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Web applications / Re: QT5 simplebrowser
« on: June 09, 2021, 08:57:49 pm »
If you count the first three octets of the IP address it where 500 unqiue IP addreses. Count all 4 octets it where just over 600 unique IP addresses.
Remeber that this is an indication in my opinion but I described that already.

These are the IP addresses I had during only one month this year. Maybe I've overlooked some doublets in the list, maybe I've deleted some unique ones while composing it. But this is only for my xDSL connection. In parallel I had also changing IP addresses on my LTE connection different to that.

Code: [Select]
20210501 23:10:00 Own IP is
20210502 22:28:53 Own IP is
20210503 20:07:43 Own IP is
20210504 07:32:14 Own IP is
20210504 21:30:29 Own IP is
20210505 20:33:42 Own IP is
20210506 22:48:05 Own IP is
20210507 20:06:16 Own IP is
20210508 13:57:36 Own IP is
20210509 19:19:07 Own IP is
20210510 19:52:08 Own IP is
20210511 15:57:16 Own IP is
20210512 08:59:35 Own IP is
20210514 19:26:12 Own IP is
20210515 19:25:36 Own IP is
20210516 19:01:11 Own IP is
20210518 21:01:53 Own IP is
20210519 17:28:33 Own IP is
20210520 08:10:37 Own IP is
20210521 22:48:09 Own IP is
20210522 23:07:58 Own IP is
20210524 19:24:50 Own IP is
20210525 19:47:36 Own IP is
20210527 18:38:53 Own IP is
20210528 20:09:54 Own IP is
20210529 22:40:44 Own IP is
20210530 20:16:46 Own IP is
20210531 21:39:03 Own IP is
20210601 07:55:53 Own IP is
20210601 21:28:47 Own IP is

Maybe your counting is nearly correct, maybe others have similar changing IPs than me, I don't know. At least you can count all the above IPs as one single user, not 30 ;-).

I would be happy if there are really so much users out there as you think. But excuse me, I still don't believe it.

Web applications / Re: QT5 simplebrowser
« on: June 08, 2021, 07:03:01 pm »
If I understand it correctly Roderick estimated 500-600 unique users based on unique IP addresses in the logs. I thinks this is a false assumption. In my area ISPs use Carrier Grade NAT for the majority of their users. I think this is a common technique in other countries too. At least here in Europe. What this means is, a single user gets a new IP address from the ISPs pool whenever his xDSL or LTE modem connects. Usually at least once a day as most ISPs forces an automatic reconnects at least once a day. Even when you leave your modem running all the time.

So at least I (and I guess the waste majority of users) left a different IP address in the logs every day when I made a yum update. Please let me know if Roderick uses more advanced techniques than counting IP addresses. If not, his values are probably much to high and the active community is much lower than he expects.

2) Is best to still use a X800 or X850 TX PE with SNAP accelerated. or a newer high-end card using the Panorama driver?
It depends :-)

If you're happy with 1920x1200 then X300/X500/X800 would be good enough. In that case I would prefer a X300 without fan. But I couldn't find a X300 with 2 DVI so I use 1 monitor with DVI and the second one via analog RGB attached (2 times 1920x1200). If you need more resolution like 3840x2160 you need a more modern graphic chip with DisplayPort (or HDMI2.x at least). See,2389.msg28545.html#msg28545 and you've to use Panorama.

Networking / Re: Windows 2000 client access
« on: May 19, 2021, 09:07:56 am »
I remember I've set up a W2k and XP machine with IBMs primary logon client. Not sure if it was plc2k_Ver4.4.exe. Accessing shares worked. But no clue about named pipes.

General Discussion / Re: eCS 2.2 purchase
« on: May 18, 2021, 10:08:42 am »
...on my T42 except hibernation (might also work if installed on C:)
Hibernation works on my T42p (some eCS DE Version installed on M:). What you need is a C: Partition which is configured to hold the hibernation file(s). But it's not worth to install all this old stuff. I think I've posted somewhere the time it takes to hibernate. IIRC something about 1:40 while a reboot takes nearly the same time. It's so slow although I've put into a SSD in my T42p.

Utilities / Re: controlling stunnel as if it were a daemon
« on: May 17, 2021, 05:04:53 pm »
If you want to find out the PID you can use something like
Code: [Select]
pstat /C |find /I "clipview"Use your process name (stunnel?) instead clipview from my example.

This approach is the core function of the utility: avoid having to navigate through multiple paths to re-open a document. While most of us may think of this as storage volume navigation (so drive paths, etc.), one should also consider the user-interface pathway to the application itself as well. In other words, why force me to navigate all of my Program Menus just to 1st open the right application so that I can then select the file I'm interested in?

The WPS way of work was always different than the Win way. You shouldn't navigate through program folders but open your document folder or even more advanced one of your work areas. If you don't like to open your pdf with the standard program you only have to right click and select the other programs from the open with popup menu. 

