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Applications / Start a program using utf-8 as system codepage
« on: February 11, 2023, 02:24:51 am »

Is there a was to start a program in an OS/2 env using utf-8 codepage ?
Under RXULS inf doc, os/2 supported codepage are listed but the corresponding utf-8 isn't supported as default or alternate os/2 env codepage.

Waiting suggestions.

Traget: Read utf-8 chars like japanese or other specific characters not having a readable code under default 850 codepage from audio metadatas.

Applications / Upplay QT5
« on: December 19, 2022, 07:09:37 pm »

May it be possible to get a binary for Upplay QT5 available on OS/2 ?


Hi !

I could unzip a zip archive file with 12 DSF64 files in it on a JFS partition.
I then tried to unzip on other one with less files in it but all are big files (between 450MB and 800MB each)
It start the unzip and than a system hung or a trap000E.
I tried it several time and always got the same result (first, a system hung and after a reboot, new try -> trap000E)
I than tried to unzip a single file but I've got the same result.
At least, I tried a unzip of this archive file selecting all files into a FAT32 partition and it ended successful !
Any idea about this hung / TRAP000E ?
(latest ArcaOS release + all modules at latest level)


Applications / AVxCAT (v2 into test)
« on: March 03, 2022, 11:42:22 pm »

AVxCAT v2 has progressed
Many planned updates and new functions are now available (only 3 to 4 new options/changes aren't fully enabled yet)
I need more feedbacks about (not finalized) current beta. (ini file is maintained compatible with older release despite new entries are added)

To not overwrite current AVxCAT, this one is named avxcat_beta (dll is updated and backward compatible) 
The AVxCAT guide isn't updated yet and will be done next but I've added a long list about major functions and minor changes as well all corrected bugs including some rare crashes some had in specific situation...

To go to this beta level, have AVxCAT installed.
Check having new requirements installed
Use FFMPEG > v4 (I used V4.2.2 for my tests) to enabled all new functions
- Recording ice cast or other... (e.g. icecast-yp.internet-radio (dot) com ; directory.shoutcast (dot) com ...)
   Record time can be adjusted (Stream limit [time] options under parameters)
- You can record webcam (webcam.exe required - You can start webcan with option from under AVxCAT and up to 2 webcams devices selectable)
   you have the option to enable ffplay at link add into AVxCAT which provides you a small video window about current webcam recording
   an option to send udp webcam output available too...
- You can start webcam and just see the video from it
   You ca start/stop playing some type of "files"
- CD grabbing with cddb improved with autoget front cover id enabled (webc under parameters)
   CD grab output organisation can be selected through the [ + ] available button under parameters
   CD HQ extract (including n recoveries in case of read errors) option added
- Audio muxing or append (in muxing mode, first entry can be volume lowered)

To test it and provide feedbacks:


Setup & Installation / SSD partition miss aligned.
« on: February 03, 2022, 12:03:44 am »
I put here my update from under xcenter thread.

SSD unaligned partition can't be mounted under linux and of course, can't be fstrimed
On, my SSD, I have 4 partition and the last one is a windows one (ntfs)
Gparted could align the ntfs partition but when trying to align the previous one, it faileddespite have space after to move it and allow alignment (hope not impacting too much my ssd !)
I found dfsee having an option to move the partition using CYL or MiB !
msinfo32 under windows is interesting giving the start offset (bytes) and as soon this one is an exact multiple of 4096, partition should be aligned...   ::)

I corrected 2 of 4 partitions on my SSD which under windows show me correct alignment (start offset a multiple of 4096)
I checked under dfsee and it warned me about miss aligned partition because it uses CYL instead of MiB.
I move one partiton backward for 1 MiB to have this one aligned without the need to create it again (with lost of datas)
At en of the move process, it fully updated MBR entries and after check again under windows (msinfo32), all my partition were miss aligned again ?
From what I can see, using LVM or Dfsee, SSD partition are all miss aligned and then not good for SSD (slower and more write operation).

Any idea to not have Dfsee like LVM modifying physical partition alignment ?
Of course, I do not understand how it does it without physically moving partition ?

- partition created on SDD with windows gives good aligned partition but then, it seems not good for LVM or DFSEE
May it suppose SSD are not good disk used with OS/2 or Arca Noae ?

Applications / ArcaOS 5.0.7
« on: January 11, 2022, 06:16:28 am »
Any experience return after ArcaOS upgrade ?

I did it several days ago.
I had to exclude my on board M.2 PCI-E disk (win7) to be able to upgrade my system or no disk was displaied
Upgrade was fast
After final reboot, it looks like it is more responsive...
After several days, my system is less stable as before !
each time I start Systemload, I have 2 to 3 CPU at 100% in the xcenter (I start firefox and things goes normal but....)
WPS has issue... Many freeze a WPS restart didn't help
Sound looks more unstable too
I've got a WPS freeze while playing a video using KMP ! (never got this before)
I had to upgrade my OpenOffice to 4.1.11 because previous build crashes a lot.
It looks like the trap D disappeared but in place, I have from time to time a trap E (OS2DASD) only when I left my Big USB key plugged.
(My 5.0.2 had all drivers and dll's at latest level)


Hardware / New ArcaOS USB driver.
« on: November 20, 2021, 11:25:59 pm »
I just installed the new available USB driver from ArcaOS.
At end of WPS start, my system got a TRAP 000D in module OS2DASD
(all time).
After investifation and because it is into OS2DASD, I remember having left my USB key plugged into my USB3 port.
I unplugged it and ArcaOS started fine !
All drivers/modules/wps at latest level (no update available under ANPM) - ArcaOS 5.0.2

It looks like a new bug!

rem: About the usb key
        Patriot Supersonic Rage Prime 1Tb USB 3.2 key (NTFS formatted but NTFS driver not installed)

Any idea about the culprit ?
a/ New USB drivers


Applications / Calibre for ebooks etc...
« on: November 12, 2021, 02:57:58 pm »

I don't know if it may be possible.
Do you think Calibre could be ported to OS/2 QT5 ?
(May be someone else experimented to transport QT5 appls could contact them! It looks to be a great application, using it a lot under windows...)   

