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Setup & Installation / And it works! DOS and WINOS2 on Thinkpad X 250!
« on: September 03, 2019, 01:48:03 pm »
While I am playing around with the Thinkpad X250 I realizide by accident:

I am wondering, I just took a look again at Bug report 1193 in Bugtracker, and on August 20th 2019 David added a file called vio-1.0.wpi and now:

- DOS Fullscreen
- WINOS2 Fullscreen
- WINOS2 windowed

are working on the X250, even in SMP Mode!!

- DOS Windowed mode takes no input (does only show  :/ )
- DOS Windowed mode switched from DOS Fullscreen with Alt+Home starts very slow and freezes after a fiew inputs

It took some seconds more during booting, but it works!

BUT PLEASE NOTICE: It is mentioned in the readme, that it might not work on each and any Hardware!!

Wonder, why this is not mentioned elsewhere!! Great!!

And a question: is it possible to spread this file to other people or is it somehow restricted?

Polls / ArcaOS Youtube Channel - Suggestions, Advice, Critics welcome!
« on: August 07, 2019, 08:25:07 am »
As said elsewhere I plan to start the ArcaOS Youtubechannel by the end of this month. I already grabbed the name ArcaOS for it.

I am already in contact with ArcaNoae LLC to coordinate with them and to avoid legal issues right from the beginning.

It will be no official ArcaNoae LLC channel, it will be a "Made by User for User" channel.

Each and any critic/information/advice is welcome!!

My intention or plan is like this:

- there will be several videos with allways one topic

- each video will be a maximum of 5 Minutes

- no spoken comment, "only text" - english (maybe in german as well)


I will start like this:

001 - What is ArcaOS in 5 Minutes

002 - BIOS Requirements

003 - Hardware Requirements

004 - How to build the USB Installation Stick media


Each video will have a number at the beginning of the descriptions and a hint, wich version of ArcaOS is used (will be 5.04 so far). So in the future I may replace those videos with newer ArcaOS versions.

I would like to upload the first videos already in August, so this month.

This is and will be allways "work in progress", so your ideas, critics and so on are allways welcome!

Once there is more progress I will give an information here in this thread as well.

Thanks for your attention!

Events / Do not forget: Spock (Leonard Nimoy) introduced OS/2 Warp
« on: December 16, 2018, 06:18:17 pm »
A part of the Presentation from IBM:

And:NO, my channel is not monetarised nor will I get money from there ;)

Events / 6. OS/2 User Meeting Cologne 2018
« on: December 13, 2018, 11:03:45 am »
On Saturday it will happen in Cologne:

in example:

- Skype Chat with Lewis Rosenthal
- News from Bitwise Works with Herwig Bauernfeind (will attend)
- News from Voice with Roderick Klein (will attend)

and much more, like "Scan and OCR with OS/2 ArcaOS" and so on  :)

Language will be in German, but we try to record the sessions like the two years before.

More information is here:

And in addition: the 7th anual meeting is already scheduled and fixed for November, 30th 2019  ;) :D

Applications / OS/2 for Power PC and the Thinkpad 860
« on: November 13, 2018, 01:06:52 pm »
If everything wents well I will get a ThinkPad 860 with PowerPC CPU at the Weekend. With this I will fill my last gaps regarding my ThinkPad Collection and my OS/2 Collection.

Regarding the Software, just take a look at the Picture  ;)

Hardware / OS/2 Warp running on Thinkpad 25 (former: ARcaOS 5.03)
« on: October 07, 2018, 09:24:50 am »
Here are my observations running ArcaOS 5.03 on the ThinkPad 25. The ThinkPad 25 is the ThinkPad Anniversery Edition, based on the ThinkPad T470 series with some Modifications, especially a Special Keyboard. This is in fact the best Keeyboard I have ever used.

I will modifiy this text here, as it is work in Progress.

First: Hardware Modifications

Usually it is not possible to use ArcaOS with the ThinkPad 25 if it comes right from the factory. It includes a NVMe M2280 512 GB SSD. This NVMe Controller is not supported by ArcaOS, as there are no Drivers. Fortunately the Laptop has an inbuild SATA/AHCI Controller as well. So I bought and installed an SATA/AHCI M2280 SSD with 1TB size.

