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Programming / Re: Have you tested any of the new Qt 6 builds?
« on: April 02, 2023, 03:27:16 am »
I've been testing, which is what lead me to build the xpdf on it.

Programming / Re: Qt6 Application Testing
« on: March 28, 2023, 03:28:27 am »
What Qt version are you using to test with? 6.2.4 or a newer one?
I was not paying close enough attention... I was thinking this was for the recent 6.3.2 release.

Programming / Re: Qt6 Application Testing
« on: March 26, 2023, 04:35:30 am »
With the new qt6webee I am getting the error:
{0}[e:\usr\local\qt6] dooble
[119:1:0325/212540.850000:ERROR:extension_system_qt.cpp(121)] Failed to parse ex
tension manifest.

I downloaded it again and same error.

Programming / Re: Qt6 Development
« on: March 23, 2023, 12:53:30 am »
OK, we now have DLLs but it's not working yet:
Code: [Select]
[109:1:0322/] Failed to map shared memory region.
[109:8:0322/] Failed to map shared memory region.
[109:1:0322/222037.875000:ERROR:system_network_context_manager.cpp(274)] Cannot use V8 Proxy resolver in single process mode.
[109:1:0322/222037.892000:ERROR:system_network_context_manager.cpp(274)] Cannot use V8 Proxy resolver in single process mode.

I get the second pair with the current code.  I find that if I disable single process mode that I then have a better chance of loading pages but the system _will_ lock up much faster.

I'm not too worried about the second pair of messages, but the former sounds more serious. I'll have to go look at the code at

Edit: Seems like due to my copy of posix code in

Programming / Re: Qt6 Application Testing
« on: March 13, 2023, 06:57:40 am »
I've opened two PDF files (one xpdf built with QT5, and another after rebuilding with QT6).
Printed from both the one built with QT5 and the one with QT6 to PDF.  Both look from a test level OK:
Output starts with:
%XpdfVersion: 4.04
%%Creator: Writer
%%LanguageLevel: 2
However, neither xpdf nor lucide can open either file.  I cannot currently test printing to a real printer, so do not know if real printing works.
The only real changes that had to be done for the code was to add a couple of || defined and a section for cups in the cmakefiles.txt for OS2.  All following Linux, all related to printing...
For QT6 I had to go to a bug report where someone had submitted changes for QPrint due to deprecation changes.

P.S.  Maybe consider adding 7z as an upload option.  I did not notice it was not and the system helpfully removed my write-up that I had to re-write when it failed.

Programming / Re: Qt6 Application Testing
« on: February 25, 2023, 08:44:11 pm » - no OS/2 specific changes in this release.
I can't run this version, it doesn't work for me.
It runs here, but gives me blank pages not loading (one time it did render three tabs but hung loading the third and all tabs quit responding) tried deleting the whole .dooble folder under home but has not helped,

Applications / Re: AVxCAT (v2 into test)
« on: February 18, 2023, 05:07:43 am »
IIRC the first port of Voix was mine. I'm glad to see that someone improved it.
Thanks Andy.


It was my understanding that you initially ported it... to which end, I had added the credit in the file when I setup the repository. I merely added the ability for stdin/stdout support so that AVxCAT could pipe in and out.

Applications / Re: AVxCAT (v2 into test)
« on: February 17, 2023, 05:28:04 am »
I found a problem in the voix that I built that is currently packaged with AVxCAT, I fixed and rebuilt it.

Martin, I only just noticed the OS2World github of voix, I had made updates to it several years ago to be able to be used in AVxCAT, these are at:
if you are interested in pulling in the changes.

Hi Andy,
Did you run the cleanppd.cmd first?  My biggest problem was getting both printers to appear in the printer list.
It has been so long that I do not recall and at this point, CUPS is working well and it was an easy setup on ArcaOS where CUPS was installed anyhow.