If you set your document folder sort option to last modified and always maintain sort order than you're nearly done. No clue if this sorting also works with shadows of documents in other folders / work areas.

The programs own history are necessary for other OSes which aren't designed like the WPS (document centric) but build around programs. Maybe also we OS/2 users forgot a bit the WPS philosophy cause we are also have to use the program centric model of other OSes?

"most recent files" is a global function. I don't see any point in making that "per application".


Screwing around on file system driver level is counterproductive and completely superfluous.
IMHO dangerous. And maybe a performance disaster. I wouldn't risk to try it out by myself.

There already exist WPS functions that can tell you which file objects are currently active/open and there are notifications when files are changed on a file system level.
Sounds like a very elegant way. But does this also work when you f.i. open a file from cmd line in an editor which writes this file afterwards. And do you get notifications when you f.i. open a pdf by double clicking in the email client which fires up qpdfview and when do 'Save as' in qpdfview?

Applications / Re: Most Recently Opened Documents - Discussion
« on: May 03, 2021, 08:04:43 pm »
Thinking loud - would be intercepting DosFileClose with compare of 'known' extensions and 'last write' compare an option? Of course couldn't be done in wps context but on file system driver level?

Utilities / Re: QT5 Runtime
« on: April 23, 2021, 11:02:22 am »
How difficult is it to give an readme file with what files you need, what files are for some other purpose. Really, this is beyond me.
I would suggest you create such files and then inform us about your findings.

Programming / Re: VSLICK - OS/2 Toolkit Support Package
« on: April 08, 2021, 06:54:34 pm »
3) recognition of the native OS/2 Toolkit declarations (DEFINEs, TYPEDEFs, STRUCTs, etc.)
Do you mean a tag file (.vtg) which points to your headers? I mean if I want to have symbols found there I add the os2tk45\h directory to the tag file list, retag and I'm done. Unfortunately the symbol window is the same as the build output window (in contrary to newer Win versions).

Another bit ugly thing is the font which is used for menus and dialog boxes. I've changed some of them with a hex editor. But configurable fonts and sizes would be cool.

Storage / Re: eSata
« on: March 27, 2021, 05:15:30 pm »
eSATA has never been completely supported by any OS. that I know about. Even windows will usually refuse to eject it, until the system is shut down. For those who understand it, eSATA is a far better technology than USB, but lack of proper support makes it difficult to use.
That's not true. I told you this in another thread before. Maybe on YOUR Win system you can not eject. Or maybe YOUR antivirus program do not allow to eject. Or any other thing on YOUR system inhibits eject. But this is not a Win problem per see. The Win system I tested can eject eSATA drives without problems (not from the popup menu of the drive but from the icon in the lower right corner).

I don't know if different *nix systems have problems with eSATA like our platform have. I'm pretty sure they don't. Maybe some *nix user can comment on this.

Repeating false myths about other OSes doesn't help us. It's our OS which have problems with attach and eject eSATA drives during operation. Not a common problem with other OSes and not a general problem with eSATA.

The other has USB 3. Running the exact same job runs so close to the same speed, that I can't tell which is faster.
For the system I tested this is only true when I boot Win7. Running the same system with OS/2/ArcaOS the difference between USB3 (Intel and Renesas chips) and (e)SATA harddisks is significant. Maybe with 'slow' disks our slow USB(3) throughput (OS/2/ArcaOS) does not show up. But with my disks and both tested, internal Intel USB3 chip set and PCIe card with Renesas chip, the difference is huge.

Internet / Re: Password Managers
« on: February 17, 2021, 05:12:42 pm »
yum install keepassx
That doesn't work for me. Is it in netlabs-exp?

I've found it on eCSoft/2.
I think so. It's listed here as installed. But in red color when exp is disabled.

Internet / Re: Password Managers
« on: February 17, 2021, 08:51:48 am »
I mostly use SMs integrated password manager and share the profile (copied over from the main machine). I don't need more security on my private machines. On one Win machine I want to have better security I've my SM profile on an encrypted drive (VeraCrypt). Moreover I once exported my passwords and feed it into KeePassX (yum install keepassx). I've the KeePassX database on my main OS/2 box. But I also copied it to a stick together with the Win version of KeePassX so I've access even when I'm on another machine.

Of course keeping the main KeePassX file in sync with the main Seamonkey profile with the copies is additional work. It's manageable as long as I prefer different stable passwords for different accounts, but my method will not easily work if you like to have a lot of constantly changing passwords.

Btw. I don't use mobile devices for any serious tasks where I've a need for secure passwords.

Web applications / Re: QT5 simplebrowser
« on: February 12, 2021, 09:05:35 am »
It is not easy to make donation due paypal ...
I usually donate via With credit card. Or direct bank transfer which is also a good choice here within the EU. I don't have a PayPal account and I never will have one.

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