Second: BIOS Settings
- disable secure Boot
- enable CSM Module
- change NVMe to SATA

Third: Preparing the SSD
- I wanted to keep the Original "Thinkpad 25 Signature Edition" of Windows 10 and so I installed it first from the Recovery USB Stick
- In fact I did this BEFORE I changed the BIOS settings
- as the recovery tool allways creates a GPT hardware Layout, I had to convert it then
- to convert I used a special Linux Version, as I mentioned elsewhere in this forum
- I then installed EASEUS Partition Manager to shrink Windows 10 and add Partitions
- one of the Partitions is FAT32 formatted, to exchange data between Windows and ArcaOS
- I then installed DFSEE and added LVM Informations to the SSD
- Finally I installed the AIRBOOT Manager

Fourth: Adding ArcaOS

Due to the lack of USB 3 drivers and having no USB 2.0 mode on the Thinkpad 25, ArcaOS can not be installed from DVD/USB. It may work with a Dockingstation, but I do not have one. Therefore I made it the "Usual way" I am using: Cloning and Restoring with DFSEE.
So I installed a fresh ArcaOS 5.03 on the Lenovo X200T, what went flaweless. I added some programs as mentioned elsewhere here, i.e. The Warp Server for e-business components, Bonuspak, DOSBOX, ....
I then created a clone and copied this clone on the Thinkpad 25 inside Windows 10. There I restored it with DFSEE to the designed Partition.


Fifth: Observations (in short)

What works (great!):

- FullHD Video Resolution with reasonable performance
- Sound (but no control on volume/loudness, with some applications it works i.e. mplayer)
- Keyboard Backlight (via Keyboard combination)
- all 4 kernels supported
- Power Management (funny: the T25 has got two internal batteries, while the Widget in xcenter Dows Show only 5% the Power Allication does Show 77%. See Picture attached. I guess this is because xcenter does Show one battery, the program does Show both.)
- AHCI SATA controller with superb performance
- creating a RAM disk (but see below)

Not working/supported:

- USB (only 3.0)
- Touch support (depending on USB I guess, so I did not contact Wim Brul so far)
- DOS and WINOS2
- Bluetooth
- Camera (depending on USB I guess as well)
- RAM management: the T25 has got 16GB of RAM, but only 1.3GB are usable as "Low Memory". One can create a 14GB RAM disk, but this is a problem on modern hardware that can hopefully be resolved

Really great! Once USB 3 and the Memory Problem is solved, it would make even more sense and fun!

Please see Picture.

Hardware / Memory hole on modern hardware and USB 3.0 - Solutions?
« on: August 10, 2018, 08:56:24 am »
On more recent Hardware I have Problems with a Memory hole in RAM. I know I read something About this before but can not find it.

Example: on the ThinkPad 25 (with latest QSINIT) there is only 1.3 GB of RAM available (please see Pictures attached) allthough 16GB are installed.

May be it is related to this (just a guess): the Thinkpad 25 has two graphic cards, the internal Intelchipset and in addition an 2GB Nvidia 940m. May it be that this two Gigabyte of the Nvidia are used or seen by the OS/2 RAM Management as some kind of RAM and therefore it reduces the possible 4Gb (3.5GB) to 1.3 GB? Unfortunately it is not possible to deactivate the NVidia in BIOS.

Is there any Clue about this Topic? Memory hole? And are there possible Solutions?

Thanks in Advance.

Obviously it does make no sence to use ArcaOS-OS/2 on such kind of Laptop if only 1.3GB of RAM is availeable.

And another question just for information: is there any information about the status of the USB 3.0 driver? My last one is from Warpstock Europe 2016, where David A. spoke about it and made a guess it would be at about 90%. I know that some new problems occured with this, but just to know: will it happen? Thanks for the great work!

Setup & Installation / OS/2 nativ on Thinkpad 25
« on: June 09, 2018, 08:27:43 pm »
Well, it took some time, but finally……

To avoid doubleposting you can follow, if interested in, this thread here (German, please use a translator)

Programming / 10% Fundraising for QT5 and new Browser
« on: March 12, 2018, 08:21:08 am »
Please read here my idea about a fundraising for QT5 and the Browser, I hope it may encourage other Individuals or User Groups or...

(Using Google Translator)

Hardware / AMD3+ 8 Core OS/2 PC 2017
« on: November 15, 2017, 08:39:28 am »

for those interested:

Since July I am Building my "Maximum Warp PC 2017", Details can be read here:

Important Notice: I finally did not use the Mainboard that is mentioned in the first post of this thread, because of Problems with the internal Graphic Chipset. At least I used this one, that does not have an internal Graphic and therefore SNAP has no Problems with the grapfhic Card (mentioned later in the thread):  -> ASRock 980DE3U3S3, a really very good choice, in Addition with USB 3 Support...