Hardware / Re: USB wifi adapters
« on: February 15, 2023, 03:21:21 am »
Currently, something along these lines (I have one of these, works, gets quite hot):
I have not used the mango router on myself, but as Neil likes it, I would recommend it:
Currently, the only USB network devices are ethernet and not wifi.

Programming / Re: Where to start for n00bs
« on: February 15, 2023, 03:09:28 am »
Hello and welcome ;)

Now I would like to make a mini-adventure in the GUI of each platform with buttons for directions, graphics, etc. OS/2 is a hard nut to crack.  I'd like to use Qt but there seems to be a learning curve with no version of QT Creator for OS/2.  I also installed Watcom C++ for OS/2 but I've seen comments that 2.0 has issues and that I should use 1.9.  Just using GCC in ArcaOS I've run into issues using CMAKE even though I have it installed.  I also have a copy of VisualAge C++ for OS/2 3.0 that I bought way back when and installed on ArcOS 5.0 that didn't run after install/reboot.

FWIW - I've built Qt-Creator 8.01 with Qt6, but it doesn't quite work yet. It is definitely the intent to get this working.

re: cmake and gcc - suggest using rpm if you're not already, and it should just work.



There is qtcreator for QT5.  I just launched it to make sure it would as it is not installed where I expected it (I guess previously I launched designer, not really an IDE user).  If you are installing using ANPM or yum, then you can install qtcreator, I can't say anything about it other than I launched it successfully. 
What happens when you try the VAC 3.0?  I do not have the workframe registered with the WPS, and do not recall how to launch the IDE from the command line.  Same with VAC 3.6.  VAC 4.0, I can launch the IDE.  Both Open Watcom and Borland's IDEs launch.

I have two Brother laser colour printers that work very well with the PSPRINT driver after I added the PPD for each to it.  You should be able to get the PPD from the Brother site under their Linux driver for that printer.

Mine are the DCP-9020cdw and HL-3170cdw
NOTE: you need to be careful when reading how to use PIN.exe to get the PPD into the PSPRINT.

The pcl driver does mostly work with the 7365 but not always reliable for some jobs.  I never had any luck with the linux ppd files with psprint and did not find windows ones.

Programming / Re: Qt6 Application Testing
« on: February 12, 2023, 11:26:21 pm »
Hey Paul,

  Thanks for adding H.264 support! Don't know if you noticed, but if you click on the description of a feature on the html5test result, you get a popup that shows the status (stable, experimental, etc.), point value, and 'compare' which in turn goes to a page that shows which browsers support the feature. There are several items that are supported by Chrome (with stable status), but not enabled in our Dooble.

  Here, I can reliably get a system hang going to . Tried capturing stdout and stderr using your example and went to youtube (which immediately hung the system), but after a <ctrl><alt><num-lock><num-lock>, stdout and stderr were both 0 bytes (<ctrl><alt><del> doesn't work when Dooble hangs).

  I can provide a system dump from one of these hangs if you ever need one.


I get frequent system hangs with both QT5 and QT6 Dooble.  I found marking dooble.exe and the QtWebEngineProcess.exe as mpunsafe largely alleviating them.  Neither the 14.203 kernel nor SET QTWEBENGINE_CHROMIUM_FLAGS=--single-process were effective for me for eliminating the hangs.

Just tried youtube and hung system despite the mpunsafe. It is not immediate, has one processor at 100% for 30-45s before the hang and if I close dooble (before system hang) it leaves a hung process that I have to DosKillProcess. 

I have an (now older) Brother 7365DN.  It requires CUPS to printer here, which is why I ended up building brlaser to work with Brother laser printers.
A list is available here:
HL printers seem to have more problems but appear to work overall.

Programming / Re: Qt6
« on: January 15, 2023, 03:11:01 am »
Posting using the latest qt6 dooble and webengine.  I have to stop os2world from completely loading by hitting esc or it crashes. starts to load then crashes crashes before rendering any of the page.
Nothing in the terminal window nor popuplog when they crash.
Nice progress though.

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