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Multimedia / A study in Elephant Blue - The Video
« on: April 14, 2013, 08:47:17 pm »

hope you have fun! May be some of you share the same feelings I do have had during the last part of the Video.

Multimedia / Guess - what.....
« on: April 12, 2013, 11:48:03 pm »
..... will show up in a couple of days...  ???? 8)

See attached picture please......

I would like to ask for help to solve the last problems I do have before I would like to freeze my DFSEE Installation Image of the tailored OS/2 Warp 4. Wim Brul is so kind to help me once again to recreate the Finger/Touch Support for the Samsung Serie 7 Slate as it was broken because of a BIOS Update some time ago. I am able to use this Image and install it with DFSEE in about 5 minutes on each and every PC i have, but I am customizing as well one special edition for my Slate.
I already have most things done (Warp 4.52 with FP5, all the free zip things like: Cups, Java, ODIN, QT 473, Samba and so on, a very few parts of eCS like ACPI, AHCI, and Panorama; some more free drivers USB (183),Stylus,WINOS2,; some more programs Injoy+InjoyFirewall,HPFS386, Air Boot Manager 1.08,Freetype, Warpsans, SMPlayer, PM123 and and and) and the Image is now at 1.5GB. This image can be copied to a Partition that could range from 4 to 64 GB as DFSEE is able to "Sync the file to the partition size", and 64GB is the limit for HPFS.

And - very important to me - I do not have one file from running, no ecoruntime or usbwidget or or.. - and that makes the installations to become much more stable, especially compared with eCS 2.2 beta. I did not include YUM/RPM as well es it was at least not necessary till now, I was able to install everything with the ZIP files.

In addition I added all the files IBM or Mensys cut off - like Warpguides, OS/2 Warp Tutorial and so on. I extracted the OS2 Warp Logo from the Warp Center and integrated it in xcenter of xworkplace.

At least I would say "my" Warp Clone is up to date with the software and hardwaresupport. And this Image/Clone file is working great in combination with DFSEE. I reinstalled it serveral times.

In some case I would like to say I followed the Path Doug Bisset describes for Beta testing of ecomstation 2.2. I added something new to the clone, if it works I build a new image, if not I just replaced it with the image before and started again. As it takes only a few minutes to image/restore I was able to build the clone in my free time starting from an OS/2 Warp 4 scratch to what I have now in almost three weeks.

And here are the things I would like to fix at least and ask for your help - Thank you very much in advance!

- PEN for OS/2 - does someone know how to change the keyboard layout from US to German? The keyboard is really great, no need for me to use the "Virtualkeyboard" of

- ACPI - I have to use the /VW switch on the Samsung Slate, otherwise the boot process stops with "Can not load OS2AHCI.ADD because IRQ 19 allready claimed" -> so obvious for me tha the handling of hig IRQ is not working as it should as eCS 2.1 with ACPI 3.21.07 does not have this problem (but some more I do not have with Warp 4). I only have the ACPI32107.wpi file installed, no more ACPI related files. Do I need something else to handle the high IRQ in the right way?

- Atheros WLAN - I still try to figure out to run the Atheros WLAN 9285 chipset. I already opened the Slate and could change the MiniPCIE Option GM67 card, and put an Intel inside, but I would loose Bluetooth or 3G,a s there is no Intel chipset Mini PCIE card around with Bluetooth, Wlan and 3G - I do use and need all three for windows. And I am not sure if the WLAN Multimac for Intel will see the light of the day (hopefully it will). Someone posted to me a mail with some hints for this card (I already got the driver loading in UNSUPPORTED mode but the boot process stops - I guess because of netbind.exe or an IRQ conflict) - but unfortunately I lost this mail. May be thsi person is reading here and can send it to me once again?

- Sound - is working with latest UNIAUD with Warp 4 much better then with eCS 2.2 (do not know why exactly, but I have less boots without sound than before) - and strange - I can adjust loudness with the usual thing, the uniaudmixer and with SMPlayer -b ut not with PM123  :o . I am using a startscript in startup.cmd to enable sound at all.

- Memory management - the Installation "only" sees 512MB of the internal 4GB of RAM - according to the xworkplace program "OS/2 kernel" - as it is an Intel Core i5 second generation cpu the same problems occur with eCS 2.2 beta. Is there a program that can show me the amount of space OS/2 "really" uses or sees?

Thanks in Advance and Bye!


General Discussion / Happy birthday os2world - in motion
« on: March 31, 2013, 09:44:38 am »
And thank you very much, Martin - and all the others involved and working here during those years!

Happy Eastern, Tante pasquale, Frohe Ostern + Bye!

Thats what cloning with DFSEE finally leads me to.....

Is that the announced "testing of a 'big' comupter magazine"?

I guess the main point might be this one:

Zitat: "To wrap this all up nicely, eComStation is an excellent business
solution for those stuck in legacy land, "

In my opinion:

- there is at least one review of ecomstation

"it compare well with against (!) Linux and Windows " (must be joking for
someone not familiar with OS) but no mention of:
- No WLAN support
- No bluetooth support
- No USB 3.0 support
- No ivP6 support
- No working suspense/resume support
- still weak USB 2.0 support
- Panorama is faster than before but still....
- it is still better to use APM instead of ACPi on older (legay hardware),
especially on Thinkpads up to "60
- The new icon set of - hopefully this can be changed in the
usual way :-(

This might sound very negative but I think it is better to tell people what is
possible and what not.

The old story: why not writing:

"eComStation works well, but only on selected hardware".



Multimedia / Video: eCs on Intel Atom Fanless Mini PC + 46 Zoll TV
« on: February 09, 2013, 08:36:41 pm »

unfortunately in german but here it comes:

Hope you enjoy it!

Setup & Installation / eCS 2.2 YUM/RPM question
« on: January 16, 2013, 02:57:16 pm »
I am not interested in a debate wheter it makes sence or not to include YUM/RPM in eCS, there are several other places do discuss this.

Some questions came to my mind related to this:

The readme of YUM/RPM advice to have a partition with at least 5GB space for it

If so needed, does that mean

1. there is a minimum space of 6GB required for a "full" install of eCS 2.2?

2. will the installer quit if there is less or deselect RPM/YUM applications (JAVA, ODIN, QT I guess)

3. has YUM/RPM to be installed on the boot drive or is it possible to install it on a seperate drive?

4. or do one have to have two partitions for the installation (one for OS one for YUM/RPM) allways?

5. If it is necessary to install YUM/RPM on the bootdrive - does it will go in a seperate folder or "mess up" the whole boot drive with the needed folder structure?

Thanks for bringing some light here.


General Discussion / Censorship and SPAM =
« on: January 03, 2013, 04:55:04 pm »
This is just to inform:

Weeks ago I insisted to delete all the related files and stuff of mine from their website. This was a direct result of the ongoing censorship there, and - besides - the ongoing SPAM coming from there.

Nothing happened.

I wrote this as a comment there today again and this comment was - surprise surprise - deleted there, again. But as being aware of this I took a screenshot before (see attached file)

Sorry, as I may get on some users nerves I just want to stress the fact that I still want to have everything related to me deleted there.

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