This week I cloned my OS/2 Warp SeB 4.52 Clone from the X200T on this PC and tailored it. Here: .

Links are in German but I think you know how to let it be translated.

Main Features:

- AM3+ Board
- AMD Opteron 8 Core CPU
- Ati Radeon X600 PCIe Grafic
- Samsung EVO SSD
- PCI CM 8738 4.1 Surround Sound
- 16 GB RAM
- DVD Burner
- ZIP 100 IDE
- Floppy
- Water cooled CPU
- Blue Lights

- Holger Veith's 14.112 SMP Kernel and his WPS Fixes
- ACPI 3.23.05
- AHCI 2.03
- SNAP 3.18
- Sander van Leuwens CM8738 Sound Drivers

- OS/2 Warp Server 4.52 (ACP 2) with all the enhancements of new Drivers
- Fixpac 5 German

I attach some of the Pictures.

- ArcaOS 5.01 Installation out of the Box possible

The System is fast, stable and  - well - something like blue Warpspeed.....

Hardware / OS/2 and NVMe SSD?
« on: October 19, 2017, 09:16:22 am »
I try to install OS/2 on a PC with an NVMe SSD. So far I am in Trouble with "OS/2 can not operate your harddisk" using latest Dani and AHCI 2.03.

EDIT: AHCI Drivers says "No Device found" during boot

But I am not sure if this is the case.

Does NVMe Drives Need Special Drivers?
Are those backward compatible with AHCI drives?

I tried to find Information in the net and what I seem to see is that Windows 7 can not be installed on These Kind of SSDs without a Special Driver. But Information seems not so clear.

Thanks for Information.

Events / Thinkpads - OS/2 Anniversary
« on: October 15, 2017, 08:05:58 pm »
To celebrate these two Legendary efforts I prepare for something Special, stay tuned!  ;)

Events / Regarding: Lewis Rosenthal interview by Bryan Lunduke
« on: May 24, 2017, 02:04:44 pm »
While I like this interview very much I would like to suggest some aspects though, just to not have to high expectations from may be new/unskilled users :

- regarding DOS/WINOS2 Support on modern "Bare metal" Hardware: I would not be sure that These are working on all "Bare Metal" Hardware where ArcaOS can be installed on. My Observation is the other way round. Since the ..30 series of Lenovo (i.e. X230T, T450s) DOS (and therefore WINOS2) is prevented from running by Problems with the graphic Driver. The same goes for the Sony Vaio Pro 13. That meens mostly the Laptop Generations from 2012/2013 on.

- Sound ist still not supported on These devices as well -> it is possible to view HTML5 Youtube Videos, but without Sound.... I think These Problems started with Hardware newer then the 2010 Generations

I just would like to have this in mind once People are asking about the capabilities of the OS, so that those interested in might not be dissapointed.

My personal Point of view aobut ArcaOS5 (hopefully it can already be read between the lines of my other articels) is very (very!) Positive! It is a huge step Forward and I hope that - especially the Sound Problem - is targeted in the near Feature. I will try my best to spread the News! But I do not want to have demands expected by users, that can not be fullfilled (so far).

Yesterday I tried to install ARcaOS5 inside VM Player12. Everything went well until the System started to copy files.

My experience with other Installation was, that copying:

- using a full Installation stops in the second stage at 44% (on X200T, W700 Latops), while it goes through in Virtualbox...

- stops at 2% in the first stage in VM PLayer 12. At this Point there is usually a "Beep" in all installations I tried. The Beep occurs in VM Player as well, but the System then stops copying and the "beep" is repeated after a while for 3 or 4 times and then the System reboots.

-> Has anyone an idea what exactly the "Beep" at 2% means, what files are copied/installed at that stage? I tried different preboot choices, but None of them has gone pass this Point.

-> Can anyone reproduce the failure at 44% in case of a "Full Installation" (every box checked)?

Thanks in Advance!

What makes me wonder: inside VMPlayer the PrebootMenue recognizes a SCSI Controller.

Setup & Installation / ArcaOS5 - My personal experience
« on: May 18, 2017, 08:50:38 am »
I would like to Report my personal experiences with Arcaos5 right from the beginning.