More and more web site aren't working due to old firefox version.
I added an entry under about:config and now, I'm again able to see more sites, some using new functions aren't working like before but those just using access restriction due to firefox version are ok

Here is the added string:

Utilities / CURL 7.75.0
« on: April 24, 2021, 10:46:43 am »
Tried to install curl 7.75.0 using ANPM, It requires to install clamav 0.99 (crashing at db load - very high storage use) and other tools which seems having no relation with curl.
Do you have the same issue ?

Applications / CLAMAVGUI-GUI
« on: February 16, 2021, 09:34:28 pm »
For those using my ClamAV-GUI (rexx), since a few days, some of you could see error while updating database.
If you see this problem, go under ClamAV-GUI settings and uncheck the -no-dns option. That's all folks !
You can update freshclam config file with using " DatabaseMirror " only.


Internet / Firefox trap.
« on: February 06, 2021, 11:57:00 am »
Hi !

I just had following trap into Firefox 45.9.0-SUa2 (2019-05-20)
Any idea about what happens ?

 Filename: W:\PROGRAMS\FIREFOX\XUL.DLL (06/02/2019 18:00:05 39,105,957)
 Address:  005B:AB8A86F2 (0001:029286F2)
 Cause:    Attempted to read from 00000010
           (not a valid address)


 Failing Instruction

 AB8A86E2  MOV  [ESP], EDX       (891424)
 AB8A86E5  MOV  [ESP+0x1c], EDX  (895424 1c)
 AB8A86E9  CALL 0xab8a6730       (e8 42e0ffff)
 AB8A86EE  MOV  EDX, [ESP+0x1c]  (8b5424 1c)
 AB8A86F2 >MOV  EAX, [EAX+0x10]  (8b40 10)
 AB8A86F5  MOV  EAX, [EAX+0x20]  (8b40 20)
 AB8A86F8  MOV  EDI, [EAX+0x10]  (8b78 10)
 AB8A86FB  TEST EDI, EDI         (85ff)



 EAX : 00000000   EBX  : 0019D8EC   ECX : 3330622C   EDX  : 33306140
 ESI : 34E67420   EDI  : 34E67538
 ESP : 0019D850   EBP  : 0019D87C   EIP : AB8A86F2   EFLG : 00210206
 CS  : 005B       CSLIM: FFFFFFFF   SS  : 0053       SSLIM: FFFFFFFF

 EAX : not a valid address
 EBX : read/write memory on this thread's stack
 ECX : read/write memory allocated by LIBCN0
 EDX : read/write memory allocated by LIBCN0
 ESI : read/write memory allocated by LIBCN0
 EDI : read/write memory allocated by LIBCN0


 Stack Info for Thread 01

   Size       Base        ESP         Max         Top
 00100000   001A0000 -> 0019D850 -> 0015E000 -> 000A0000


 Call Stack

   EBP     Address    Module     Obj:Offset    Nearest Public Symbol
 --------  ---------  --------  -------------  -----------------------
 Trap  ->  AB8A86F2   XUL       0001:029286F2  between nsDocShell::GetOriginAttributes + 52 and nsDocShell::CreatePrincipalFromReferrer - 16E  (both in Unified_cpp_docshell_base0.cpp)

 0019D87C  201424E0   *Unknown*

 33306140  AB8BA0DC   XUL       0001:0293A0DC  between nsDocShell::{vtable} + 534 and nsQueryObject::{vtable} - 6E0  (both in Unified_cpp_docshell_base0.cpp)

 AB8B9BB0  AB8A1870   XUL       0001:02921870  nsDocShell::AddRef  (in Unified_cpp_docshell_base0.cpp)

 Lost Stack chain - new EBP below previous



Web applications / QT5 simplebrowser
« on: November 09, 2020, 09:26:54 pm »
After download and add of all missing dlls, trying to start "sh" I have a "BUS ERROR" error message into the log file.
Any idea about this error ?

Applications / Firefox 45.9.0 and libtheora 1.1.1-1 not compatible
« on: September 16, 2020, 12:08:41 pm »
I just installed ffmpeg from netlabs-exp. During the installation, it installs dlls and one of them is the package libtheora 1.1.1-1 from netlabs-rep.
After installation and reboot, I start firefox but as soon I open a web link with available video/audio media, it closes.
Under popuplog.os2, i have:


I then renamed new theora*.dll and put back my older saved theora* dlls.
After reboot, firefox stays up and no more issue.

Either libtheora has a problem or firefox may need be upgraded to work with libtheora 1.1.1-1 build

Multimedia / Use of webcam
« on: May 20, 2020, 02:05:55 am »

I would like use my webcam under ArcaOS.
USBEHCD.SYS is installed and my webcam seen as Logitech, Inc.  Webcam C270
Now, how to display the webcam ? (video + sound)


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