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Hardware / USB Audio - Issues with some Devices
« on: January 15, 2021, 12:21:38 pm »

Today I tried some USB audio input devices I have arround:
- Music Fairy USB 2.0‎‎: worked great with Lar's USBAUDIO.SYS. The chipset is the same as "Conceptronic CSOUNDU C08-041 USB Audio Stick"
- C-Media Electronics USB Mic (0D8C:013C). Did not work.
Karaoke USB Adapter - Only audio Inputs -  This thing has a switch with two modes. Did not work.
-- 1) 046D:0A03  - Logitech USB Microphone  according to some sites)
-- 2) 1415:0000 - Sony SingStar USBMIC by Nam Tai E&E Products Ltd. or OmniVision Technologies, Inc.

I tested these devices with Wim's Audio Recorder.


Alas, for some reason, the cause of which is yet unknown to me, recording with microphone only USB audio devices does not work.
For me this is a known problem. I think it has to do with some flaw in the USB audio drivers, not with my Wim's Audio Recorder.

Hardware / UVC Webcam Support for OS/2 in an SMP environment
« on: September 28, 2016, 08:19:11 pm »
Stichting Voice International has donated me a refurbished DELL LATITUDE E6500 laptop which enables me to develop and test my OS/2 software in an SMP environment.

I have been busy the last couple of months trying to solve the webcam timeout issue when running on an SMP system. I had to make a small change in the usbehcd.sys device driver. I modified Lars' latest source code i.e. the source code of his 10.207 USBEHCD.SYS device driver as he maintains it in the Netlabs USB repository. Moreover I had to modify my webcam programs to avoid a trap in usbehcd.sys upon exiting these. Now I am able to run the laptop internal webcam as well as the Logitech C250 webcam while running eComStation 2.0 with 2 CPU's active and I did not encounter any timeout nor traps anymore.

Several German people as to Webcam and Mehrkernprozessoren - Wim Bruls Treiber) have already been busy testing with good results too. Therefore I have updated my UVC Webcam Support web page with and and I have put these now open source products on hobbes too. I have attached containing my 13.20160904 USBEHCD.SYS device driver with installation instructions  for any volunteers to try and test on their systems.

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