110GB JFS partition (install went to 100%, but after reboot got nada - just blinking cursor)
  Tried 110GB HPFS partition (it said format complete, but then install copy sat at 0% for over 30min)

  [ I tried 110GB just to keep it under 128GB partition ...  I also tried a smaller 8GB partition, same result  ]


Is it possible to make a CD-ROM install of ArcaOS ?  (sorry brand new here - didn't search yet )

Amazon has some cheap CompactFlash to PCMCIA adapters, maybe I'll see if one of those works as an ATAPI removeable disk on the Pentium III system?

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