Please note:

- These are my personal experiences, yours may and will differ
- These are my personal opinions, yours may and will differ
- English is not my mothertongue, so if something sounds harmfull for some People - this is not my Intention!
- I will avoid to use personal emotions, just writing Facts
- It is not my Intention to harm Arcanoae nor anyone else related to the ArcaOS Project!
- I am very happy that at least there IS a new OS/2 Distribution!
- I do have great respect for all those involved in this Project!
- My Intention is to give some Feedback, besides a bug tracker, from a users Point of view
- I will go on with this thread once I have new experiences, just like a diary, but unfrequenty


I was able to get an iso of the ArcaOS5 as soon as it was released on May, the 16th (Europe time, it may have been the 15th in US). Besides other Hobbies one of mine is to collect some Laptops for some years now. As a result I do have a relativ wide range of Hardware from different periods with These I could test the ArcaOS.


Thinkpads: 701c, Transnote, X41, X200T, W700, X230T, Helix 2, T450S
MSi Wind Netbook
Sony Vaio Pro 13
Samsung Serie 7 Slate PC
Microsoft Surface Pro 4 -> actually this is during the last 6 months the "one and only" Computer I am using any more.

Besides the Helix 2 and the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 (both UEFI only without CSM) I was able to install OS/2 Warp 4.52 native on ALL of These devices.

I like to have the "original Software" as well on all devices, so all of them came with the AirBoot Manager and the OS with that those have been released in the past.

But - In the end I do not know exactly why, but I never became a member or the "beta" Team. So my first experience started on May 16th.


I decided to start with the W700 at first. I attach some Pictures here.  Unfortunately I still have not figured out how to insert a Picture here inside the text. If someone is interested in (like Martin may be  ;) ) one can use the Pictures the way he/she likes.
The W 700 has two HDDs, one with 320GB and one with 1 TB. Windows Vista is preinstalled but I already have spare room for the OS/2 Installation (i.e. used by mine before).

Picture ArcaOS0: here you can see the W700, on the left side the Surface Pro 4.

Picture ArcaOS1: this is one of the preinstall screens, please notice the correct recognation of the Hardware in the bottom of the installer (I marked it manually with red)

- the Installation failed in several tries
- Problems occuring:
  - the Disc checker was not able to see all of the Hardware
  - the Disc checker tells me that it has to fix some of the LVM entries and so on, (please see Picture ArcaOS4) and adviced me to let it be repaired by it

  - as this seems to work for Disc one, it never worked for Disc two, so I run into an endless circle where it allways tells me to repair Disc two each time I started the Installation from the beginning
  - I once get (by accident?) past this Point and than it says it has to resize one Partition
  - I stopped there after already some hours have gone by...

Conclusion: -> I will disassemble Disc two and give it later another try

Second: I started with the T450s, where my cloned Version of Warp 4.52 does make a good Job!

- Picture ArcaOS2: here you can see the T450s, with the Samsung USB DVD drive

- Picture ArcaOS3: the Hardware is detected correct as well (I assume some Kind of BIOS Information is read and displayed here)

It Comes with the Airboot Manager and Windows 8.1. It has two SSDs installed, one with 512 GB, one with 256GB.


- in the end I got no working Installation again

- Pro:
   - the Installation process itself started from DVD where ecs 2.2b2 mostly failed
   - I had at least one succesfull attempt, that leads after a few Moments to a "not usable System"
   - I like the small program for the RAMdisk

- Con:
    - the Disc checker reported Problems as well, it was some Kind of Trial and error to get past this stage
    - I do not know why, but it took me several attempts to let the System see the Installation drive
    - a "full" Installation was never possible, each time the System stops during Phase 2 of Installation, while copyiing files, at 44%
    - Once I got a working System, i discovered the following (no real surprise though)
      - all the Things that did not work with my "tailored" System or "ecs 2.2b2" did not work as well (no Sound, no WLAN, so dossession, no winos2, no snap...)
      - starting a dossession leads to a unusable System
      - starting a winos2 session as well
      - Renaming folders leads to an unusable System -> I never had this before, I just wanted to translate some Folders from english to german - just like "drives" to "Laufwerke", but after that, and a reboot, alle Folders have been empty
      - as some hours past away as well I had to stop for the moment

-> Conclusion: I will try to get a working System with as much parts of the System as possible and extract a clone of it. But as well I will try to find a way to install it from DVD on this device.

- Picture ArcaOS5 and ArcaOS6 do Show some of the possbile choices during Installation.

To be continued.

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